WHC Session 2023

The following list was compiled based on UNESCO documentation and latest information gathered from the web by our community. It is regularly updated when new information becomes available.

Not all sites listed here will actually make it. Follow and join our discussions for 2023 in the Forum.

Nominated for 2023

The following sites are scheduled for the 2023 WHC Session.

Proposed SiteTWHS per Country
Alpine and pre-alpine meadow and marsh landscapes
Ancient Jericho
Ancient Port of Banbhore
Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests (extension)
Anticosti Island
Archaeological Site of Marib
Astronomical Observatories of Kazan Federal University
Bale Mountains National Park
Brazilian Fortresses Ensemble
Cold winter deserts of Turan
Deer Stone Monuments
ESMA Site Museum
Eise Eisinga Planetarium
Extension of Danube Limes
Ile de Djerba
Karst in the Evaporites and Caves of the Northern Apennines
Maison Carrée de Nîmes
Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China [Phase II]
Royal Mausoleums of Numidia
Sacred Ensembles of the Hoysala
Si Thep Historical Park
The Coptic Monasteries of Wadi al-Natrun
The Olive Grove Landscapes of Andalusia
Tugai Forests of the Tigrovaya Balka Reserve
Zagorochoria – North Pindos National Park