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Thimlich Ohinga

Thimlich Ohinga

The Thimlich Ohinga archaeological site comprises 4 larger fortified settlements that are the best-preserved examples of pure dry stone building in the Lake Victoria Basin.

The dry stone wall enclosures incorporated homesteads, livestock and craft industries. They were founded by the early pastoral communities of the Lake Victoria Basin from the 16th century CE.

Map of Thimlich Ohinga


  • Cultural

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Site Info

Full name: Thimlich Ohinga Archaeological Site

Unesco ID: 1450

Inscribed: 2018

Type: Cultural

Criteria: 3   4   5  

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Site History

  • 2018 - Inscribed 
  • 2015 - Referred 
  • 2014 - Incomplete - not examined 


The site has 1 locations.

  • Thimlich Ohinga


The site has 4 connections.

Human Activity

  • Pastoralism: traditional settlement forms of agro-pastoral communities (AB ev)


  • Built in the 16th century: the period of construction and occupation of the site is likely to be between 1590 and 1680 (AB ev)

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