Brazilian Atlantic Islands

Brazilian Atlantic Islands
Photo provided by Michael Novins

Brazilian Atlantic Islands: Fernando de Noronha and Atol das Rocas Reserves comprise two islands with rich marine life off Brazil's coast.

The peaks of Fernando de Noronha are also the only known occurrence of insular Atlantic Forest - a subtype of Atlantic Rainforest.

The marine area holds large volumes of tuna, sharks, dolphins, turtles and tropical seabirds.

Map of Brazilian Atlantic Islands

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Deon Tulleken

South Africa - 12-Sep-06 -

I spent a few hours on atol das rocas in April 1999 when we anchored our yacht offshore. We offered the researchers on the atol a bottle of whiskey and they allowed us to surf a small wave nearby and walk around for a few hours.

This is undoubtetly one of the most remote and beautiful places i have ever been !!!!!!!!!!

Would love to go back someday.

John Stark

Australia -

During 1979, while sailing from south Africa to Brazil on my yacht, I and 3 crew were shipwrecked and stranded for 20 days on Atol das Rocas. With little food and water we miraculously survived. We were spotted by a passing Brazilian Airforce aircraft, reporting our mishap to the Naval base in Natal, Brazil. We were rescued the following day by the corvette 'Iperanga' which I believe had since sunk off Fernando de Noronha after running aground. When we were on the Atol there was only 1 palm tree, a recent TV documentary showed about 10, I would love to return to the Atol someday.

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