Most Valuable Sites

Ranking of the most valuable sites out of the 1031 inscribed WHS in 2015 as discussed on our Forum (WHS Top 200).

#World Heritage SiteGroupReason
1Aachen CathedralAfor understanding the role of religion in European politics and culture; also impressive architectural importance and longevity
2AcropolisAvery classic and symbol of Greek Culture in many aspects
3Agra FortAonce center of the Mughal Empire, and represents South Asia well on Palaces
4Air and TéneréArepresenting the Sahara, the world's largest desert
5Ajanta CavesAimpressive art, the fresco and rock carving are the masterpiece
6AksumArepresentative of Ethiopia, but also one of most advanced ancient civilizations in Africa outside the Egyptian sphere
7Aldabra AtollAExample of Atoll creation plus notable bird and tortoise species
8Alejandro de Humboldt National ParkAhighlights flora endemic to the Caribbean (also a good site for Caribbean fauna)
9AleppoAfor its long period of history and remains
10Altamira CaveAfor its historic significance
11Amsterdam Canal RingAfor its architecture and historical importance
12Ancient KyotoAmasterpiece of Japanese architecture, gardens
13Ancient NaraArepresent the formation of the Japanese state
14Ancient ThebesAEgyptian civilization at its height: Luxor and Karnak
15AngkorAmost well-known temple complex in south and southeast Asia; started out as a Hindu temple before changing to a Buddhist temple in the 12th century
16Auschwitz BirkenauAmemorializes and educates the public about the Holocaust and genocide
17BaalbekAstunning temple architecture
18Bali Subak systemAhighlights the Balinese Subak system of irrigation for rice terraces, as well as water temples
19Banc d'ArguinARepresenting the Eastern Atlantic Migratory (Birds) Flyway
20BethlehemABirthplace of Jesus
21BorobudurAiconic sight, one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world
22BrasiliaApre-eminent example of 20th century architecture and urban planning
23BruggeAbeautiful, coherent mediaeval core of a once significant city
24BudapestAcontrast across the 2 sides of the river, great location and the 19C "modernity"
25BukharaAone of the best preserved historic cities in Central Asia
26Canadian Rocky Mountain ParksArange of aspects: continental divide range, fossils (Burgess), lakes/glaciers etc
27Cape Floral RegionAone of the world's six floral kingdoms, with fynbos vegetation
28Caral-Supe Aoldest city in the Americas
29CartagenaArepresenting world exploration and the great commercial maritime routes
30Central Amazon Conservation ComplexAbest to represent the Amazon and its size is important
31Chaco CultureAimpressive remains and rock art of the Anasazi
32Chan ChanAto cover the Chimu and for its size and "mystery"
33Changdeokgung Palace ComplexAmajor site representative of Korean architecture
34Chichen-ItzaAIcon and representative site of of Mayan civilization
35Chola TemplesAimpressive Hindu temple, representative of southern Indian art
36Classical Gardens of SuzhouAepitome of classical Chinese garden design
37Cliff of BandiagaraAfor its cliff dwellings and cultural landscape / indigenous religion
38Coffee Cultural LandscapeAclosely associated with the identity of Colombia as coffee-producing nation
39Crac des ChevaliersAmajor Crusader site in the Middle East
40CracowAa significant city with a well preserved mediaeval core
41CuzcoAremains of Inca capital smothered by colonial buildings
42DamascusAOne of the oldest cities in the world with many historical sites
43Dazu Rock CarvingsAfor its carvings & coming together of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism
44Decorated cave of Pont d'ArcAartistically beautiful
45DjennéAfor its mud mosque & the best known archaeological site in sub-Saharan Africa
46DubrovnikArather fine in its architecture and location
47El PinacateAhighlights the North American desert environment, noted for its biodiversity
48Ellora CavesAbeautiful rock-cut cave temples, with ties to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, Kailash Temple is best example of Dravidian architecture
49Etruscan NecropolisesAfascinating pre-Roman Tombs, preserved tomb murals/paintings
50FerraraAexample of Italian Renaissance urban planning
51FlorenceARenaissance town par excellence
52Fraser IslandAlargest sand island in the world
53Fujian TulouAunique and iconic vernacular architecture
54Galapagos IslandsA famed for their vast number of endemic species and were studied by Charles Darwin
55Genbaku DomeAmemorializes the moment man could destroy nations, memorial to the victims of nuclear weapons & part of the movement to eliminate them
56Glacier parksAglaciated coastal landscapes with active glaciers
57GranadaAfor the Alhambra and to represent Moorish history
58Grand CanalAbest of the canal sites, and an impressive feat of engineering
59Grand CanyonAno. 1 choice for canyons
60Great Barrier ReefAoutstanding example of a tropical coral reef
61Great WallAiconic and universally known
62Great Zimbabwe RuinsATHE major and most iconic archaeological site in Africa south of the Equator
63Gulf of CaliforniaAgreat biodiversity (almost 40% of the world's total marine mammal species) in this narrow gulf in dry, southwestern North America
64Gunung MuluAgreat example of a karst cave / karst pinnacles
65Gwynedd CastlesAprobably most impressive series of castles of medieval Europe
66Göreme NPAeroded rock formations, underground architecture and frescoes
67Ha Long BayAprobably the most recognized example of karst topography
68Hallstatt-DachsteinAdistinctive Austrian Alpine towns and landscape famous for its salt mines in use as early as the 2nd millennium BC
69HatraArepresenting the Parthian Empire
70Hawaii VolcanoesAbest example of volcanic island-building
71Head-Smashed-In Buffalo JumpArepresentative of native American hunting practices
72Hill Forts of RajasthanARajput architecture is outstanding in its own way and perfect example of fortress palace of Asia
73Himeji-joAthe quintessential Japanese castle
74Historic CairoAfor its Islamic and Coptic heritage
75Iguazu National ParkAArgentinian side: for its enormous and iconic waterfalls
76Ilulissat IcefjordArepresents the Arctic
77Imperial PalaceAfor the Forbidden City
78Ironbridge GorgeAthe symbol of the Industrial Revolution, represents early Iron making
79Isole EolieASignificant in the early study of volcanism
80IstanbulAByzantine-Ottoman continuity.
81Itsukushima ShrineArepresenting Shinto
82Jantar MantarAprime example of an astronomical site
83Joggins Fossil CliffsAcovers the Coal Age and this a particulary significant period for Man's later development
84KairouanAthe fourth holiest city in Islam, and an important center of learning in North Africa in the 9th century
85Kathmandu ValleyAreligious significance as well as stunning Newari architecture
86Kenya Lake SystemAAfrican Rift Valley, soda lakes, avifauna
87Kew GardensAfor its pioneering scientific work & has the largest collection of living plants in the world
88Khajuraho Group of MonumentsArepresenting Nagara and North Indian architecture, best sculpture
89Kilimanjaro National ParkAhighest mountain in Africa, strato volcano, giant flora etc
90Kinabalu ParkArepresenting Borneo and its flora
91Kizhi PogostApicturesque wooden churches on an island in a lake in northern Russia, representing Russian Orthodoxy
92Komodo National ParkAfor the iconic Komodo dragon
93KoutammakouAfor its traditional settlement and vernacular architecture
94Kremlin and Red SquareATo represent Russian mediaeval architecture
95Ksar of Aït Ben HaddouAStunning Earthen Architecture
96Lake BaikalAdeepest, oldest and 2nd largest lake in the world
97LalibelaAspectacular rock-hewn cruciform-shaped churches in Ethiopia
98Leptis MagnaABest Roman town to represent whole N Africa
99Lorentz National ParkArepresenting the biodiversity of New Guinea
100Los GlaciaresAglaciated continental landscapes with active glaciers
101Lower Valley of the AwashAFor the Lucy skeleton (popularization, US tour)
102Machu PicchuArepresenting the Inca civilization; perhaps most important and iconic Pre-Columbian site; also for fine Andes location
103Mahabodhi Temple ComplexAbirthplace of Buddhism, the center of Buddhism pilgrimage
104Maritime GreenwichArepresents the development of navigation and astronomy
105Mausoleum of the First Qin EmperorAfor its famous terra-cotta warriors, first unification of China
106Medici Villas and GardensAunique style of Italian gardening, architecture, and landscape design, influencing other residences in Italy and Europe
107Medina of MarrakeshA"iconic" city with fine mosques going back to 11C and a full set of souks, trad areas
108Meidan Emam, EsfahanAformer royal square at the heart of a former capital of the Persian empire; representative Shia site with Safavid architecture
109Melaka and George TownAunique Sino-Portuguese art with Malay culture
110MeroeAfor its over 200 pyramids dating from the Kingdom of Kush
111Mesa VerdeACliff Palace, Balcony House, and unique adaptation to a harsh environment
112MeteoraAmost visually striking group of monasteries on this list
113Mexico City and XochimilcoAfor its culture, architecture and Aztec heritages
114MoenjodaroAfor Indus Valley Civilization
115Mogao CavesAgem of the Silk Road, "the largest, most richly endowed, and longest used treasure house of Buddhist art in the world"
116Mont-Saint-MichelAstunning location in a bay
117Mount AthosAholy mountain in Greece, spiritual center of the Orthodox Church
118Museumsinsel (Museum Island)Afor its contribution to museology
119Mycenae and TirynsArepresenting the Mycenaean civilization, which dominated the eastern Mediterranean world from the 15th to the 12th century B.C
120Namib Sand SeaArepresents coastal deserts, plus iconic sand dunes
121Nanda Devi and Valley of FlowersAHimalaya, alpine flora
122Nasca LinesAfor its iconic status and "Mystery"
123Nemrut DagAiconic heads & spread of Hellenism
124New LanarkAexample of a philanthropist factory town
125NgorongoroAsavannah wildlife in a volcanic crater; Olduvai: Home Erectus, Habilis and Sapiens + "tools"
126Nubian MonumentsAfor Abu Simbel
127Okavango DeltaAinland delta with variable seasons and fauna
128Old City of JerusalemAMonuments of ancient Middle Eastern cultures, Roman, Byzantine, Mamluk, Ottoman, Colonial
129OlympiaAfor the Olympic Games, a tradition that exists til this day
130Ouro PretoAoutstanding Baroque city
131PalmyraAone of the most well-known Middle East trade route sites
132PantanalACoverage of S American flora and fauna especially mammals
133Paris, Banks of the SeineAIconic. Important for Town Planning.
134PersepolisArepresenting the Persian Empire
135Persian GardenAgreat variety of Persian gardens representing different climates and timeperiods
136PetraArepresenting the Nabatean Empire & for its well-preserved remains
137Piazza del Duomo (Pisa)Afor the impressive architecture of the Tower of Pisa and the Baptistry
138Pico IslandAmost picturesque setting of all Vineyard sites
139Ping YaoAbest preserved example of a dynastic Chinese town/city, shows evolution of Chinese urban planning
140PompeiAunique site to study Roman life
141Potala PalaceAto represent Tibetan culture and very iconic
142PotosiAsilver mine in a colonial setting (also for its historic town)
143PragueASignificant mediaeval and Art Nouveau monuments. A great ensemble.
144PrambananAimpressive example of Hindu architecture outside of India, best example of Indonesian candi
145PueblaAoutstanding planned city in Mexico with rich architecture
146Puerto-Princesa Subterranean RiverAoutstanding habitat from mountain to sea, with an underground river, in the Philippine archipelago
147Pyramids (Memphis)Alargest pyramid and only surviving ancient wonder of the world
148Qhapaq ÑanAInca Road System
149Qutb MinarARepresenting Islam in South Asia, plus tallest brick minaret in the world
150QuébecAbest french colonial city
151Rapa NuiAfor its mysterious moais.
152RavennaAOutstanding mosaics
153RedwoodAfor its gigantic trees
154Rice Terraces of the Philippine CordillerasAiconic and outstanding example of high-altitude rice production
155Rock IslandsAcontains 52 marine lakes, more than at any other site in the world, high endemism
156RomeASignificant ancient Roman monuments as well as mediaeval and Baroque
157Route of Santiago de CompostelaACatholic pilgrimage route that has been in use since the Middle Ages
158Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo MnaraAmajor Swahili trading site; predates Zanzibar
159SGang GwaayAfor its giant totem poles
160Sagarmatha National ParkAhighest in world and many other high peaks, glaciers etc
161Saint Catherine AreaAOne of the world's oldest monasteries, at the foot of Mount Sinai
162SamarkandAhuge Silk Road significance
163SamarraAfor the spiral minaret of its Great Mosque & early Muslim architecture
164San AgustínAfor its beautiful giant sculptures
165Sana'aAUnique and outstanding architecture
166Sceilg MhichílAwonderful setting, exemplifies monastic isolation
167Selimiye MosqueA16th century masterpiece of the architect Sinan, and one of the highest achievements of Islamic architecture
168SerengetiAsavannah in eastern Africa that hosts the world's largest annual overland migration of animals
169ShibamAexcellent example of vertical city planning
170Sichuan Giant Panda SanctuariesAGiant panda
171SienaAthe choice of a medieval town in Italy
172SigiriyaASri Lanka's best site and quite unique in Asia; for its amazing location/conception
173Silk RoadsAtrade route that significantly shaped history between Asia and Europe
174SintraAvisually beautiful, linked to esoterism and covers a variety of architectural styles, from Moorish to Gothic to Renaissance
175Site of CarthageAfor its historical significance
176Skocjan CavesAplace "where the study of karst topography began", and part of one of the 2 great karst areas of the World
177South China KarstAOne of the best examples of continental karsts worldwide; "One of 2 great karst areas of the World"
178St. PetersburgAan excellent example of 18th century architecture and as a representation (together with Moscow) of one of the largest empires in the world
179Statue of LibertyAiconic and symbolic monument to liberty, freedom, and democracy and eventually migrants and refugees seeking exactly that
181Sub-Antarctic IslandsAhighlights insular flora and fauna in the Southern Ocean region
182SukhothaiACradle of Thai Civilization with beautiful Sukothai styles
183Sun Temple, KonarakArepresenting Kalinga architecture style, best sculpture and carving along with Khajuraho
184Swiss Alps Jungfrau-AletschArepresenting the Alps, high alpine scenery, largest glacier in Eurasia
185Sydney Opera HouseAsymbol of Australia, iconic architecture, world landmark
186Taj MahalAnot only for Islamic Mughal burial site but for architecture, garden and landscape design
187Tchogha ZanbilAfor its Ziggurat & to represent the Elamite empire
188Te WahipounamuAoutstanding fjords and glaciated landscapes in the southern hemisphere
189Teide National ParkABest example of a Stratovolcano
190Temple of HeavenAObvious significance and wooden architecture design is exceptional
191Temple, Mansion and Cemetery of ConfuciusAmost important for Confucianism
192TeotihuacanAfor its huge pyramids
193The SundarbansABangladesh part - Major river delta and "the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world"
194ThingvellirAearly, and "iconic" example of "democratic" self government and also the voyages of the Vikings
195Three parallel rivers of YunnanAcovers upper reaches of three of the great rivers of Asia: the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween
196Tikal National ParkAno.1 Maya-site in jungle setting
197ToledoAPerfect representative of Iberian city development from medieval
198Tropical Rainforest SumatraAfor the protection of flora and fauna species of Sumatra
199UluruANo. 1 for freestanding rock domes; iconic monolith; aboriginal culture
200Vatican CityASt. Peter's Basilica is an icon of Renaissance architecture and is known for its papal use; also one of the largest churches in the world
201Venice and its LagoonAfor its unique water setting
202VersaillesAbecame template for palaces all over Europe
203Victoria FallsAfor iconic Waterfall
204ViennaAfor Habsburg heritage development and its 19th century Ring
205Villa Romana del CasaleAmosaics depicting everyday life in Ancient Rome
206Virunga National ParkAexceptional (bio)diversity, first national park on the continent of Africa, significant number of rare Mountain Gorrilas plus chimpanzees
207Viñales ValleyAfor tobacco cultivation, which is closely associated with Cuba
208Volcanoes of KamchatkaArepresenting the Pacific Ring of Fire
209Vredefort DomeArepresents a larger meteorite impact structure
210Vézère ValleyAmost iconic and well preserved rock art
211Wachau Cultural LandscapeAfor its imposing abbeys
212Wadi RumAexcellent example of an Arabian desert, iconic scenic and historic value
213West LakeAfor its influence on Chinese culture in general (from gardening to literature); also a quintessential CL
214West Norwegian FjordsAclassic example of fjords, among the world's longest and deepest, from the northern hemisphere
215WestminsterA"Mother of Parliaments"
216Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt MinesAiconic salt mine & representation of early tourism
217Works of Antoni GaudíAbreadth of spectacular imaginative modernist architecture
218YellowstoneAbest variety of geothermal features on the World Heritage list, plus Rocky Mountain park home to bison, wolves, and grizzly bears
219Yosemite National ParkAglaciated continental landscapes post-glaciers
220ÇatalhöyükAwell preserved dwellings from the earliest periods of man's "settlement"
221Abu MenaBCoptic church (oriental rites), frescoes
222Aggtelek and Slovak KarstB
223AgrigentoBone of the best preserved Greek sites outside of Greece
224Alto DouroBhistoric wine-growing region in Portugal; known for Port wine
225AmbohimangaBrepresentative of royal site in an African context
226Amiens CathedralBexample of N. European Gothic
227Amphitheater of El JemBAmphitheater is most recognizable monument in Roman Africa
228Ancient MervB
229Ancient villages of Northern SyriaBnot only highlights the transition from the Roman period to early Christianity, but also show how conflicts put cultural treasures in danger
230Antigua GuatemalaB
231AnuradhapuraBimpressive gigantic stupa architecture, cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka
232Arab-Norman PalermoBrepresenting Kingdom of Sicily & Normans
233Archaeological Site of AigaiBfor its royal tombs and wall paintings, and for representing the late Classic period and Macedonians
234Archaeological Site of DelphiB"religious centre and symbol of unity of the ancient Greek world"
235Asante Traditional BuildingsBrepresentative of Western African vernacular art
236AssisiBbest site to illustrate the veneration of saints, also impressive frescos
237AyutthayaBImportant city of SE Asia history with gigantic temple ruins and palace, a showcase of regional civilization
238Bahla FortBperfect example of fortified oasis
239Bam Cultural LandscapeB
240BambergBreally stunning overall medieval preservation with very few later additions
241Baroque ChurchesBrepresents a fused Filipino-Hispanic architectural style of churches in the Philippines
242Bassari CountryB
243Bauhaus SitesBfor its contribution to modern architecture
244BelemBone the most iconic sites in the Iberian peninsula and important also for travel and trade history
245Belize Barrier ReefB
246Berat and GjirokastraBone of the best examples of Ottoman architecture
247Biblical TellsBfor water management in the desert, representatives of their cultures/period and the cultural role of "Armageddon"
248Blenheim PalaceBrepresentative of British palaces and manor houses and lanscape gardening
249Blue and John Crow MountainsBfor the remnants of a society of escaped slaves.
250Brazilian Atlantic IslandsBAtlantic rainforest off the northeast coast of Brazil, with representative marine and bird life
251BryggenBto represent a late mediaeval port and the Hanseatic League
252Brú na BóinneBfor pre-historic burial traditions mixed with astronomic considerations
253BurgundyBvineyard CL with good architecture
254Bursa and CumalikizikBOttoman Mixture of Mosques, Tombs, Khans and "Kulliyes".
255Bwindi Impenetrable National ParkBFor its mountain gorillas
256Cahokia MoundsBthe major pre-Columbian site in North America; iconic site of the Mississippi culture
257Canaima National ParkBHighest Waterfall, "unique" formations and biota.
258CanterburyBseat of the spiritual head of the Church of England; also the site where Christianity was introduced to England
259Carlsbad CavernsB
260Castel del MonteBiconic medieval castle with mystical undertones
261Centennial HallBimportant in terms of modern architecture and sporting events
262Central Suriname Nature ReserveBa well maintained representation of Amazonian forest
263Central University City Campus of the UNAMBfor its modernist architecture, murals, and status as an active campus
264Cerrado Protected AreasB
265Cesky KrumlovBmedieval feeling, nicely preserved
266Chartres CathedralBincredibly beautiful Gothic-style cathedral in France
267ChavinB1500 to 300BC, precedes Nazca and Tiwanaku
268Chengjiang Fossil SiteB
269Chhatrapati Shivaji TerminusB
270Chief Roi Mata's DomainBto represent Pacific customs
271China DanxiaBrepresents a unique type of landscapes: the Danxia landform
272Churches and Convents of GoaBPortuguese colonial architecture + introduction of Catholicism to Asia
273Churches of ChiloéBrepresents the tradition of Jesuit and mestizo wooden architecture constructed on islands on the west coast of Chile
274Churches of MoldaviaBgreat exterior wall paintings
275Churches of PeaceBlarge wooden churches built as refuges for Protestants in Silesia
276Cilento and Vallo di DianoBfor the Greek temples in Paestum
277City of BathBa unique example of thermal architecture from various periods
278Cologne CathedralBiconic Gothic-style cathedral in Germany
279CopanBrepresentative site of of Mayan civilization
280Cornwall and West Devon Mining LandscapeBfor its picturesque remains in the landscape, impact on mining technique worldwide
281Costiera AmalfitanaBvisually beautiful Italian terraced landscape with coastal villages, vineyards, and orchards located on steep hillsides
282Cueva de las ManosBfor its quirkiness and age
283Darien National ParkB
284DengfengBChinese monuments, including the Songyang Academy of Classical Learning, at the base of a sacred mountain
285Derwent Valley MillsBearly weaving Enterprise, start of the production process, early Industrial housing
286Dinosaur Provincial ParkB
287DivrigiBAnatolian "Seljuk" mosque and hospital with fine carvings
288Dja Faunal ReserveBrainforest in west-central Africa which includes wildlife like the western lowland gorilla and the forest elephant
291Dong PhayayenBSoutheast Asian forest home to elephants, tigers, leopard cats, and the Siamese crocodile
292Durham Castle and CathedralBexample of Romanesque cathedral
293East RennellB
294Echmiatsin and ZvartnotsBOldest cathedral in the world, in the first country to formally adopt Christianity as national religion
295EdinburghBGreat city of many beautiful architecture from many periods, medieaval to Georgian
296El EscurialBfor the concept of combining a palace with a monastery
297El TajinBthe Pyramid of Niches alone is worthy of inclusion
298EvergladesBsubtropical North American wetlands with a diversity of wading birds and other wildlife
299Falun Great Copper MountainBfor its long and influential history as a copper mine
300Fasil GhebbiBfortress city formerly home to the Ethiopian royal family, and it represents east Africa
301Fatehpur SikriBAnother beautiful Mughal city-palace
302First Coffee PlantationsBremains of 171 historic coffee plantations, representing the traditional way coffee was produced
303Flemish BéguinagesBfocus on female religious worship
305Fort and Shalamar GardensBfor Mughal gardening
306Forth BridgeB
307Fortifications of VaubanBquintessential site for European fortress building
308Fortified City of CarcassonneB
309Forts and Castles Gold CoastB
310Fossil Hominid SitesBFor the Taung Skull, a specimen of the species Australopithecus africanus (first of an early ape-form species to be classified as hominid)
311Fray BentosBto represent the worldwide impact of industrialisation/trade
312Frontiers of the Roman EmpireBmainly for Hadrian's Wall
313GhadamesB"the pearl of the desert", unique functions based on levels/terraces
314Giant's CausewayBbasalt formation formed by volcanic activity at a fine location
315Golestan PalaceB
316Gough and Inaccessible IslandsB
317Grand Place, BrusselsB
318Grand-BassamBSub-Saharan colonial architecture
319Great Himalayan National ParkBW Himalayan flora and fauna
320Greater Blue MountainsBfor the eucalypts
321Grimeton Radio StationBfor how we started "communicating" wirelessly
322GuanajuatoBarchetypal "Mexican" town from 18C which has developed beyond its purely Spanish colonial roots
323GyeongjuBMassive Tombs, Astronomical Observatory, and sacred mountain filled with carved buddhas and several pagodas.
324Hal Saflieni HypogeumBone of the oldest buildings
325HampiBruined city of Hindu Kingdom with many great art and unique location
326Hani Rice TerracesB
327HattushaBmost important city of an Anatolian culture, Hittite empire
328Heard and McDonald IslandsBrepresenting the sub-Antarctic, no record of alien flora or fauna species and volcanically active
329Hierapolis-PamukkaleBgeothermal features
330Hoi AnB
331HuanglongBFor its travertine features
332HuangshanBscenic beauty
333Huascaran National ParkBdiversity of the Andes
334HuéBtraditional architecture of SE Asia
335IguacuBBrazilian side
336Ischigualasto / TalampayaB
337Island of GoréeB
338Itchan KalaBimpressive architecture
339JejuBfor its Lava Tubes
340Jesuit Missions of the ChiquitosBunique vernacular style, representative for missions
341Jiuzhaigou ValleyBfor its scenic beauty
342Kahuzi-Biega National ParkB
343Kakadu National ParkBunique artwork of the Aboriginals
344Kaziranga National ParkBhigh bio-diversity, Indian one horned Rhino
345Keoladeo National ParkBimportant nesting area in South Asia for migratory birds from Siberia and China, including the rare Siberian crane
346Kii Mountain RangeBfor its Shinto pilgrimage route
347KinderdijkBquintessential Dutch landscape
348Koguryo KingdomBIconic example of step pyramid shaped tomb architecture, tomb murals are exquisite.
349KonsoBdry stone terraces still in use by the Konso people of Ethiopia
350KukBa bit niche, but is about agriculture & only representation of PNG on the list
351Kutna HoraBsilver mine in an European setting (also for its historic town)
352KyivBSaint Sophia is a beautiful Eastern Orthodox cathedral with Byzantine art
353L'Anse aux MeadowsBremains of earliest example of European presence in North America
354Lagoons of New CaledoniaB
355Lake MalawiBfor its closed system study of evolution
356Lakes of OuniangaBunique series of freshwater lakes in the desert
357Laponian AreaBRepresents pastoralism and reindeer husbandry
358Laurisilva of MadeiraBbest example of relict laurel forest, also representing the biodiversity of Macaronesia
359Lavaux, Vineyard TerracesBbeautiful Swiss vineyard terraces on the shores of Lake Geneva
360Lena PillarsBunique example of a frost-derived karst
361Loire ValleyBvalley filled with architecturally unique châteaux and towns
362Longmen GrottoesBone of the best examples of Chinese art during Tang Dynasty
363Lopé-OkandaBhome to the western lowland gorilla
364Los Katios National ParkBCentral American park with high biodiversity and high regional endemism
365Luang PrabangBcolonial architecture in Asia
366LumbiniBbirthplace of Buddha as well as spiritual place for several Eastern cultures
367Lushan National ParkB
368Luther MemorialsBRepresenting the Protestant Reformation of 1517
369LübeckBrepresenting the Hanseatic League
370M'Zab ValleyBwalled town and concentric streets plus its Date groves and other cultural factors
371MacaoBColonial architecture in a Chinese setting
372MahabalipuramBRock cut Dravidan Architecture,Monolith
373Major Town HousesBexcellent example of Art Nouveau-style residences
374Malbork CastleBmost impressive brick castle in the world
375Mammoth CaveB
376Manovo-Gounda St. FlorisBpark in central Africa, home to the black rhinoceros
377MasadaBFortress, Palace, amazing location, oodles of "History"
378MateraBOne of the best examples of cave dwelling on the list
379Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed YasawiBresting place for one of the most prominent religious figures in the history of Sufism
380Medina of FezBrepresenting the North African medina
381Megalithic Temples of MaltaB
382Messel PitBfor variety of fossilized creatures
383Mijikenda Kaya ForestsB
384Minaret of JamBoutstanding example of Islamic architecture in central Asia; beautiful brick and tile work
385Monarch Butterfly Biosphere ReserveBSpectacular butterfly migration
386MonticelloBarchitecture and design, as well as the combined faculty and student learning environment of the University of Virginia
387MostarBFor its bridge
388Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant BuddhaBLocation of the first Buddhist Temple in China, and largest Buddha statue in the world
389Mount EtnaBthe definitive volcano
390Mount KenyaBstrato volcano, giant flora etc similar to Kilimanjaro
391Mount TaishanBTaoist sacred mountain
392Mount WutaiBChinese sacred mountain
393Mountain Railways of IndiaBFor their quirkiness
394Mountain Resort, ChengdeBrepresents Chinese integration of buildings into the natural environment
395MtskhetaBone of the best regional examples of churches
396MystrasBRepresenting the Late Period of Byzantine Art and Architecture
397Nahanni National ParkBunspoiled North American river
398NaplesBLots of beautiful monuments
399National History ParkBrepresents an extraordinary piece of Haitian history during its first phase of an independent nation
400Neolithic Flint Mines at SpiennesBpretty unique site in terms of its age
401Neolithic OrkneyBfor Skara Brae with its amazingly "complete" representation of a Neolithic dwelling in a fine setting
402NikkoBexceptional architecture
403Ningaloo CoastB
404Noel Kempff Mercado National ParkBcontender to represent the Amazon
405NovgorodBTo represent Russian mediaeval towns.
406Oaxaca and Monte AlbanBmost significant Zapotec site
407Ogasawara IslandsB
408Okapi Wildlife ReserveB
409Old Town LunenburgBthe best British example in North America/Caribbean
410Old Town of LijiangBunique Naxi ideal city and sophisticated water management
411Olympic National ParkBcombi of mountains and coast
412Orkhon ValleyBshowcases Mongolia's nomadic history and culture
413Osun-OsogboBto represent the Yoruba cultural traditions
414Painted Churches in the Troödos RegionBone of the best examples of painted churches on an island
415PalenqueBMaya site with "exquisite architecture"
416ParamariboBwooden architecture, Transatlantic Dutch colony
417PattadakalBrepresenting Badami Chalukya architecture
418Peking Man SiteBPrime example of Homo erectus site (many individuals plus tools
419Peninsula ValdesBrepresentative Patagonian landscape by land; marine habitat for right whales, elephant seals, sea lions, and orcas by sea
420PergamonBhighlights a city at a crossroads between cultures, with ruins from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods of history
421Phoenix IslandsB
422Phong Nha - Ke BangBwith the new discovery of Hang Son Doong Cave, the world's largest cave
423Pirin National ParkB
424Pitons of ReunionBvolcanic plugs
425Plantin-Moretus MuseumBfor its importance in printing
426Plitvice LakesBearly WHS, also for its karst features and travertine pools
427Pont du GardBbest example of Roman aqueduct
428Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the IslandsB
429PotsdamBone of the finest landscape gardens/parks in Europe
430Poverty PointBto represent the Mississipi culture, important representation of a hunter-gatherer society
431Purnululu National ParkBsandstone karst
432Putorana PlateauB
433Pyrénées - Mont PerduBvisually dramatic landscape, alpine flora, best example of European transhumance
434Qadisha ValleyBLebanese Mediterranean landscape with cedar forests and terraces for grain, grapes, and olives; home to Maronite monks
435QuitoB"largest, least-altered and best preserved historic centre" in Latin America
436Rainforests of the AtsinananaBhighlights wildlife endemic to Madagascar, including lemurs
437Rammelsberg and GoslarBGerman mediëval town
438RhodesBfor its Crusader architecture
439RichtersveldBGreat example of current nomadic lifestyle
440Rietveld SchröderhuisBrepresents the modern movement of architecture well; excellent use of space inside the house
441RigaBfor its Art Nouveau parts
442Rila MonasteryBbest example of an orthodox monastery in the Balkans outside Greece
443Rio Abiseo National ParkBfor the unique Chachapoya sites of Gran Pajatén and Los Pinchudos
444Rio Platano Biosphere ReserveBto represent biodiversity in Central America
445Rio de JaneiroBiconic landscape in South America, with the natural setting retained and incorporated into the growth of the city
446Rjukan / NotoddenBshowcases the 20th century power industry through the harnessing of waterfalls and rivers for hydroelectric power
447Rock Art of AltaBfor the remote location - it's the northernmost cultural WHS and represents polar culture well.
448Rock Shelters of BhimbetkaB600 rock shelters (Asian unique rock art)
449Royal Joseon TombsBNot only a living tradition of ancestral worship, most complete dynastic burial remains in East Asia
450Royal Palace at CasertaBbiggest palace in Europe
451Royal Palaces of AbomeyBrepresentative of West African kingdoms
452Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-SenansBideal industrialized landscape, underground salt extraction
453Sacri Monti of Piedmont and LombardyB
454Safi al-Din Ensemble in Ardabil Bshrine of a prominent Sufi master; represents Sufism
455SafranboluBEarly Ottoman site par excellence
456SalamancaBbest of the European University cities
457Salvador de BahiaBfor its impressive european architecture with african feeling in Brazil
458SalzburgBBeautiful setting. Demonstrates continuity from mediaeval to Baroque.
459San Cristobal de La LagunaBinfluence on Spanish colonial cities in the Americas
460San GimignanoBfor its iconic towers are really stunning, a great repetitive of medieval village.
461San Pedro de la Roca CastleBBest preserved Spanish Fortress in the Caribbean
462SanchiBoldest Buddhist sanctuary in existence, one of the masterpieces of Indian art, important for Ashoka connection
463Sangha TrinationalBfor the Congo basin
464Santa Maria delle GrazieBhome to Leonardo da Vinci's iconic The Last Supper
465Santiago de CompostelaBfor the cathedral and religious significance
466Santo DomingoBoldest colonial city in the Americas
468SegoviaBbest example of aqueduct still integrally forming part of a modern historic centre
469Selous Game ReserveBone of the largest fauna reserves in the world
470Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa TempleBto represent the Far Eastern / Korean tradition in Buddhist art
471Serra da CapivaraBfor being one of the oldest cultural sites in the Americas and the earliest one of this scale
473Shark BayBfor the ancient and important Stromatolites
474Shirakawa-go and GokayamaBunique architecture apart from other Japanese villages
476ShushtarBstunning, dates from the 3rd century and "It bears witness to the know-how of the Elamites and Mesopotamians as well as more recent Nabatean expertise and Roman building influence."
477Singapore Botanic Gardens Btropical colonial botanic garden, with research into tropical botany and horticulture
478Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial RevolutionBGives you a feeling how backwards Japan was and how much catching up they did in the 1900s.
479Socotra ArchipelagoBoutstanding endemic flora and fauna on this island group near the Arabian Peninsula
480SoltaniyehBRepresenting important stages in Islamic architecture (for its dome/cupola)
481Speyer CathedralB
482St. KildaBpicturesque and iconic
483Stone Town of ZanzibarBfor its 19th century sights
485Summer PalaceB
486Sundarbans National ParkBIndian part
487Swiss Tectonic Arena SardonaBfor the overthrust
488Tadrart AcacusBSignificant for study as paintings reflect the changing environment of the Sahara desert
489TallinnBvery nice/authentic mediëval core
490Taos PuebloBoldest continually inhabited village/town in the United States
491Tasmanian WildernessBfor its size and representing Australian species
492TaxilaBimportant archaeological site, ancient place of learning. major Gandharan site
494Temple of Apollo Epicurius at BassaeBfor its excellent preservation of a Greek temple
495TequilaBagave-growing region of central Mexico where tequila is distilled
496The trulli of AlberobelloBA nice example of vernacular architecture
497ThessalonikaBRepresenting the Early Period of Byzantine Art and architecture
498Thracian tomb of KazanlakBrepresents Thracian culture, artistic value
499TierradentroBholds the largest concentration of Pre-Columbian monumental burials
500TimbuktuBfor its historic significance
501TiwanakuBcovers a major culture spreading across 300BC – 300AD
502Tombs of Buganda KingsBExample of African Royalty burial practice
503TrierBbest example of several Roman sites within the same city and iconic
504Trinidad and the Valley de los IngeniosBbest Spanish architecture in the Caribbean
505Trinity Sergius LavraBspiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church
506TroyBfor its importance in the history of archaeology
507Tsingy de BemarahaB
509Tubbataha ReefsB
510Tugendhat VillaBmost important and representative modernist site currently on the List
511Ujung Kulon National ParkBvolcanic eruption (Krakatau); Javan Rhinoceros
512Upper Middle Rhine ValleyBlandscape of towns, castles, and vineyards built along a European route of transportation in use for over 2,000 years
513Upper SvanetiBfor the tower houses
514Urnes Stave ChurchBiconic example of Scandinavian wooden architecture
515Uvs Nuur BasinBWildlife, inland salt lake, Steppe, Forest
516UxmalBMaya site with distinctive architectural style
517Val di NotoBvery coherent late Baroque townscape
518Vall de BoiBone of the best regional painted churches in a spectacular environment
519Vallée de MaiBfor its unique variety of flora and birds
520Vat PhouBfor its Khmer architecture
521ViganBimportant South-East Asian trading city
522Villa Adriana (Tivoli)Bbest example of a "Roman Villa"
523Villa d'EsteBbeautiful mixture of water and architecture that influenced other European gardens
524Völklingen IronworksBepitomizes the modern iron-making industry
525Wadden SeaB
527Wartburg CastleB"the ideal castle" Central-European style, also connected to the evolution of Protestantism
528Waterton Glacier International Peace ParkB
529Western GhatsBrich in biodiversity on the Indian subcontinent
530Wet Tropics of QueenslandBrepresenting Australia
531White City of Tel-AvivBBauhaus in a "living context"
532White Monuments of Vladimir and SuzdalBfor Russian architecture in general
533Willandra LakesBvery early homo sapiens findings, including the world's oldest cremation site
534WillemstadBrepresent all of the Lesser Antilles
535Wooden Churches of MaramuresBexcellent representative example of vernacular wooden architecture in Europe
536Wrangel IslandBArctic + Polar Bears
537Wudang MountainsBimpressive in terms of architecture
538WulingyuanBsandstone karst landscape
539Yagul and MitlaB
540Yin XuBimportant for the origins / development of Chinese writing
541Yungang GrottoesBthe only grottoes that show various styles of Chinese art development
542ZollvereinBto represent the heavy industries in the Ruhrgebiet
543iSimangaliso Wetland ParkBto represent South African wetlands
544Aapravasi GhatC
545Abbey and Altenmünster of LorschC
546Abbey of St GallC
547Aflaj irrigation systemC
549Al AinC
550Al Qal'a of Beni HammadC
551Al ZubarahC
554Alcala de HenaresC
555Ancient ksoursC
556Angra do HeroismoC
558Aqueduct of Padre TemblequeC
563Armenian Monastic EnsemblesC
565Asturian MonumentsC
567Atlantic Forest South-EastC
568Australian Convict SitesC
569Australian Fossil Mammal SitesC
572Baekje Historic AreasC
574Bahá’i Holy PlacesC
575Bamiyan ValleyC
576Ban ChiangC
577Banska StiavnicaC
578Baptism Site "Bethany Beyond the Jordan"C
579Bardejov TownC
580Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-AynC
582Beemster PolderC
585Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Bialowieza ForestC
586Benedictine Convent of St. JohnC
587Bergpark WilhelmshöheC
588Berlin Modernism Housing EstatesC
589Bikini AtollC
590Birka and HovgardenC
592Blaenavon Industrial LandscapeC
596Botanical Garden, PaduaC
597Bourges CathedralC
598Boyana ChurchC
600Brimstone Hill FortressC
601Buddhist Vihara at PaharpurC
602Burgos CathedralC
608Camino RealC
610Canal du MidiC
611Castles of Augustusburg and FalkenlustC
612Cathedral of St. James in SibenikC
613Causses and CévennesC
614Caves of Maresha and Bet GuvrinC
615Central HighlandsC
616Central Sikhote-AlinC
619Chitwan National ParkC
621Chongoni Rock ArtC
623Church of the Ascension, KolomenskoyeC
624Cidade VelhaC
626Cistercian Abbey of FontenayC
627Citadel of the Ho DynastyC
628City of LuxembourgC
629Ciudad Universitaria de CaracasC
630Classical WeimarC
631Coa Valley and Siega VerdeC
632Cocos IslandC
633Coiba National ParkC
634Colonia del SacramentoC
635Comoé National ParkC
637Convent of Christ in TomarC
640Coro and its PortC
642Crespi d'AddaC
644Curonian SpitC
646Dacian FortressesC
647Danube DeltaC
648Decorated Farmhouses of HälsinglandC
649Defence Line of AmsterdamC
652Desembarco del Granma National ParkC
654Discovery CoastC
655Diyarbakir Fortress and Hevsel GardensC
657Donana National ParkC
658Dorset and East Devon CoastC
661Durmitor National ParkC
662Early Christian Necropolis of PécsC
663El Fuerte de SamaipataC
664Elephanta CavesC
666Engelsberg IronworksC
669Erbil CitadelC
670Euphrasian Basilica in PorecC
672Fagus FactoryC
673Ferapontov MonasteryC
675Fort JesusC
676Fortress of SuomenlinnaC
677Franciscan Missions in the Sierra GordaC
682Garamba National ParkC
683Garden Kingdom of Dessau-WörlitzC
684Gardens and Castle at KromerízC
685Gebel BarkalC
686Gelati MonasteryC
688Gobustan Rock ArtC
689Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa DolmenC
691Golden Mountains of AltaiC
692Gonbad-e QâbusC
693Gondwana RainforestsC
694Grand PréC
696Great Burkhan Khaldun MountainC
697Great Smoky MountainsC
698Gros Morne National ParkC
701Gulf of PortoC
702Gusuku of RyukyuC
703Haeinsa TempleC
704Haghpat and SanahinC
705Hahoe and YangdongC
707Henderson IslandC
708Heritage of MercuryC
709High Coast / Kvarken ArchipelagoC
710Hildesheim Cathedral and ChurchC
714Holy Trinity ColumnC
716Horyu-ji AreaC
717Hospicio CabañasC
718Humayun's TombC
719Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter WorksC
720Hwaseong FortressC
722Ichkeul National ParkC
723Imperial TombsC
724Incense Route of the NegevC
725Independence HallC
726Ir. D.F. WoudagemaalC
727Island of MozambiqueC
728Island of PatmosC
729Island of Saint-LouisC
730Iwami Ginzan Silver MineC
732Jesuit Block and Estancias of CórdobaC
733Jesuit Missions of Trinidad and JesusC
734Jesuit Missions of the GuaranisC
735Jongmyo ShrineC
736Joya de CerenC
738Kaiping DiaolouC
739Kalwaria ZebrzydowskaC
742Kasbah of AlgiersC
743Kazan KremlinC
746Khami RuinsC
747Koguryo TombsC
750Kronborg CastleC
751Kunta Kinteh IslandC
754La Chaux-de-Fonds / Le LocleC
755La FortalezaC
756La Lonja de la SedaC
757Lake TurkanaC
758Lamu Old TownC
759Land of FrankincenseC
760Las MedulasC
761Le HavreC
762Le MorneC
763Lednice-Valtice Cultural LandscapeC
764Lenggong ValleyC
766León CathedralC
768Litomysl CastleC
770Longobards in ItalyC
771Lord Howe IslandC
772Lower Valley of the OmoC
773Luis Barragán House and StudioC
775Macquarie IslandC
776Madara RiderC
777Madriu-Perafita-Claror ValleyC
778Makli, ThattaC
779Maloti DrakensbergC
781Mana PoolsC
782Manas Wildlife SanctuaryC
783Mantua and SabbionetaC
784Manu National ParkC
786Margravial Opera HouseC
787Masjed-e Jâme'C
788Matobo HillsC
789Maulbronn MonasteryC
792Medieval Monuments in KosovoC
793Medina of EssaouiraC
794Medina of SousseC
795Medina of TunisC
796Medina of TétouanC
797Mehmed Paša Sokolović BridgeC
799Miguasha ParkC
800Mining Sites of WalloniaC
801Mir CastleC
803Monasteries of Daphni, Hosios Loukas and Nea Moni of ChiosC
804Monastery of AlcobaçaC
805Monastery of BatalhaC
806Monastery of GeghardC
807Monastery of HorezuC
808Monte San GiorgioC
810Morne Trois PitonsC
811Mount Carmel CavesC
812Mount HamiguitanC
813Mount NimbaC
814Mount Qingcheng and DujiangyanC
815Mount SanqingshanC
816Mount WuyiC
817Mudejar Architecture of AragonC
818Muskauer ParkC
819My SonC
823Necropolis of Bet She'arimC
826Niokolo-Koba National ParkC
828Nord-Pas de Calais Mining BasinC
829Notre-Dame Cathedral in TournaiC
830Novodevichy ConventC
831Ohrid RegionC
832Old City of AcreC
833Old City of BerneC
834Old HavanaC
835Old RaumaC
836Old Town of GalleC
840Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant PauC
841Palmeral of ElcheC
847Par force hunting landscapeC
850Petroglyphs of the Mongolian AltaiC
851Petäjävesi Old Church C
853Pilgrimage Church of St. John of NepomukC
854Pilgrimage Church of WiesC
855Pitons Management AreaC
856Poblet MonasteryC
858Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal C
859Popocatepetl monasteriesC
860Portobelo-San LorenzoC
861Preah Vihear TempleC
862Prehistoric Pile DwellingsC
863Primeval Beech ForestsC
865Pythagoreion and Heraion of SamosC
866Pyu Ancient CitiesC
867Qal'at al-BahrainC
868Quebrada de HumahuacaC
872Quseir AmraC
874Rangiri Dambulla Cave TempleC
876Red Bay Basque Whaling StationC
877Red FortC
881Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian MetropolitansC
882Residences of the Royal House of SavoyC
883Rhaetian RailwayC
884Rideau CanalC
885Robben IslandC
886Rock Art in the Hail RegionC
887Rock Carvings in TanumC
888Rock Drawings in ValcamonicaC
889Rock Paintings of the Sierra de San FranciscoC
890Rock-Art of the Mediterranean BasinC
891Rock-hewn Churches of IvanovoC
892Rohtas FortC
893Roman Walls of LugoC
894Roskilde CathedralC
895Routes of Santiago de Compostela in FranceC
896Royal Exhibition BuildingC
897Ruins of León ViejoC
898Ruins of Loropéni C
899Rwenzori MountainsC
901São Francisco SquareC
904Saint-Savin sur GartempeC
905Salonga National ParkC
906Saloum DeltaC
909San Antonio MissionsC
910San Marino and Mount TitanoC
911San Miguel de AllendeC
912Sangay National ParkC
913Sangiran Early Man SiteC
914Santa Ana de los Rios de CuencaC
915Santa Cruz de MompoxC
916Santa Maria de GuadelupeC
920Semmering RailwayC
921Serra de TramuntanaC
922Sewell Mining TownC
923Shahr-i SokhtaC
926Sian Ka'anC
928Simien National ParkC
929Sinharaja ForestC
930Site of XanaduC
932Solovetsky IslandsC
933Southern ÖlandC
934Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus DistrictC
935Spissky Hrad and LevocaC
937Srebarna Nature ReserveC
938St. George, BermudaC
939Stari Grad PlainC
940Stari Ras and SopocaniC
941Stevns KlintC
942Stoclet HouseC
943Stone Circles of SenegambiaC
944Stone Spheres of the DiquísC
945Stralsund and WismarC
947Struve Geodetic ArcC
948Studenica MonasteryC
949Studley Royal ParkC
950Su Nuraxi di BaruminiC
956São LuisC
957Tabriz BazaarC
958Tajik National ParkC
959Takht-e SoleymanC
961Talamanca Range-La Amistad ReservesC
964Tassili n'AjjerC
965Tauric ChersoneseC
966Taï National ParkC
967Thang LongC
968The Four LiftsC
969Thracian tomb of SveshtariC
970Thungyai-Huai Kha KhaengC
975Tokaji Wine RegionC
976Tomb of AskiaC
977Tomioka Silk MillC
978Tongariro National ParkC
980Tower of HerculesC
981Tower of LondonC
982Town Hall and Roland, BremenC
983Trang AnC
986Tusi SitesC
989Um er-RasasC
990University of CoimbraC
992Val d'OrciaC
995Van NellefabriekC
997Verla Groundwood and Board MillC
1000Villages with Fortified ChurchesC
1002Vineyard Landscape of PiedmontC
1003Virgin Komi ForestsC
1005Vizcaya BridgeC
1009W-Arly-Pendjari ComplexC
1010Wadi Al-HitanC
1011Walled City of BakuC
1012Western CaucasusC
1013Whale Sanctuary of El VizcainoC
1014Wood Buffalo National ParkC
1015Wooden Churches of Southern MalopolskaC
1016Wooden Churches of the Slovak CarpathiansC
1017Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian RegionC
1018Würzburg ResidenceC
1020Xidi and HongcunC
1021Xinjiang TianshanC
1025Yuso and Suso MonasteriesC
1029Úbeda and BaezaC