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The Archeological Zone of Paquimé, Casas Grandes is a pre-Columbian archaelogical site.

It began as a group of 20 or more house clusters, each with a plaza and enclosing wall. These single-story adobe dwellings shared a common water system. Evidence shows that Paquimé had a complex water control system that included underground drain systems, reservoirs, channels for water to get to the homes, and a sewage system

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  • Cultural

Community Reviews

Ivan Cardenas, 31-Oct-05

Paquime is a great place to visit, it is not that far from the border with Texas and New Mexico. You can even visit it for a weekend getaway. The museum is excelent, and it is not expensive. While in the area, you can choose from various hotels and good restaurants. For all of you guys who always have to be checking your e-mails, you can visit "El Cybernetico" an internet cafe in Nuevo Casas Grandes.

Kelly Henry USA

Casas Grandes is a 50 mile drive south of the New Mexico, USA border into Chihuahua, Mexico on a good highway. The adobe or mud city is partially restored and provides a good example of how the pueblo native americans settled down. The adjoining museum is excellent. Nuevo Casas Grandes is just 15km down the road with great restaurants and motels. Also, you don't need to speak Spanish to get there. Like other pueblo indian sites, the dwellings are apartment style buildings with everyone living in close quarters.

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Full name: Archeological Zone of Paquimé, Casas Grandes

Unesco ID: 560

Inscribed: 1998

Type: Cultural

Criteria: 3   4  

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Site History

  • 1998 - Inscribed 
  • 1991 - Referred Bureau -pending the results of a comparative study of property of this type located in Mexico and the United States.


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World Heritage Process

  • Need for a Comparative Study: Bureau -pending the results of a comparative study of property of this type located in Mexico and the United States. (Referral) - seems not to have taken place