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The Ancient City of Nessebar at a peninsula in the Black Sea holds over 3,000 years of history, with Thracian origins and later becoming an important Greek colony and Byzantine settlement.

The Greek colonists left an acropolis, a temple of Apollo and an agora. The most important monument from the Byzantine period is the Stara Mitropolia Basilica.

Map of Nessebar


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Community Reviews

Naeem, Pakistan 31-Oct-14

Really Nesebar is an old city and also very green and sunny beach city.

You can feel here the anciant culture and life style of that time.i have visited this city in 2014.

Naeem, Pakistan

John booth New Zealand 07-Dec-12

Nessebar by john booth

Nessebar deserves its listing just on account of its location on a peninsular jutting out into the Black Sea. But by taking a short walk through the town I discovered streets of picturesque wooden houses, Byzantine ruins, and churches of many different hues, from the huge church of the Virgin Mary, the ruined church of St Sophia and the many small Orthodox churches which appear everywhere.

I reached the town by taking bus no.11 from Burgas station.

Bob Hale, USA

Holland America included Nessebar a few years back. We spent a half day taking in the old town. Unfortunately HAL's time table had us there before any shops opened; before any locals showed up for work. We met a few, and were delighted they could grasp some of our English. As true Americans, we grasped nothing of their Bulgarian! Rich in old word history, the town demands the visitor do some homework before walking the town. The guides are limited in English - after all, Bulgaria is still getting started in the tourist business.

Would I visit again? Indeed, and this time I'd opt for an over-night. The Bulgarian kitchens were just getting warmed up when we headed back to the ship. Next time, I want lunch!!

And, the people are all smiles.


Bruce w. Turner, United States of America

I've been to Nessebar twice. First time was in 2002, second time was August 2004. I brought my daughter along and she was really impressed by not only Nessebar but Bulgaria overall. My wife comes from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.We meet in Germany. My other intrest of Bulgaria, especially Plovdiv, is its place in our Christian History. I agree with the afore mentioned comments of Nessebar, and Bulgaria. I would love to live and work on the Black Sea Coast. Between,Nessebar and Primisko.

Gatis, Latvia

Nessebar may seem to be not very special, but if you care to find out its history - ouch, this place is quite interesting! Then you start to appreciate its numerous small Byzantine churches, ancient monuments (there is good museum), picturesque streets with specific houses.

I spent there one day - this was the best experience for me in Bulgaria.

Bojin Djinkov, Bulgaria

Nessebar is the town, where I live.For pictures you can see

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Full name: Ancient City of Nessebar

Unesco ID: 217

Inscribed: 1983

Type: Cultural

Criteria: 3   4  

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  • 1983 - Inscribed 


The site has 1 locations.

  • Nessebar


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  • Windmills: The wooden windmill at the town's entrance



  • Former Islands: "The ancient part of the town is situated on a peninsula (previously an island) connected to the mainland by a narrow man-made isthmus" (Wiki)
  • Black Sea



  • Built in the 6th century BC: Became a Greek colony in the 6th century, a wall from that time can still be seen. Monuments date from several periods though, "multilayered" heritage (unesco website)