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Ephesus contains successive settlements from the Neolithic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Selçuk and Ottoman periods. The property is located at the Aegean Coast of Turkey.

This site comprises 4 locations:

- Cukurici Mound

- Ancient City of Ephesus

- Ayasuluk Hill, the Artemision and the Medieval Settlement

- The ‘House of Virgin Mary’

Map of Ephesus


  • Cultural

Community Reviews

Jay T USA - 03-Jan-16 -

Ephesus by Jay T

Ephesus was one of the great cities of antiquity, and erstwhile home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. After its harbor silted up, Ephesus lost value as a commercial center and never recovered. However, it left behind impressive ruins, which unfortunately don't include the Temple of Artemis. Ephesus is also important for Christian travelers, both for its Biblical history and as a pilgrimage site to the believed last home of Mary, the mother of Jesus. With such history I was surprised it took until 2015 for the city to become a World Heritage Site. I visited Ephesus in the spring of 2013, and thoroughly enjoyed wandering the ruins of the city. The restored façade of the Library of Celsus was magnificent, as was the large theater at the end of the former Harbor Street. Also on view were ancient baths, the agora, and a smaller Odeon theater. Although I didn't visit them, there was an archeological excavation of Terrace Houses on display for an additional fee. Ephesus was crowded with tour groups, but I didn't notice them because the city was so fascinating to explore.

Logistics: Ephesus is located near Selçuk, and can be reached by walking, biking, minibuses, or private transportation or tours. Ephesus is a popular stop for cruise ships, which often bring large tour groups.

Michiel Dekker The Netherlands - 01-Oct-10

Beautiful site with a lot of history. Also the site of one of the seven wonders of the world; the Temple of Artemis (eventhough not much remains of this site).

Worth a visit and worthy to be a World Heritage Site.

Christine Gravlin United States - 19-May-09

This is a wonderful place to visit and experience history. I hope that it will be made permanent site. It needs to be preserved.

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Site Info

Full name: Ephesus

Unesco ID: 1018

Inscribed: 2015

Type: Cultural

Criteria: 3   4   6  

Link: By Name By ID

Site History

  • 2015 - Inscribed 


The site has 4 locations.

  • Ephesus: Ancient city of Ephesus
  • Ephesus: Ayasuluk Hill, Artemision and Medieval Settlement
  • Ephesus: Cukurici Mound
  • Ephesus: House of Virgin Mary


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Human Activity

  • Sea Ports: "Now located several kilometres inland from the Aegean coast of Turkey, Ephesus was a thriving harbour city in the Roman period," (AB eval)

Individual People

  • Ibn Battuta: "We went on to the city of Aya Suluq [Selçuk/Ephesus], a large and ancient city venerated by the Greeks, in which there is a great church [Church of Mary] built with huge stones, each measuring ten or less cubits in length and skilfully hewn."

Religion and Belief

  • Mentioned in the Bible: Ephesus was one of the seven churches of Asia that are cited in the Book of Revelation (wiki)
  • Serapea: "Another Temple of Serapis is in Ephesus .... The temple is located behind the Library of Celsus. The Egyptian temple was turned into a Christian church." (Wiki)
  • Tombs of Biblical Figures: Basilica of St John "stands over the believed burial site of John the Apostle" (Wiki). See  Link
  • St Paul was here: St Paul visited Ephesus on both his 2nd and 3rd mission - staying over 2 years on the latter occasion. His preaching stimulated the "Silversmith's Riot". See link. And Nomination File "In a quickly arranged assembly in the large theater of Ephesus the disputes became tumultuous. Supposedly the people chanted “Great is the Artemis of Ephesus” for two hours until the municipal scribe was able to calm the situation" Link


  • Built in the 10th century BC: temple to Artemis, which cult can be traced back to the early first millennium BCE. Excavated finds indicate that the first Greek colonisers arrived c 1000 BCE (AB ev)


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