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Lumbini is the place where the Gautama Buddha was born.

The exact year of his birth is strongly disputed, with possible dates ranging from the 11th to the 6th century BC. The town of Lumbini is one of the four holy places in Buddhism: the sites of his birth, enlightenment, first discourse, and death. All of these occurred outside, in nature.

The site remained neglected for centuries. Only in 1895 it was rediscovered by a German archaelogist. A temple and a bathing pool are believed to be originals from the era of Buddhas birth.

Map of Lumbini


  • Cultural

Visit March 2001

On my tour of the south of Nepal I travelled from Chitwan (Sauraha) to Lumbini by public buses. A Japanese guy and I were dumped at the roadside, amidst flat agricultural lands and some forest. 'This is Lumbini', they told us. It's a quiet area, natural in outlook and with its temples hidden from first sight.

March 2001

The actual site is quite small: a few excavations and a large tree, that is all to see. Still it is a very serene place. Since a few years several Buddhist Asian countries are building their own temples and monasteries around the original site (according to the "Lumbini Masterplan" by a Japanese architect). They try to surpass each other in beauty. The very different building styles make for an ecclectic view.

March 2001

Community Reviews

Mukunda Shyam Ranjit Nepal - 03-Apr-15

Recently I visited Lumbini with a group of B-Architecture , Final year students, Acme Engineering College, Nepal as a part of their excursion tour. ( 18-19 March 2015 ). we felt very peacefull and spiritually very much recharged and enegetic to work for the world peace. It was really worth for all the people around the world to pay a visit to this beautiful natural landscape. Only to see nature, people and the sky in harmony and complete rest , deep inside my heart.

PKMC Kumar. Trivandrum. India - 05-Feb-14

In the year 2013, we a team of10 visited all the holly places connected to Budhdha. We travelled through Sravasthi, Kapilavasthu, Lumbini, Kushinagar< Vaishali, Nalanda, Rajgir(Rajgreh),Gaya, Bodhgaya, Saranath, Varanasi and Allahabad in 10 days.Except Lumbini, all places are in India.With utmost satisfaction I, being an Indian, am proud too for travelling through Sidharth Gothama's pathways.It is wonderful or astonishing that these holy places wre hidden buried for a long period.

Damayanthi Herath Sri Lanka. - 17-Jan-14

I visited Lumbini in 2011 April. I was very happy to see from my naked eye this beautiful sacred place. Being a Buddhist I wanted to go to india for a pilgrimage.I went in summer period a bit warm but I really felt so happy to see all valuable sights of Lord Buddha whom I always remember and lord buddha attained Buddhahood and realized that the truth what he realized will remain in Sri Lanka but not in India. We have 2/3rd of Lord Buddha's sacred "dathu" contained dagabas. I want to see all these once again. The truth what lord buddha realized will remain in Sri Lanka as long as buddhist act according to this religion.I'm very enthusiastic to go to India again and again.And the Indian Government trying its best to keep all these sacred places in a good condition.

Aman thapa Nepal - 08-Dec-13

Well Lumbini is very near from my hometown I visited there many times.It is very peaceful place.As we know that Lumbini is a birthplace of Gautam Buddha who is a spirit of peace and his wisdom were followed all over the world.We can find many things to see there,like there are very well made temples,handicraft stupas,clean pond,etc.The environnment is so greeny n silent.It is one of my famous historical place n i love to visit more n more.

Mohit Lal Shrestha Nepal - 08-Nov-13


It was a great place. I visited the site with my friends on a school tour.

We were guided by local guides. We got to see a lot of new international monasteries which were attractive and beautiful.

The place if peaceful, calm and happening.

Yeah, and I'm proud that Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal !

Clyde Malta - 08-Apr-13 -

Lumbini by Clyde

The Ashoka pillar and Mayadevi Temple are the core of this WHS but all around it on the masterplan of a Japanese architect, Buddhist monasteries and temples are being built from all over the world and most are well worth a visit. Some are still under construction but already judging from what has been built this is going to become THE most important place for Buddhism in the near future. I also visited Tilaurakot (28kms away) which lacks the attention and gardening that Lumbini enjoys. It surely deserves to be added as a WHS with Lumbini even though a few ruins are what is left of ancient Kapilavastu

Sanjaya Singh KC Nepal - 30-Jun-11

LUMBINI is heaven on earth. The birthplace of the LIGht of Asia, lord Buddha in Lumbini Nepal is a must visit place in your lifetime. I went there in 2009, November which is the best time to visit lumbini,because June- october is very warm over there. The peaceful atmosphere, the serene environment, the helpful people, the artistic pagodas,temples, archaeological sites, beautiful birds, cranes,forest, beautiful park just makes you feel, Buddha is still here..somewhere around meditating...wonderful place

parker USA - 16-Jun-10

i went to lumbini in 2007 april, it was warm.The buddhist temples at the lumbini are most attractive. the environment is calm and the nepalese people who helped us to see many historical place were great.It reflected the culture of Nepal and the behavior of Nepali people. As being foreigner i felt Nepal&Lumbini are the synoname.

Rachana NEPAL - 26-May-10

lumbini a nice place to be .

i went there 10 years with my brother, sister-in-law and their kid. At that time a new temple were being made. We did sightseeing through Rikshaw . We conducted puja and gave a little bit of remarkable thing which we have still in home.

It is simple but it's simplicity is very unique as it adds the historic panoroma to the world. Lumbini is the place for meditation it's quite surroundings will let u be there forever.

We took several pictures it was truely a sparkling place to be. If u are looking for a nice and beautiful place to do meditation or to see historic place be there. Can't express in words how nice it is """LUMBINI - in NEPAL"""

john karanjit birth palce of lord buddha(nepal) - 03-Jan-10

i visited lumbini on feburary was my life time experience.i could not forget sitting near the ashoka pillar where lord buddha was born,it was so peaceful.i found many county had build their temple and monasteries but most of them

were uncomplete and still under cunstruction among these temples i found chinese,japanese,burmese,thai,german's were completed. in lumbini there is so many historical places which must preserved among them one of it is niglihawa's broken ashoka's pillar.

Deepa australia - 07-Dec-09

Lumbini is the birth place of lord budhha, which is situated 300km west of capital city kathmandu. Lord Buddha was born in lumbini during the full moonday in the month of April(Baishakh). There is a pond namely"Puskarni" , where lord budhha's mother( mayadevi) had a shower before giving birth to Lord Buddha. It is natural in outlook. Many asian countries like India, China, Japan are building their own temple in different building styles. This is becoming one of the tourist attraction in lumbini, where many tourists come to visit the particular place only as a result, people are getting employment to some extent. It is a very beautiful place, please if you ever go to Nepal , do not forget to visit this place.


Bipin Raj Tiwari Nepal - 30-Jul-09

I had been to Lumbini when i was in class 12. It was a educational tour as part of my college activity where they take students to a new place.

My visit to Lumbini was one of the best experience as we were accompanied by local tourist guide and he has such a bundle of information that we were able to know about various hidden things in and around Lumbini.

As a Nepali i am always proud of Gautam Buddha- the light of asia and at that time also i felt so happy.

I need to come to Lumbini one again as i was not able to visit all the areas of garden also i want to visit the Museums and all the monasteries.

I felt so peace and calm of my heart when i just stepped into the park. May be its my feeling for Buddha but i felt so fresh and happy that i never thought i was and it really made me feel better after i came back to Kathmandu.

We have to preserve our national heritage.

rakesh nepal - 07-Jun-08

Being a nepali citizen i am proudful to introduce myself as a person from the country of Lord buddha. Many foreigners know us and our country by the name of Lord Buddha. From the present context of view many tourists come to Nepal to visit particularly this place only. Through this visit they provide an employment opportunities to many poor peoples. I visited this place on the year 2008 recently and asked a rikshaw wala about his earning and he replied me that he hardly get a costumer in 2 days and can earn about rs 300 to Rs 700 on the same day. So we should thank to lord buddha and the visitors due to whome many people are sustaining their life. It is a nice place to visit. Thanku.

Stephen Brooker UK - 24-Apr-08

Arriving in a rather exhausted tour group, who jokingling kept calling it 'Budhist Bethlehem,' wasn't the most promising start to my visit.

However once off the bus the atmosphere and emotional power of this site took over. A serenity descended on everyone as we walked into the park, which evolved into a hushed revernce when we came to the Lord Buddhas birthplce.

By the time we left everyone seemed inspired and rejuvenated.

I would highly recomend this site, it's quiet, beautiful and a moving experience, which will remain a treasured memory for the rest of your life.

Rankoth Gedera, P Canada (Born and raised in Sri Lanka) -

I've been to the birthplace of the Lord Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal, 1998. What I noticeably experienced was, calmed, quiet and natural feelings, and tranquillity of mind. I was so lucky to visit all the four sacred places: the Birth(Lumbini, Napal), the Enlightenment(Boddhagaya, India), the First discourse/sermon(Varanasi, India), and the Maha parinibbana/death of physical body(Kushinagar, India) of the Buddha. The feeling when visiting these four sacred places, cannot be expressed in words. You need to be there and feel how it is.

Mary -

i found it inspiring,picturesque and sereal.though from others point of view they found it looks just quite plain, i found it was simple but its simplicity is unique for something so historic,it makes you feel special too.

Bobbi Siegmann USA -

Visited Lumbini in October 2001(very warm in October!) with group of Buddhist pilgrims led by the Ven. Robina Courtin. A little shrine with some statues, excavations. One of Ashok's pillars is there. We conducted a puja under one of the large trees there. Went on to Nalanda,Kushinigar, Ragir, Bodhgaya, Varanasai & Sarnath. a month after 9/11 we were praying for peace at all these holy & historical sites.

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Site Info

Full name: Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha

Unesco ID: 666

Inscribed: 1997

Type: Cultural

Criteria: 3   6  

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Site History

  • 1997 - Inscribed 
  • 1993 - Deferred Bureau - better info required on conservation measures etc


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  • Pillars: Referred to in ICOMOS evaluation as "The sandstone Ashoka pillar with its sanskrit inscriptions. That of Ashoka in Brahmi script and the later one of Ripu Malla in Devanagara script"
  • Protective Shelters: Building covers the ancient ruins


  • Ganges: On banks of Telar River which joins the Rapti and then the Ganges

Individual People

  • Travels of Xuanzang
  • Emperor Ashoka: Visited by Asoka in 249BC. Ordered construction of stupas and an inscribed stone pillar as commemoration.
  • Ekai Kawaguchi: The Asoka pillar identifying Lumbini as the birthplace of The Buddha had been discovered in 1896. On a return journey to Nepal Kawaguchi visited it in 1912. He was shocked at the existence of Hindu animal sacrifices there and lobbied the Nepalese government to prohibit them.
  • Travels of Hyecho: "The Four Great Stupas of Central India ... The third one is situated in Kapilavastu, the city where the Buddha was born. The Asoka tree is still there but the city is already ruined. There is a stupa but no monks or inhabitants. The city is situated at the northernmost part of the country. The forests are mostly deserted and there are many bandits on the road. It is very difficult for those on pilgrimage to go safely." - From the diary of Hyecho

Religion and Belief

  • Holiest place: One of four holiest Buddhist places: Lumbini (Birthplace), Bodhgaya - Mahabodhi Temple (enlightenment), Sarnath (first sermon) and Kushinagar (nirvana)
  • Stupa: remains of Buddhist stupas (memorial shrines) from the 3rd century BC to the 15th century AD (AB ev)


  • Built in the 3rd century BC: The Emperor Ashoka visited the site of Buddha's birth in 249 BC. He erected the Ashoka pillar, and monasteries and stupa's were added.