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Nahanni National Park

Nahanni National Park

Nahanni National Park Reserve is an undisturbed river, canyon and cave landscape.

It is the breeding habitat of four endangered species: peregrine falcons, golden eagles, bald eagles and trumpeter swans. The park is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada and sees only about 5000 visitors a year.

The centrepiece of the park is the South Nahanni River. Four great canyons, called First, Second, Third and Fourth Canyon, line this spectacular whitewater river.

The name Nahanni comes from the indigenous Dene language and can be translated as 'spirit.'

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Community Reviews

Sid Stark USA - 07-Jun-05

It has been almost twenty years since I had the awe-inspiring and quite humbling experience of sticking my (and my buddy's) canoe into the river and wending down one of the most beautiful spots one could imagine on earth.

For the first three days after the plane dropped us off, we (veterans of canoe/kayak trips much longer than this one) were like tourists -- gawking agape at the size, beauty, and power of the river, its attendant mountain peaks, and the furry/feathered creatures that called this jewel home. It was, and is, like nothing I had seen before or since.

Enjoy your trip to this wilderness paradise!

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Full name: Nahanni National Park

Unesco ID: 24

Inscribed: 1978

Type: Natural

Criteria: 7   8  

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  • 1978 - Inscribed 


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  • Cretaceous: Dramatic mountain-building began approximately 110 million years ago when molten volcanic rock from deep within the earth rose to within 3000 m of the surface where it hardened and cooled. This force pushed up the sedimentary rock above and around the intrusion, creating the mountain ranges that surround the Nahanni River. (Parks Canada website)


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