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Henderson Island

Henderson Island

Henderson Island is an uninhabited uplifted coral island in the south Pacific Ocean, known for its bird life and untouched phosphate reserves.

All four land bird species are endemic to the island (Henderson Crake, Henderson Fruit Dove, Henderson Lorikeet and Henderson Reed-warbler). There are also fifteen non-endemic seabirds. Other endemic species include nine plants (of the sixty-three species on island), four land snails (of sixteen species), and one butterfly (only species on island).

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Full name: Henderson Island

Unesco ID: 487

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Inscribed: 1988

Type: Natural

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  • Castaways/shipwrecked mariners: The crew of the whaleship Essex, "wandering the ocean in open boats after the Essex had sunk following a collision with a sperm whale, landed briefly on the island, staying from December 20 to December 27, 1820. Three of the crew stayed and survived until their subsequent rescue on April 9, 1821 while their companions sailed for South America". (Wiki)


  • Early Pleistocene: Durch weitere vulkanische Aktivitäten, die vor 900.000 Jahren zum Entstehen der Insel Pitcairn geführt haben, erfolgte eine Verformung der Erdkruste derart, dass das Henderson-Atoll noch weiter über die Meeresoberfläche angehoben wurde. (Wiki)


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