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Mount Hamiguitan

Mount Hamiguitan
Photo provided by Boj Capati

The Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary is a diverse mountain ecosystem with a high number of endemic plant and animal species.

The area lies in the south of Mindanao Island. It is a representation of the Philippines biodiversity hotspot.

The mountain range is home to a number of globally threatened and endemic species, such as the critically endangered Philippine Eagle and the tropical pitcher plant Nepenthes hamiguitanensis.

Mount Hamiguitan is a stratovolcano with an height of 1,620 metres. At its topmost it is covered by a unique 'pygmy' or 'bonsai' forest layer.

Map of Mount Hamiguitan


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Community Reviews

Boj Philippines & China 13-Sep-12

Mount Hamiguitan by Boj

In, 2010, Mt. Hamiguitan was closed to visitors in preparation for its bid to UNESCO World Heritage inscription. During a recent hike (July 2012), the protected area has shown positive signs of recovery. The mountain is indeed a biodiversity/endemism hotspot; its bonsai forest is just one of the many outstanding features of the property.

Also worth noting is the tireless and collective efforts of the concerned local government units in ensuring the protection of the park. Such a practice is rare in the country and very inspiring.

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Site Info

Full name: Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary

Unesco ID: 1403

Inscribed: 2014

Type: Natural

Criteria: 10  

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Site History

  • 2014 - Inscribed 
  • 2013 - Advisory Body overruled Deferral was proposed
  • 2013 - Referred 
  • 2012 - Revision Includes part of former TWHS Mount Apo and Mount Hamiguitan: Sanctuaries of Endemism in Mindanao (2008)
  • 2012 - Incomplete - not examined 
  • 2010 - Incomplete - not examined As part of former TWHS Mount Apo and Mount Hamiguitan: Sanctuaries of Endemism in Mindanao


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