WHS in the News

Ghadames Mayor of Ghadames urges UNESCO to remove old city from list of threatened sites www.libyaobserver.ly 16.05.22
Lalibela Residents of Ethiopia’s World Heritage Site Struggle to Recover www.voanews.com 13.05.22
Pyramids (Memphis) Egypt arrests teenagers for harassing female tourists at pyramids www.bbc.com 09.05.22
Old Havana Saratoga Hotel: 22 dead after huge explosion in Havana www.bbc.com 07.05.22
Ahwar of Southern Iraq British Tourist Accused of Smuggling Artifacts from Eridu www.artnews.com 03.05.22
Butrint Secrecy Surrounds Albanian Plan to Lease Butrint World Heritage Site balkaninsight.com 28.04.22
Derwent Valley Mills Belper World Heritage site mill museum to close www.bbc.co.uk 27.04.22
Bamiyan Valley Taliban orders coal traders to leave Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley www.theartnewspaper.com 27.04.22
Shiretoko Rescue operation for missing tour boat near Shiretoko peninsula intensifies www.npr.org 24.04.22
City of Bath Bath's long awaited £5 million World Heritage Centre to open soon www.somersetlive.co.uk 24.04.22
Archipiélago de Revillagigedo Scientists scour 'Mexico's Galapagos' for quake, volcano clues www.france24.com 24.04.22
Historic Cairo Renovation work at historic Cairo mosque angers architects www.al-monitor.com 22.04.22
Bagan Rare Sculptures Stolen From Bagan www.irrawaddy.com 22.04.22
Gonbad-e Qâbus Gonbad-e Qabus restoration may take two years www.tehrantimes.com 17.04.22
Kii Mountain Range NHK contractor damages World Heritage pilgrimage trail to Japan's Mt. Koya mainichi.jp 16.04.22
Ancient Kyoto Stains Found on Building at "Todaiji" World Heritage Temple www.nippon.com 16.04.22
Chachapoyas sites of the Utcubamba Valley (T) Wall collapsed at Kuélap due to heavy rains www.infobae.com 13.04.22
Historic Cairo Threat of demolition looms over Cairo’s historic necropolis www.al-monitor.com 08.04.22
Willandra Lakes Mungo Man and Mungo Lady to be reburied in Willandra world heritage area after federal decision www.theguardian.com 06.04.22
Ancient Kyoto Jewel in Kyoto’s temple crown restored to former splendor www.asahi.com 04.04.22
iSimangaliso Wetland Park Fears mount over ‘free-for-all’ iSimangaliso forest invasion www.dailymaverick.co.za 28.03.22
Chinchorro Culture Chile’s archaeologists fight to save the world’s oldest mummies from climate change www.theguardian.com 26.03.22
Forth Bridge Network Rail changes tack on Forth Bridge Experience after receiving no bids for job www.newcivilengineer.com 26.03.22
Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef suffers 'widespread' bleaching event phys.org 19.03.22
Kenya Lake System A drowning world: Kenya’s quiet slide underwater www.theguardian.com 17.03.22
Oaxaca and Monte Alban Equality was key to ancient Mexican city’s success, study suggests www.theguardian.com 17.03.22
Jodrell Bank Observatory Jodrell Bank Observatory to open £21.5m visitor attraction www.bbc.com 15.03.22
Noel Kempff Mercado National Park A Huge Cocaine Lab Was Found Inside Noel Kempff Mercado National Park www.vice.com 09.03.22
L'viv Statues wrapped in foam and fireproof material can be seen all around the historic city of Lviv, where the race is on to protect cultural treasures against possible Russian bombardment. www.france24.com 08.03.22
Ngorongoro Tanzania's Masai fight eviction from UNESCO World Heritage Site www.devex.com 04.03.22
Hatra Iraq unveils restoration work at ancient city of Hatra thearabweekly.com 28.02.22
W-Arly-Pendjari Complex Five rangers, one soldier killed in Benin park ambush www.aljazeera.com 20.02.22
Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Bialowieza Forest NGOs ask EU to stop Poland building border wall in primeval forest www.reuters.com 09.02.22
Donana National Park Illegal strawberry farms threaten future of Spanish wetlands www.theguardian.com 09.02.22
Bamiyan Valley A Rogue Taliban Governor Has Been Digging Beneath the Ruins of the Bamiyan Buddhas, Chasing a Rumor of Buried Treasure news.artnet.com 09.02.22
Nasca Lines Seven killed after plane touring Nazca lines crashes in Peruvian desert www.theguardian.com 04.02.22
Machu Picchu Rains cause flood damage in Peru's Machu Picchu www.france24.com 25.01.22
Sun Temple, Konarak Possible neotectonic activity behind collapse of Konark Temple www.hindustantimes.com 17.01.22
Ouro Preto Huge landslide downs power lines and destroys historic 122 year-old Brazilian mansion in Ouro Preto www.dailymail.co.uk 15.01.22
Galapagos Islands Tallest Galapagos volcano erupts, spewing lava, ash abcnews.go.com 10.01.22
Fertö/Neusiedlersee Greenpeace to sue Hungary over Unesco protected lake construction project www.euronews.com 10.01.22
Yin Xu 3,000-year-old clan cemetery uncovered in Central China’s Anyang www.globaltimes.cn 07.01.22
Ashur At the Iraqi Site of Assur, Ancient History Stands at Risk of Destruction www.smithsonianmag.com 05.01.22
Rome McDonald’s blocked from building drive-through at Rome's ancient Baths of Caracalla www.theartnewspaper.com 01.01.22
Komodo National Park Environmentalists fear for Komodo dragon as Indonesia pushes tourism www.abc.net.au 30.12.21
Tomioka Silk Mill World Heritage Site in Gunma struggling to crowdfund repair costs soranews24.com 23.12.21
Gough and Inaccessible Islands Heartbreak over 'failed' bid to remove Gough Island's mice www.bbc.com 16.12.21
Wanuskewin (T) Sask. government spending $60,000 to boost Wanuskewin UNESCO heritage bid saskatoon.ctvnews.ca 15.12.21
Lalibela Ethiopia war: World heritage site Lalibela back in rebel hands www.bbc.com 12.12.21
Gedeo Cultural Landscape (T) Ethiopian monuments 1,000 years older than previously thought news.wsu.edu 10.12.21