WHS in the News

Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef should be placed on world heritage ‘in danger’ list, UN-backed report says www.theguardian.com 30.11.22
Angkor Mass evictions at Angkor Wat leave 10,000 families facing uncertain future www.theguardian.com 30.11.22
Teotihuacan 1,700-year-old spider monkey remains discovered in Teotihuacán www.sciencedaily.com 28.11.22
Rapa Nui UNESCO announced a donation of almost 100,000 dollars to assess the damages caused in early October by a fire in Rapa Nui www.plenglish.com 28.11.22
Sites mémoriaux du génocide : Nyamata, Murambi, Bisesero et Gisozi (T) Rwanda, UNESCO to revive talks on heritage sites www.newtimes.co.rw 28.11.22
Kyiv Ukraine's security service raids Kyiv monastery, suspects Russian sabotage www.reuters.com 23.11.22
Messel Pit Messel boa: Live birth in a 47-million-year-old snake phys.org 17.11.22
Coa Valley and Siega Verde Archaeological find in Greater Côa Valley throws spotlight on human-wildlife coexistence rewildingeurope.com 16.11.22
Mostar UNESCO reacts to the Construction Works of a Jumping Platform near the Old Bridge sarajevotimes.com 09.11.22
Stećci UNESCO reacts to the Construction Works near Necropolis and the Old Bridge sarajevotimes.com 09.11.22
The Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales Historic 13C slate quarry allowed to expand www.bbc.com 09.11.22
Wet Tropics of Queensland Queensland company fined for unlawful logging in Wet Tropics World Heritage Area www.abc.net.au 09.11.22
Yin Xu Millennia-old road sheds new light on central China's UNESCO site english.news.cn 07.11.22
Volubilis Polish-Moroccan exploration of the Roman limes in Morocco archeowiesci.pl 07.11.22
The Barotse Cultural Landscape (T) Process to declare Zambia’s Barotse Plains a World Heritage Site halted www.getaway.co.za 06.11.22
Saint Catherine Area Egyptian authorities jeopardising St Catherine's nature reserve and indigenous population with tourism project www.middleeasteye.net 06.11.22
Wachau Cultural Landscape Melk Abbey is being restored www.euronews.com 01.11.22
Palmyra Mass grave of IS victims found in Syria’s Palmyra apnews.com 01.11.22
Ancient Kyoto Japan heritage worker backs car into oldest toilet at Kyoto temple www.bbc.com 01.11.22
Gisement de dinosaures du Niger (T) Niger Expedition Finds Lost World of African Dinosaurs — And Ancient Humans explorersweb.com 10.10.22
Lord Howe Island Student rediscovers 'extinct' cockroach on Lord Howe Island www.rnz.co.nz 10.10.22
Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Bialowieza Forest LIDAR has revealed a lost landscape in the Białowieża Forest, containing hundreds of ancient monuments. www.heritagedaily.com 08.10.22
Rapa Nui Easter Island: Sacred statues damaged by fire www.bbc.com 07.10.22
Derwent Valley Mills Belper World Heritage site mill museum shuts its doors www.bbc.co.uk 04.10.22
Viñales Valley Hurricane Ian seriously damaged Cuba’s National Park www.plenglish.com 02.10.22
Archaeological site of Philippi Stunning Statue of Hercules Uncovered in Philippi greekreporter.com 30.09.22
The Sado complex of heritage mines, primarily gold mines (T) Japan submits revised World Heritage recommendation for Sado gold mines www3.nhk.or.jp 30.09.22
Australian Fossil Mammal Sites Study finds famous Australian caves are up to 500,000 years older than we thought - and it could help explain a megafauna mystery theconversation.com 28.09.22
Ancient Nara Last chance to see pagoda at Kofukuji before repairs start www.asahi.com 27.09.22
Timna (T) 3,000 years ago, human activity destroyed vegetation and irreparably damaged the Timna Valley environment phys.org 24.09.22
Historic Center of the Port City of Odessa (T) Odesa waits to join UNESCO list while grappling with monument to Russian Empress Catherine II euromaidanpress.com 24.09.22
Crac des Chevaliers A new role for Syria’s heritage sites: Party venues for restless youth www.washingtonpost.com 23.09.22
Canterbury New research identifies England’s oldest surviving church www.tandfonline.com 13.09.22
Hattusha Anatolian hieroglyphs found at Hattusha arkeonews.net 12.09.22
Hatra Five years after ISIL defeat, Iraq ancient ruins open to tourists www.aljazeera.com 12.09.22
Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple Seokguram Grotto and the Bulguksa Temple suffered major damage from typhoon www.koreaherald.com 09.09.22
Donana National Park Over-consumption and drought reduce lake in vital Spanish wetland to puddle www.theguardian.com 06.09.22
Pyramids (Memphis) A now-dry branch of the Nile helped build Egypt’s pyramids edition.cnn.com 05.09.22
Maritime Greenwich Magnetic Pavilion unearthed in Greenwich Park the-past.com 05.09.22
Volcanoes of Kamchatka Klyuchevskaya Sopka: Climbers killed during a fall on Russian volcano www.bbc.com 04.09.22
Moenjodaro Heritage sites in Pakistan’s Sindh province ravaged by floods theprint.in 01.09.22
Historic Center of the Port City of Odessa (T) Ukraine requests Odessa to be inscribed on an emergency basis www.unesco.org 31.08.22
Galapagos Islands Ecuador fears Galapagos tortoises were hunted and eaten www.bbc.com 30.08.22
Wood Buffalo National Park UN monitors thrust into debate over what to do with 1.4 trillion litres of oilsands wastewater financialpost.com 27.08.22
Istanbul Greek archaeologists express concerns to UNESCO over Hagia Sophia www.ekathimerini.com 25.08.22
The Historical City of Masouleh (T) Masouleh one step closer to being World Heritage www.tehrantimes.com 25.08.22
Caves of Maresha and Bet Guvrin Archaeologists Discover Mysterious Ancient Greek Game Made of Bones greekreporter.com 21.08.22
Kilimanjaro National Park Kilimanjaro gets high-speed internet so climbers can tweet or Instagram ascent www.theguardian.com 18.08.22
Sana'a Historic buildings collapse in Sanaa after heavy rains www.aljazeera.com 13.08.22
Papahanaumokuakea A sacred area for native Hawaiians is filling up with trash. eu.usatoday.com 08.08.22