WHS in the News

Neolithic Orkney New partnership for Orkney’s World Heritage Site www.orcadian.co.uk 14.06.19
Galapagos Islands Unique love song of Galapagos finches dying out because of parasites brought in by humans www.independent.co.uk 14.06.19
Brugge Bruges makes moves to restrict tourism edition.cnn.com 13.06.19
Cliff of Bandiagara '100 killed' in ethnic Dogon village www.bbc.com 11.06.19
Xanthos-Letoon Xanthos mosaics unprotected www.hurriyetdailynews.com 06.06.19
Ha Long Bay Vietnam launches first helicopter sightseeing flights over Halong Bay edition.cnn.com 06.06.19
Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers Nanda Devi: Bodies spotted in hunt for climbers missing in India www.bbc.com 03.06.19
Yellowstone A Chain of Species Destruction at Yellowstone www.nytimes.com 02.06.19
Venetian Works of Defence St. Nicholas Fortress in Šibenik to Open for Visitors After Two Years www.total-croatia-news.com 01.06.19
Old City of Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre plans for first renovations in generations www.jpost.com 01.06.19
Budapest Seven South Koreans dead, hope dims for missing in Budapest boat disaster kfgo.com 30.05.19
Al Ain 3,000-year-old fingerprints found at Al Ain’s World Heritage Site gulfnews.com 30.05.19
Minaret of Jam Taliban attack Afghanistan world heritage site, killing security forces thedefensepost.com 30.05.19
Minaret of Jam Afghan floods put famous minaret at risk of collapse www.thehindu.com 29.05.19
Machu Picchu New international airport for Machu Picchu sparks outrage www.theguardian.com 15.05.19
Kii Mountain Range Australian woman plunges to her death at sacred Japanese world heritage site 7news.com.au 13.05.19
Machu Picchu Peru announced on Friday a two-week restriction to three important areas at Machu Picchu to prevent greater degradation www.france24.com 11.05.19
Mogao Caves Japan helping to ‘clone’ historic Mogao Caves on China’s Silk Road www.asahi.com 11.05.19
Stonehenge A lost piece of one of Stonehenge's iconic standing stones has finally been returned. www.livescience.com 10.05.19
W-Arly-Pendjari Complex French army rescues four hostages in Sahel after kidnap from Pendjari NP www.france24.com 10.05.19
Tabriz Bazaar Iran firefighters put out blaze at historic bazaar in Tabriz www.foxnews.com 09.05.19
Delos British sculptor has, controversially, been commissioned to create works for the island of Delos, a sacred classical site www.theguardian.com 05.05.19
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty makes moves to combat overtourism edition.cnn.com 04.05.19
Wet Tropics of Queensland World's Oldest Rainforest Is Being Cooked to Death by Climate Change, Authorities Warn earther.gizmodo.com 01.05.19
Baekje Historic Areas Korea’s Oldest Stone Buddhist Pagoda Officially Unveiled after 20-year Restoration Project www.buddhistdoor.net 30.04.19
Mount Athos Ukraine-Russia tensions reach Greece’s holy Mount Athos www.theguardian.com 29.04.19
Fraser Island Toddler recovering after emergency skull surgery to treat dingo attack www.news.com.au 22.04.19
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Canada avalanche: Three elite climbers believed killed in Rockies www.bbc.com 20.04.19
Acropolis Lightning hits Acropolis in Greece injuring 4, site intact www.startribune.com 18.04.19
Paris, Banks of the Seine Notre Dame on fire www.bbc.com 15.04.19
Simien National Park Ethiopia's 'Roof of Africa' forest burns: Israel joins fire combat www.africanews.com 14.04.19
Paleolithic Archaelogical Sites in Cagayan Valley (T) Homo luzonensis: New human species found in Philippines www.bbc.com 14.04.19
Neolithic Orkney World-renowned Ring of Brodgar stone circle vandalised in Orkney www.theguardian.com 12.04.19
Vegaøyan Farm ban at Vega world heritage site www.fishupdate.com 10.04.19
Pompei Pompeii ‘fast food’ bar unearthed in ancient city after 2,000 years www.theguardian.com 08.04.19
Paphos Getty collaboration to improve management of Paphos mosaics cyprus-mail.com 06.04.19
Camino Real INAH announces restoration of historic Querétaro bridge mexiconewsdaily.com 06.04.19
Lord Howe Island Coral bleaching reaches World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island Marine Park www.abc.net.au 05.04.19
Fraser Island Two missing Japanese teenagers found dead in Fraser Island lake www.theguardian.com 30.03.19
Galapagos Islands Galápagos islands have nearly 10 times more alien marine species than once thought www.sciencedaily.com 29.03.19
Neolithic Orkney Skara Brae women archaeologists who were written out of history www.bbc.com 26.03.19
Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha Face-lift for Leshan Giant Buddha nears completion news.cgtn.com 25.03.19
Maritime Greenwich The Painted Hall, Greenwich to reopen in March 2019 after two year conservation project www.ornc.org 21.03.19
Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Thai millionaire who poached rare black leopard at heritage site faces jail www.iol.co.za 20.03.19
Incense Route of the Negev Archaeologists Unearth Rare 1,700 Year Inscription and Church in Israeli Desert www1.cbn.com 16.03.19
Lake Baikal Russia faces protests over factory on shores of lake Baikal www.washingtonpost.com 13.03.19
Mount Kenya For more than a week, devastating fires have raged in Mount Kenya National Park whc.unesco.org 05.03.19
Angkor Cambodia’s Tourism Authority Bans Food Inside World Heritage Temple Angkor Wat www.chiangraitimes.com 04.03.19
Lake Turkana Kenya helicopter crash leaves 4 Americans and a local pilot dead www.cbsnews.com 04.03.19
Rapa Nui Easter Islanders seek outside help for iconic statues' 'leprosy' www.japantimes.co.jp 03.03.19