WHS in the News

Cahokia Mounds Ohio Supreme Court sets date for ancient burial mound case www.sfchronicle.com 17.01.21
W-Arly-Pendjari Complex Norway supports animal surveillance in Pendjari and W National Parks whc.unesco.org 14.01.21
Virunga National Park At least six DR Congo park rangers killed in attack www.france24.com 10.01.21
Ancient Nara National-treasure Yakushiji pagoda in Nara to open to public from March www.japantimes.co.jp 10.01.21
Ngorongoro Finds in Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge Reveal How Ancient Humans Adapted to Change allafrica.com 09.01.21
Gulf of California Mexican fisherman dies after clash with conservationists www.france24.com 05.01.21
Caral-Supe Squatters issue death threats to archaeologist who discovered oldest city in the Americas www.theguardian.com 03.01.21
Te Wahipounamu An island nation’s audacious effort to save its unique wildlife www.washingtonpost.com 02.01.21
Champagne Fewer people than usual will pop bottles of bubbly at midnight. Pour one out for France’s Champagne region. www.washingtonpost.com 02.01.21
Messel Pit Oldest-Ever Python Fossil Found in Europe www.smithsonianmag.com 01.01.21
Kahuzi-Biega National Park Rangers at DR Congo wildlife haven protest over pay www.france24.com 30.12.20
Pompei Pompeii excavation reveals fast food diet of ancient Romans www.independent.co.uk 28.12.20
Stone Town of Zanzibar Collapse of House of Wonders in Zanzibar whc.unesco.org 25.12.20
Rome Biggest circular tomb in the ancient world to open in Rome edition.cnn.com 25.12.20
Rome Italy is adding a new floor to the Colosseum www.archpaper.com 25.12.20
Biblical Tells Sweet-toothed Canaanites imported exotic foods to Israel 3,600 years ago www.jpost.com 22.12.20
Machu Picchu Machu Picchu closes again, over local train dispute www.channelnewsasia.com 15.12.20
Mexico City and Xochimilco Aztec skull tower: Archaeologists unearth new sections in Mexico City www.bbc.com 12.12.20
Greater Blue Mountains Australia's Blue Mountains are World Heritage site downgraded, but it's not too late to save it www.stuff.co.nz 12.12.20
W-Arly-Pendjari Complex UNESCO condemns armed attack on Niger's W natural park whc.unesco.org 10.12.20
Fraser Island Almost half of Fraser Island burnt despite 1 million litres of water, retardant www.brisbanetimes.com.au 06.12.20
Tikal National Park Researchers Uncover 2,000-Year-Old Maya Water Filtration System www.smithsonianmag.com 30.11.20
Fraser Island Vistors barred from Fraser Island from Friday evening due to bushfire www.brisbanetimes.com.au 28.11.20
Stone Circles of Senegambia Kerr Batch Stone Circles - UNESCO World Heritage Site Undergoing Rehabilitation allafrica.com 25.11.20
Pompei Newfound corpses at Pompeii were a master and servant who died together www.livescience.com 25.11.20
Yin Xu Central Chinese city builds museum for World Heritage Site ruins news.cgtn.com 24.11.20
Derbent Southern wall of Naryn-Kala fortress damaged by rains www.uniindia.com 18.11.20
St. George, Bermuda St George World Heritage Centre to close for good www.royalgazette.com 18.11.20
Gough and Inaccessible Islands Waters around Gough Island are to become one of the world’s largest marine sanctuaries to protect wildlife. www.theguardian.com 14.11.20
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo Kosovo’s rival communities reach deal on World Heritage site apnews.com 13.11.20
Hyrcanian Forests Gondola lift threatens Hyrcanian forests UNESCO tag www.tehrantimes.com 12.11.20
Ancient villages of Northern Syria Unable to find proper shelter, displaced Syrians settle in Idlib's ancient ruins www.dailysabah.com 12.11.20
Shibam UNESCO listed World Heritage site, Yemen’s Shibam city, risks collapse www.gulftoday.ae 06.11.20
Santiago de Compostela A 12th-Century Mason Created a Hidden Self-Portrait in Famed Spanish Cathedral www.smithsonianmag.com 06.11.20
Lalish Temple (T) U.S. Government Allocated an Extra $500,000 for the Restoration of Lalish Temple iq.usembassy.gov 22.10.20
Pyramids (Memphis) Egypt adds restaurant at ancient pyramid site edition.cnn.com 22.10.20
Museumsinsel (Museum Island) Berlin: vandalism of museum artefacts 'linked to conspiracy theorists' www.theguardian.com 21.10.20
Gelati Monastery Temporary roofing for Gelati UNESCO site to be completed by December agenda.ge 20.10.20
Nasca Lines Large 2,000-year-old cat discovered in Peru's Nazca lines www.bbc.com 19.10.20
Ancient Kyoto Lawsuit over jigsaw puzzle featuring Japanese World Heritage temple settled mainichi.jp 14.10.20
The Great Wall of Gorgan (T) Millennia-old Great Wall of Gorgan on verge of destruction www.tehrantimes.com 12.10.20
Kilimanjaro National Park Firefighters try to contain fire on Mount Kilimanjaro uk.reuters.com 12.10.20
Volcanoes of Kamchatka A suspected toxic spill in Russia's Far East has killed 95% of marine life on the seabed edition.cnn.com 08.10.20
Lut Desert Freshwater crabs in the hottest place on earth techzle.com 27.09.20
Glacier parks Grizzly bear kills hunter in 1st-of-its-kind attack in largest US national park abc11.com 24.09.20
Paysage culturel du Lac Tchad (Chad) (T) Chad halts Lake Chad world heritage status request over oil exploration www.theguardian.com 24.09.20
Pyramids (Memphis) Sarcophagi buried for 2,500 years unearthed in Saqqara www.bbc.com 21.09.20
Pantanal Forest fires devastate Brazil's Pantanal tropical wetlands www.bbc.com 19.09.20
Cocos Island Whale Shark Migrating from Galapagos Island to Cocos Island Documented for First Time seaturtles.org 17.09.20
Pyramids (Memphis) Egypt cuts highways across pyramids plateau, alarming conservationists www.egyptindependent.com 16.09.20