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Mount Sanqingshan

Mount Sanqingshan

The Mount Sanqingshan National Park holds an outstanding scenery of granite peaks and pillars.

The area also has numerous waterfalls, valleys, lakes and springs. The massif is covered with temperate forest, home to rare and endangered plant species.

Its visual impact is enhanced by the ocurrence of meteorological effects like bright halos on clouds and white rainbows.

Sanqingshan (San Qing Mountain) is made up of three main summits: the Yujing Mountain, Yushui Mountain and Yuhua Mountain. The park is located in Jiangxi Province, southwest of Shanghai.

Map of Mount Sanqingshan


  • Natural

Community Reviews

tian China - 02-Jan-14

I went to this WHS in the summer of 2102. I have been to most of WHS in China, and Mt Sanqingshan is one of the most beautiful one. It was easy to go form a famous ancient village Wuyuan in Jiangxi province. The mountain's high light is a huge stone which look like a cobra, and the plank road on the cliff is really worth to go.

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Community Rating 4.38. Based on 4 votes.

Site Info

Full name: Mount Sanqingshan National Park

Unesco ID: 1292

Inscribed: 2008

Type: Natural

Criteria: 7  

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Site History

  • 2008 - Inscribed 


The site has 1 locations.

  • Mount Sanqingshan


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Religion and Belief


  • Cretaceous: The Sanqingshan granites are notable for the compact occurrence of three different types of granite which were formed during the late Cretaceous period. (AB ev)


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  • Jiangxi Hotspot: 2 hours direct bus from Shangrao Railway Station to Waishuangxi Cable Car Station

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