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It started when I found the list on the Internet 5 years ago(2004) and since it has become a minor pleasant obsession.
Being brought up with the culture and heritage of Europe I try to do my continent first.

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Update 08.01.19
  1. Amalienborg and its district (T)
  2. Burial Ensembles of Dilmun and Tylos (T)
  3. Central Balkan National Park (T)
  4. Cultural Landscape of Innsbruck-Nordkette/Karwendel (T)
  5. Diocletian's Palace and the Historical Nucleus of Split (extension) (T)
  6. Eglises romanes d'Andorre (T)
  7. Ensemble historique de Santa Coloma (T)
  8. Great Spas of Europe (Czechia) (T)
  9. Hall in Tyrol - The Mint (T)
  10. L'oeuvre architecturale d'Henry van de Velde (T)
  11. Le champ de bataille de Waterloo, la fin de l’épopée napoléonienne (T)
  12. Le Palais de Justice de Bruxelles (T)
  13. Le Panorama de la Bataille de Waterloo, exemple particulièrement significatif de « Phénomène de Panoramas » (T)
  14. Le plateau des Hautes-Fagnes (T)
  15. Les citadelles mosanes (T)
  16. Les grandes villes d'eaux d'Europe (T)
  17. Les passages de Bruxelles / Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (T)
  18. Leuven/Louvain, batiments universitaires, l'héritage de six siècles au sein du centre historique (T)
  19. Noyau historique d'Antwerpen -Anvers- de l'Escaut aux anciens remparts de vers 1250 (T)
  20. Pobiti Kamani Natural Monument (T)
  21. Rocks of Belogradchik (T)
  22. The Ancient Plovdiv (T)
  23. The ancient town of Nicopolis ad Istrum (T)
  24. The Bachkovo Monastery (T)
  25. The late ancient tomb of Silistra (T)
  26. The Magoura cave with drawings from the bronze age. (T)
  27. The royal necropolis of the Thracian city of Seuthopolis – a serial site, extension of the Kazanlak Thracian tomb (T)
  28. The town of Melnik and the Rozhen Monastery (T)
  29. The West Bohemian Spa Triangle (T)
  30. Thracian Tomb with Wall Paintings beside Alexandrovo village (T)
  31. Troodos, Mt.Olympus (T)
  32. Two neolithic dwellings with their interior and household furnishings and utensils completely preserved. (T)
  33. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Jelling mounds, runic stones, palisade area and church (T)
  34. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / The Trelleborg fortresses, Denmark (T)
  35. Vratsa Karst Nature Reserve (T)
  36. Zadar - Episcopal complex (T)

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