The Bridge of Uzunköprü

Photo by Can Sarica.

The Bridge of Uzunköprü is part of the Tentative list of Turkey in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Bridge of Uzunköprü is a 15th century Ottoman stone bridge of 1392m in length. It was built on marshland at a transition point between the Balkans and Anatolia. Some of its arches are pointed and some are round.

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Zoë Sheng

Chinese-Canadian - 26-Dec-21 -

The Bridge of Uzunköprü (T) by Zoë Sheng

A sturdily built bridge for the ages, great design and an experience to drive over it. You don't actually have to drive across to see the best part though. If you are doing a road trip like I was, coming from the north (WHS Edirne) then I recommend you drive south to Gallipoli for some TWHS and continue that way on the coast. If you aren't doing that and return to Istanbul from Edirne it may not be worth the sidetrip. Even though I liked the bridge I don't think it's enough to get an inscription.

From the edge of town you can park the car at the corner and walk down the little dirt path to the edge of the river. I went to see this in a January and it was very muddy. You can take enough pictures here to get your "tick", but if you do decide to drive across not that there is no turning back until you actually reach the town of Uzunköprü which doesn't really have anything worthwhile to see (sorry, no offense meant to the locals).

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The Bridge of Uzunköprü
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The Bridge of Uzunköprü (T)


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