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The Chinese Section of the Silk Roads

The Chinese Section of the Silk Roads is part of the Tentative list of China in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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  • Tentative

The coordinates shown for all tentative sites were produced as a community effort. They are not official and may change on inscription.

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  • 2016 - Submitted 

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  • Ancient City of Loulan
  • Ancient Path of Mountain Riy ue
  • Asoka Temple
  • Baoguo Temple
  • Bedel Pass
  • Bezeklik Grottoes
  • Camel City Site and Tomb Complex
  • Cemetery of Northern Dynasties and Sui and Tangy Dynasty in Guyuan
  • Dagoba of Kumarajiva
  • Daqin Monastery Pagoda
  • Gongyi Stone Cave Temple
  • Great Buddha Temple in Zhangye
  • Guangxiao Temple
  • Guoyuan-Xincheng Tomb Complex
  • Historic City of Guyuan
  • Islamic Tombs
  • Kaiyuan Temple
  • Kiln Site of Cizao at Mount Jinjiaoyi
  • Kiln Site of Dehua
  • Kiln Site of Nansheng
  • Kumtula Grottoes
  • Liusheng Pagoda
  • Luoyang Bridge
  • Mao Imperial Mausoleum of Han Dynasty and Tomb of Huo Qubing
  • Maritime Market of Tukeng Village at Quan Harbor
  • Mati Temple Grottoes ? Jiata Temple and Qianfo (thousand Buddhas) Cave
  • Mehmud Qeshqeri Tomb
  • Minaret of Huaisheng Mosque
  • Mount Xumi Grottoes
  • Nanhai Temple and Site of Dock
  • Niva Site
  • Primary Temple of Mazu at Meizhou
  • Qian Imperial Mausoleum
  • Qingjing Mosque
  • Reshui Tomb Complex
  • Shangchuan Commerce Island
  • Shuiliandong (Water Curtain Cave) Grottoes ? Lashao Temple
  • Simsem Grottoes
  • Site of Kaicheng
  • Site of Longjiang Shipyard
  • Site of Nanhai I Shipwreck
  • Site of old Fusi City
  • Site of the old Xihai Prefecture
  • Site of Yongfeng Warehouse
  • Site of Yue Harbor
  • Stone Carving of Mani at Cao'an Temple
  • Stone Inscriptions at Mount Jiuri
  • Taizang Tower
  • The Underground Chamber of Famen Temple
  • Tiantong Temple
  • Tin Hau Ancestral Temple at Xianliang Harbor
  • Tin Hau Temple and Site of Deji Gate
  • Tomb of Ancient Islamic Savant
  • Tomb of Hongbao
  • Tomb of the Boni King
  • Tomb of Zhenghe
  • Toyuk Grottoes
  • Wanshou Pagoda
  • White Horse Temple
  • Xi'an Mosque
  • Yulin Grottoes
  • Zhao Imperial Mausoleum
  • Zhenwu Temple