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Hangar Y

Hangar Y is part of the Tentative list of France in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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  • Tentative

The coordinates shown for all tentative sites were produced as a community effort. They are not official and may change on inscription.

Community Reviews

Hubert Austria 27-Jan-16

Hangar Y (T) by Hubert Scharnagl

There is little information available about the Hangar Y, not even on the website of the city of Meudon, no news about a potential nomination or the state of conservation or its accessibility. Obviously, it is not open to the public. But it was just a detour of twenty minutes on our route from Versailles to Fontainebleau, and so we decided to pay a short visit to this tentative site. The hangar is easy to find, it is located at a roundabout in the south of Meudon (Avenue de Trivaux / Cavalière de Latour). The photo shows the view from the street. From there, the building seems to be in a good state of conservation, but we could not get closer, the gate was closed. There is only an information panel explaining the history of the building.

We went down the street to the backside of the hangar. The building is hidden behind a high wall and tall trees, only the upper part is visible. The gate of the adjacent property was open and so we could take a look at the back side. Here, most of the windows are broken and the metal frames are bent, but there seems to be no serious damage. The French Wikipedia entry reports on renovations in 2009, but there are no signs of current works. Unfortunately, we could not go closer to take a look inside because of a fence and dense scrub. It is difficult to finally assess the quality of the architecture without visiting the interior, but from the outside it does not seem outstanding.

The Hangar Y is considered the first airship hangar in the world and one of the few that have been preserved, but I doubt that this would be sufficient for an inscription.

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