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My name is Kurt, and I live in Seattle, Washington. My main passion in travel is hiking and exploring National Parks, Wilderness areas, and dramatic landscapes. My biggest goal in traveling has been to hike in every US wilderness area - and so far I've been to 748 of America's 803 designated wilderness areas.  I've also been to all the national parks (except the one in American Samoa) and almost all the National Monuments and National Park Historical sites.  In my travels to different parks around the world, I noticed a couple years back that I had been to a number of WHS, so I came across this site, and decided to add them up.  Since then I've made a more concerted effort to visit them, though my focus is still parks and the natural landscapes.  Just finished a six month journey to Indian subcontinent.  My focus was hiking in the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Bhutan, but I added a couple extra months and visited all the other non-Himalayan WHS in Bangladesh, Nepal and India.  This allowed me to be the first person in the group to visit all the India WHS (though this won't last long as the are nominating 2 more for addition in the coming years and I only went to one of them).  What I like about visiting WHS is it gets me to places that I wouldn't necessarily visit and the journey to get there takes me to a lot of interesting places along the way. 

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