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Apart from some short trips to neighbouring countries with my parents in my childhood, I had my first "real" trip at the age of 21 to Western Europe (UK, France and Spain), backpacking and interrailing. Six years later I had my first trip outside Europe, to some US national parks. I got seriously hooked on traveling while I lived in New York for 2 years doing my MBA since it was relatively cheap to travel around the US and Central America from there. After my return to Europe, I got into the habit of making 2-3 longer (2-3 week) trips a year to other continents, usually with adventure travel agencies, combining them with long weekends in Europe done independently. When compiling the trip routes of my longer journeys, I try to visit the UNESCO sights as well. In Europe, I specifically design my long weekends around world heritage sights.
I have a website, where I post my travel journals and favorite photos:

Should you have any questions relating to visiting a Hungarian site, you can always contact me for assistance. All sites in my country are easily accessible by public transport and I will be glad to give you advises.

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Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape

Eva Kisgyorgy Hungary - 26-May-10

Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape

I visited the Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall. There is an informative website (how to get there, opening hours, etc.) at http://www.geevor.com/

I took bus no 17 from Penzance. There are a couple of buildings one can visit and a very interesting underground tour to a mine tunnel - highly recommended.

All the mines in the area were family businesses, with just 10-20 employees. The Geevor mine is about 300 years old and was just recently discovered.

If you stay in Penzance, there are lots of other great places to visit in the area: St Ives, Minack theater, Scilly island, etc.

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