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Interested in exploring nations and their cultures in depth, not "country counting". Visiting WHS permits a wide ranging introduction to countries and their histories, both ancient and modern. 

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Padua’s fourteenth-century fresco cycles

GeorgeIng61 Canada - 10-Nov-23

What can be written of one of the most wonderful art WHS in the world? Giotto's magnum opus. The paintings are of the highest quality...luminous, serene, emotive...fantastic! For lovers of 13th/14th century Italian proto-Renaissance art, this chapel is a must see. 

Limited to small groups and short visits (15 minutes). Early morning, midweek visits preferable as they give best chance of securing on line tickets. Arrive prior to your scheduled visit time by about 20 minutes. Orientation video prior to visit.

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  1. Alexandria, ancient remains and the new library (T)
  2. Ancient Greek Theatres (T)
  3. Ancient Residences in Shanxi and Shaanxi Provinces (T)
  4. Balaton Uplands Cultural Landscape (T)
  5. Big Bend National Park (T)
  6. Bradyseism in the Flegrea Area (T)
  7. Brooklyn Bridge (T)
  8. Bulwarked Frontier Fortifications (T)
  9. Casablanca, Ville du XXème siécle, carrefour d'influences (T)
  10. Cathédrale de Saint-Denis (T)
  11. Central Park (T)
  12. Chapultepec Woods, Hill and Castle (T)
  13. Cité de Carcassonne et ses châteaux sentinelles de montagne (T)
  14. Cittadella (Victoria - Gozo) (T)
  15. City of Granada and its natural environment (T)
  16. City Walls of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (T)
  17. Coastal Cliffs (T)
  18. Cultural Landscape of Innsbruck-Nordkette/Karwendel (T)
  19. Diocletian's Palace and the Historical Nucleus of Split (extension) (T)
  20. Domaine de Fontainebleau : château, jardins, parc et forêt (T)
  21. Dreams in Stone - the palaces of King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee (T)
  22. Egyptian Museum in Cairo (T)
  23. Extension of the World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Prague" with the important Monuments in its Vicinity (T)
  24. Frontiers of the Roman Empire – The Danube Limes (Croatia) (T)
  25. Gwaii Haanas (T)
  26. Hall in Tyrol - The Mint (T)
  27. Harran and Sanliurfa (T)
  28. Hikone-Jo (castle) (T)
  29. Hiraizumi - Temples, Gardens and Archaeological Sites Representing the Buddhist Pure Land (extension) (T)
  30. Historic Lighthouses of The Bahamas (T)
  31. Historic zone of Basseterre (T)
  32. Historical Lisbon, Global City (T)
  33. Jaén Cathedral (extension of the Renaissance Monumental Ensembles of Úbeda and Baeza) (T)
  34. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
  35. L'amphitheatre de Durres (T)
  36. L'oeuvre architecturale d'Henry van de Velde (T)
  37. La Rioja and Rioja Alavesa Vine and Wine Cultural Landscape (T)
  38. Late Antique and Medieval Churches and Monasteries of Midyat and Surrounding Area (Tur ʿAbdin) (T)
  39. Le Chateau-fort médieval d'Esztergom (T)
  40. Le noyau historique de la ville d'Alba Julia (T)
  41. Le noyau historique ou la 'Cuve' de Gand, et les deux abbayes qui sont à son origine (T)
  42. Le Palais de Justice de Bruxelles (T)
  43. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (France) (T)
  44. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (Italy) (T)
  45. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (Monaco) (T)
  46. Les passages de Bruxelles / Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (T)
  47. Les témoignages matériels de la construction de l’État des Pyrénées : la Co-principauté d’Andorre (A) (T)
  48. Les témoignages matériels de la construction de l’État des Pyrénées : la Co-principauté d’Andorre (F) (T)
  49. Les témoignages matériels de la construction de l’État des Pyrénées : la Co-principauté d’Andorre (S) (T)
  50. Les villes antiques de la Narbonnaise et leur territoire: Nimes, Arles, Glanum, aqueducs, via Domitia (T)
  51. Les villes bastionnées des Pays-Bas du nord-ouest de l'Europe (T)
  52. Mardin Cultural Landscape (T)
  53. Massif du Mont Blanc (T)
  54. Massif du Mont-Blanc (T)
  55. Mdina (Citta Vecchia) (T)
  56. Médina de Sfax (T)
  57. Metz Royale et Impériale, enjeux de pouvoir, confrontations stylistiques et identité urbaine (T)
  58. Mining Towns of Central and Southern Honduras: Santa Lucía, Cedros, Ojojona-Guazucarán, San Antonio de Oriente, Tegucigalpa, Yuscarán, El Corpus (T)
  59. Mount Vernon (T)
  60. Mývatn and Laxá (T)
  61. Natural and Cultural Landscape of Danube Region (T)
  62. Necropolises of Middle Egypt, from the Middle Empire to the Roman period (T)
  63. Noyau historique d'Antwerpen -Anvers- de l'Escaut aux anciens remparts de vers 1250 (T)
  64. Old Town of Bar (T)
  65. Petrified Forest National Park (T)
  66. Pharaonic temples in Upper Egypt from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods (T)
  67. Plasencia - Monfragüe - Trujillo : Paysage méditerranéen (T)
  68. Protected area of Lake Atitlán: multiple use (T)
  69. Rouen : ensemble urbain à pans de bois, cathédrale, église Saint-Ouen, église Saint Maclou (T)
  70. Routes of Santiago de Compostela in Portugal (T)
  71. Royal Seats in Esztergom, Visegrád (T)
  72. Salento and the Barocco Leccese (T)
  73. Sarajevo - unique symbol of universal multiculture - continual open city (T)
  74. Seljuk Caravanserais on the route from Denizli to Dogubeyazit (T)
  75. Smederevo Fortress (T)
  76. St. George Fortified System (T)
  77. St. George Historic District (T)
  78. Temples, Shrines and other structures of Ancient Kamakura (T)
  79. The Ancient Plovdiv (T)
  80. The Central Axis of Beijing (including Beihai) (T)
  81. The Chinese Section of the Silk Roads (T)
  82. The concept of the lenticular historical town core of Kosice City (T)
  83. The Core of the Mayan Area (T)
  84. The Historic Centre of Sibiu and its Ensemble of Squares (T)
  85. The Industrial Heritage of Barbados: The Story of Sugar and Rum (T)
  86. The Karlstejn Castle (T)
  87. The Mediterranean Facet of the Pyrenees (France-Spain) (T)
  88. The natural and architectural ensemble of Jajce (T)
  89. The old villages of Hollókõ and Rimetea and their surroundings (T)
  90. The Olive Grove Landscapes of Andalusia (T)
  91. The Ribeira Sacra, Lugo and Orense (T)
  92. The Rise of Systematic Biology (T)
  93. The Royal Sites of Ireland: Cashel, Dún Ailinne, Hill of Uisneach, Rathcroghan Complex, and Tara Complex (T)
  94. The Scotland District of Barbados (T)
  95. The Turf House Tradition (T)
  96. The Wine in Iberia (T)
  97. Thingvellir National Park (T)
  98. Thomas Jefferson Buildings (T)
  99. Town of Chichicastenango (T)
  100. Transatlantic Cable Ensemble (C) (T)
  101. Turó de la Seu Vella de Lleida (T)
  102. Tushpa/Van Fortress, the Mound and the Old City of Van (T)
  103. Victoria Lines Fortifications (T)
  104. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Thingvellir National Park (T)
  105. Volcan Masaya National Park (T)
  106. White Sands National Monument (T)
  107. Zadar - Episcopal complex (T)

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