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I am a serial WHS hunter, and targeting another 250 WHS to reach 500 traveled.  At each site, I will do my best to 1) Study the history and significance of the site before I go, 2) Join a guide tour and/or visit the museum, 3) take photos, including if possible, the shot on the UNESCO website, and the UNESCO designation plaque or sign.


I try to balance between WHS-rich areas such as Western Europe where i can cover 10-15 on a trip, and the remote, eg, Easter Island where travel cost and time are quite significant for a single site.

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Fujian Tulou

Ludvan USA - 26-Aug-18

I visited Fujian Tulou in 2005, when there was only limited road access for tourists.  It is important to note that these villages are defensive in nature for the Hakka people.  The Hakka people migrated from north central China to flee wars in Henan Province in four major waves from the 7th to the 9th Century, and are resettled chiefly in four southern provinces, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan and Sichuan.  Hakka in their language means Guest People.  As outsiders, they were subject to persecution and attacks, hence the circular shaped building where all activities are enclosed in the middle.  Homes are attached, with the defensive wall facing the outside.  The ground floor is for livestock, second floor for living and third floor sometimes used for storage

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West Lake

Ludvan USA - 26-Aug-18

I have been to West Lake several times, both before and after major clean-up and reconstruction. As one of the famous sites in China's history, it is incredibly crowded year round.  Prior to the clean-up in around 2000, it was a dirty, filled with filth, as it was a culture relic of the "Old Civilization" which the Cultural Revolution was trying to get rid of, or at least, neglect.  Since that time, they have build many hotels and entertainment facilities to choke it with tourists and chintz, including color-lit water displays.  Wonder how such crass commercialism deserves a UNESCO WHS designation. 

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Ludvan USA - 26-Aug-18


This beautiful site is a must if you visit Jiuzhaigou, a more famous site nearby in the Himalaya foothills in Sichuan Province, China.  It is quite a climb, from about 3,000 meters at the entrance to 4,000 meters at the top, the length is about 3-4km, so it is quite steep.  You would go up along the river "Yellow Dragon" or Huang Long, to view the waterfalls and mineral deposit pools (all in yellow).  All paths are set in stone steps, as the management has taken all the natural hazards out, and porters can be hired to carry you up in a sedan chair.  Although this is frowned upon.  Oxygen canisters are available at the entrance, I didn't need it, but used it anyway when I reached the top.  

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  24. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
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  36. ShuDao (T)
  37. ShUM cities of Speyer, Worms and Mainz (T)
  38. Slender West Lake and Historic Urban Area in Yangzhou (T)
  39. Southwest Coast (T)
  40. Taormina and Isola Bella (T)
  41. The African Great Rift Valley - The Maasai Mara (T)
  42. The Ancient Waterfront Towns in the South of Yangtze River (T)
  43. The Central Axis of Beijing (including Beihai) (T)
  44. The Coast of the Bohai Gulf and the Yellow Sea of China (T)
  45. The Galilee Journeys of Jesus & the Apostles (T)
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  49. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Vestfold Ship Burials and Hyllestad Quernstone Quarries (T)
  50. Yangtze Gorges Scenic Spot (T)

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