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I am a serial WHS hunter, and targeting another 250 WHS to reach 500 traveled.  At each site, I will do my best to 1) Study the history and significance of the site before I go, 2) Join a guide tour and/or visit the museum, 3) take photos, including if possible, the shot on the UNESCO website, and the UNESCO designation plaque or sign.


I try to balance between WHS-rich areas such as Western Europe where i can cover 10-15 on a trip, and the remote, eg, Easter Island where travel cost and time are quite significant for a single site.

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Fujian Tulou 01-Sep-18

I visited Fujian Tulou in 2005, when there was only limited road access for tourists.  It is important to note that these villages are defensive in nature for the Hakka people.  The Hakka people migrated from north central China to flee wars in Henan Province in four major waves from the 7th to the 9th Century, and are resettled chiefly in four southern provinces, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan and Sichuan.  Hakka in their language means Guest People.  As outsiders, they were subject to persecution and attacks, hence the circular shaped building where all activities are enclosed in the middle.  Homes are attached, with the defensive wall facing the outside.  The ground floor is for livestock, second floor for living and third floor sometimes used for storage.  There is a Hakka Museum in one of the buildings, giving a history of the Hakka people, including many prominent people in history, including political leaders of various stripes.  Included are the rebel leader Hong Xioquan (God's Chinese Son), who lead the civil war from c. 1840-60 that killed 30-40 million people, Mao, Deng, Singapore founder Lee, etc.

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West Lake 31-Aug-18

I have been to West Lake several times, both before and after major clean-up and reconstruction. As one of the famous sites in China's history, it is incredibly crowded year round.  Prior to the clean-up in around 2000, it was a dirty, filled with filth, as it was a culture relic of the "Old Civilization" which the Cultural Revolution was trying to get rid of, or at least, neglect.  Since that time, they have build many hotels and entertainment facilities to choke it with tourists and chintz, including color-lit water displays.  Wonder how such crass commercialism deserves a UNESCO WHS designation. 

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Huanglong 30-Aug-18

Huanglong by Ludvan

This beautiful site is a must if you visit Jiuzhaigou, a more famous site nearby in the Himalaya foothills in Sichuan Province, China.  It is quite a climb, from about 3,000 meters at the entrance to 4,000 meters at the top, the length is about 3-4km, so it is quite steep.  You would go up along the river "Yellow Dragon" or Huang Long, to view the waterfalls and mineral deposit pools (all in yellow).  All paths are set in stone steps, as the management has taken all the natural hazards out, and porters can be hired to carry you up in a sedan chair.  Although this is frowned upon.  Oxygen canisters are available at the entrance, I didn't need it, but used it anyway when I reached the top.  

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Name: Ludvan

Country: USA

Visited WHS: 252

Most Impressive: Gobekil Tepe

Proposal New WHS:

Update 2018-08-21 16:04:39

  1. Rapa Nui : 5.0
  2. Huanglong : 4.0
  3. Fujian Tulou : 3.0
  4. Macao : 3.0
  5. Temple of Heaven : 2.5
  6. Peking Man Site : 1.5
  7. West Lake : 0.5
  8. Aachen Cathedral
  9. Abbey and Altenmünster of Lorsch
  10. Acropolis
  11. Agra Fort
  12. Agrigento
  13. Ajanta Caves
  14. Amphitheater of El Jem
  15. Amsterdam Canal Ring
  16. Ancient Kyoto
  17. Ancient Merv
  18. Ancient Nara
  19. Ancient Thebes
  20. Angkor
  21. Arab-Norman Palermo
  22. Archaeological Site of Delphi
  23. Arequipa
  24. Arles
  25. Avignon
  26. Ayutthaya
  27. Bahá’i Holy Places
  28. Bali Subak system
  29. Bamberg
  30. Battir
  31. Bauhaus Sites
  32. Belem
  33. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
  34. Berlin Modernism Housing Estates
  35. Bethlehem
  36. Blenheim Palace
  37. Bordeaux
  38. Botanical Garden, Padua
  39. Bryggen
  40. Budapest
  41. Bukhara
  42. Canal du Midi
  43. Canterbury
  44. Cape Floral Region
  45. Caral-Supe
  46. Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust
  47. Caves and Ice Age Art
  48. Cesky Krumlov
  49. Changdeokgung Palace Complex
  50. Chartres Cathedral
  51. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  52. Chichen-Itza
  53. China Danxia
  54. Church of the Ascension, Kolomenskoye
  55. Citadel of the Ho Dynasty
  56. City of Bath
  57. City of Luxembourg
  58. Classical Gardens of Suzhou
  59. Classical Weimar
  60. Cologne Cathedral
  61. Corvey
  62. Cuzco
  63. Dazu Rock Carvings
  64. Defence Line of Amsterdam
  65. Dengfeng
  66. Drottningholm
  67. Dubrovnik
  68. Elephanta Caves
  69. Ellora Caves
  70. Ephesus
  71. Epidaurus
  72. Everglades
  73. Fagus Factory
  74. Falun Great Copper Mountain
  75. Ferrara
  76. Florence
  77. Fortified City of Carcassonne
  78. Fossil Hominid Sites
  79. Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  80. Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz
  81. Golden Temple of Dambulla
  82. Granada
  83. Grand Canal
  84. Grand Canyon
  85. Grand Place, Brussels
  86. Grand Pré
  87. Great Smoky Mountains
  88. Great Wall
  89. Greater Blue Mountains
  90. Göbekli Tepe
  91. Göreme NP
  92. Ha Long Bay
  93. Hierapolis-Pamukkale
  94. Hildesheim Cathedral and Church
  95. Historic Cairo
  96. Historic Jeddah
  97. Iguacu
  98. Iguazu National Park
  99. Imperial Palace
  100. Imperial Tombs
  101. Independence Hall
  102. Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal
  103. Istanbul
  104. Itchan Kala
  105. Jantar Mantar
  106. Jiuzhaigou Valley
  107. Kaiping Diaolou
  108. Kairouan
  109. Kandy
  110. Kenya Lake System
  111. Kerkuane
  112. Kew Gardens
  113. Kilimanjaro National Park
  114. Kinabalu Park
  115. Kinderdijk
  116. Kotor
  117. Kremlin and Red Square
  118. Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou
  119. Kulangsu
  120. Kunya-Urgench
  121. Levuka
  122. Lima
  123. Loire Valley
  124. Longmen Grottoes
  125. Los Glaciares
  126. Luther Memorials
  127. Machu Picchu
  128. Mammoth Cave
  129. Margravial Opera House
  130. Maritime Greenwich
  131. Masada
  132. Maulbronn Monastery
  133. Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
  134. Medici Villas and Gardens
  135. Medina of Essaouira
  136. Medina of Fez
  137. Medina of Marrakesh
  138. Medina of Sousse
  139. Medina of Tunis
  140. Megalithic Temples of Malta
  141. Melaka and George Town
  142. Mesa Verde
  143. Messel Pit
  144. Meteora
  145. Mexico City and Xochimilco
  146. Modena
  147. Mont-Saint-Michel
  148. Monticello
  149. Mostar
  150. Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha
  151. Mount Etna
  152. Mount Kenya
  153. Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan
  154. Mount Wuyi
  155. Mountain Resort, Chengde
  156. Museumsinsel (Museum Island)
  157. Muskauer Park
  158. Mycenae and Tiryns
  159. Mystras
  160. Nasca Lines
  161. Nemrut Dag
  162. Ngorongoro
  163. Nisa
  164. Novgorod
  165. Novodevichy Convent
  166. Nubian Monuments
  167. Old City of Jerusalem
  168. Old Town Lunenburg
  169. Old Town of Lijiang
  170. Painted Churches in the Troödos Region
  171. Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau
  172. Paphos
  173. Paris, Banks of the Seine
  174. Piazza del Duomo (Pisa)
  175. Pilgrimage Church of Wies
  176. Ping Yao
  177. Plitvice Lakes
  178. Pont du Gard
  179. Potala Palace
  180. Potsdam
  181. Prague
  182. Pyramids (Memphis)
  183. Qhapaq Ñan
  184. Quedlinburg
  185. Québec
  186. Rabat
  187. Rammelsberg and Goslar
  188. Red Fort
  189. Regensburg
  190. Reichenau
  191. Robben Island
  192. Rome
  193. Saint-Emilion
  194. Samarkand
  195. San Antonio Missions
  196. San Gimignano
  197. Santa Maria delle Grazie
  198. Schokland
  199. Schönbrunn
  200. Serengeti
  201. Seville
  202. Shakhrisyabz
  203. Siena
  204. Sigiriya
  205. Silk Roads
  206. Singapore Botanic Gardens
  207. Sintra
  208. Site of Carthage
  209. South China Karst
  210. Speyer Cathedral
  211. Split
  212. St. Petersburg
  213. Stari Ras and Sopocani
  214. Statue of Liberty
  215. Stone Town of Zanzibar
  216. Stonehenge
  217. Sukhothai
  218. Summer Palace
  219. Sydney Opera House
  220. Syracuse
  221. Taj Mahal
  222. Teotihuacan
  223. The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier
  224. Toledo
  225. Tower of London
  226. Town Hall and Roland, Bremen
  227. Trier
  228. Trinity Sergius Lavra
  229. Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  230. Val di Noto
  231. Valletta
  232. Van Nellefabriek
  233. Venetian Works of Defence
  234. Venice and its Lagoon
  235. Verona
  236. Versailles
  237. Vicenza
  238. Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai
  239. Vienna
  240. Volubilis
  241. Völklingen Ironworks
  242. Wartburg Castle
  243. West Norwegian Fjords
  244. Western Tien-Shan
  245. Westminster
  246. White City of Tel-Aviv
  247. White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal
  248. Works of Antoni Gaudí
  249. Wulingyuan
  250. Würzburg Residence
  251. Yellowstone
  252. Yosemite National Park
  1. Alexandria, ancient remains and the new library (T)
  2. Baptism Site “Eshria’a” (Al-Maghtas) (T)
  3. Brooklyn Bridge (T)
  4. Buenos Aires – La Plata: Two capitals of the Culture of Modernity, Eclecticism and Immigration (T)
  5. Casablanca, Ville du XXème siécle, carrefour d'influences (T)
  6. Central Park (T)
  7. Centro Storico di Lucca (T)
  8. Centro storico di Parma (T)
  9. Cittadella (Victoria - Gozo) (T)
  10. City Walls of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (T)
  11. Dali Chanshan Mountain and Erhai Lake Scenic Spot (T)
  12. Delhi - A Heritage City (T)
  13. Diocletian's Palace and the Historical Nucleus of Split (extension) (T)
  14. Dreams in Stone - the palaces of King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee (T)
  15. Early Chicago Skyscrapers (T)
  16. Early Farmsteads of the Cape Winelands (T)
  17. Fenghuang Ancient City (T)
  18. Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings (T)
  19. Frontières de l'Empire romain : Limes du Sud tunisien (T)
  20. Historic Monuments and Sites of Ancient Quanzhou (Zayton) (T)
  21. Historical Lisbon, Global City (T)
  22. Hydraulic Engineering and Hydropower, Drinking Water and Decorative Fountains in Augsburg (T)
  23. Jerusalem (T)
  24. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
  25. Lake Nakuru National Park (T)
  26. Lake Titicaca (T)
  27. Le complexe hydraulique romain de Zaghouan-Carthage (T)
  28. Manama, City of Trade, Multiculturalism and Religious Coexistence (T)
  29. Mediterranean Wind Mills (T)
  30. Nice, la ville neuve née du tourisme, ou l’invention de la Riviera (T)
  31. Padova Urbs Picta. Giotto, the Scrovegni Chapel and the 14th century painting cycles (T)
  32. Petrified Forest National Park (T)
  33. Qinghai Lake (T)
  34. Sarajevo - unique symbol of universal multiculture - continual open city (T)
  35. Sea of Galilee & its Ancient Sites (T)
  36. ShuDao (T)
  37. ShUM cities of Speyer, Worms and Mainz (T)
  38. Slender West Lake and Historic Urban Area in Yangzhou (T)
  39. Southwest Coast (T)
  40. Taormina and Isola Bella (T)
  41. The African Great Rift Valley - The Maasai Mara (T)
  42. The Ancient Waterfront Towns in the South of Yangtze River (T)
  43. The Central Axis of Beijing (including Beihai) (T)
  44. The Coast of the Bohai Gulf and the Yellow Sea of China (T)
  45. The Galilee Journeys of Jesus & the Apostles (T)
  46. The Lijiang River Scenic Zone at Guilin (T)
  47. The Old Town of Jakarta (Formerly old Batavia) and 4 Outlying Islands (Onrust, Kelor, Cipir dan Bidadari) (T)
  48. The Porticoes of Bologna (T)
  49. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Vestfold Ship Burials and Hyllestad Quernstone Quarries (T)
  50. Yangtze Gorges Scenic Spot (T)