Yangtze Gorges Scenic Spot

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Yangtze Gorges Scenic Spot is part of the Tentative list of China in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Three Gorges has become world-famous for its large and precipitous valleys and rich historical and cultural intentions. The area is located in subtropical moist monsoon climate zone, belongs to the transition zone of subtropical zone and temperate zone, has the features of rich quantity of heat, full of sunshine, abundant rainfall, and synchronization of water and heat. The vegetation and plants have marked transition characteristics; their types and species are very complicated and show large diversity. The Three Gorges is the cradle of ancient Chinese culture and also one of the earliest tourist places in China. Many ancient officials, scholars, poets and painters came to visit the Three Gorges.

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Zoë Sheng

Chinese-Canadian - 05-Feb-21 -

Yangtze Gorges Scenic Spot (T) by Zoë Sheng

I'm shocked to see nobody has written something about the Three Gorges before now. After trying to read the official description I'm confused about what they deem special about the place - and that taking a cruise onboard the Changjiang (Long river) one would hardly be exposed to any of these. Anyhow, here is my travel report.

The cruise started from Chongqing and stops at the dam. From there you can take a plane out. Before the connections were very bad but I think it has been improved since then. The cruise takes 2 nights and 3 days. On the way you have optional excursions and one only pays for entrance tickets the temples etc, not for taking part in anything - of course each cruise is different but my point is that you get to see some cultural parts on the trip but apart from "beautiful scenery" there isn't much of animals or plants you can identify on the journey. My cruise ship also usually offers an extra boat trip to a smaller gorge but the weather conditions were not favorable enough. Sad. What I'm saying is that when you find a cruise operator you should check into side activities and see if they have something interesting.

The Three Gorges scenic spot is easily the best part of the trip. Even with the "controversial" damn having raised the water levels it still looks spectacular. The lookout point can get crowded. As you can see from my picture it is currently featured on the 10 yuan note so don't forget to take one if you like one of these pics. Also that's me in the picture so that's special, yeah!? Please click the *like* button...oh, wait, forget it! <Subscribe>

While I thoroughly enjoyed the Three Gorges I think the description needs to be adjusted for a better inscription, and focus on the natural beauty aspect (which I usually hate to see but can't deny it here). The dam project might also hinder it's acceptance into the world heritage list.

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Yangtze Gorges Scenic Spot
Cultural Landscape - Associative Natural landscape - Eroded
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