Fenghuang Ancient City

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Fenghuang Ancient City is part of the Tentative list of China in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Fenghuang City is located in the southwest of Hunan Province. There remain 20 ancient streets, dozens of ancient lanes and passages and over 200 ancient civil residences.The town site selection, layout planning and construction of Ancient Fenghuang Town has made use of the mountain landscape and the water flows to create harmonious relationship between human residence and nature.

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Zoë Sheng

Chinese-Canadian - 04-Feb-21 -

Fenghuang Ancient City (T) by Zoë Sheng

Fenghuang, or Phoenix Ancient City, is a great visit but in the end still a very average town. It boasts a light show that more or less covers up the averages. Sure, it has unique features. The culture of washing clothes at the side of the road is still intact (joking), the bridge is special, the house style is not common, and the location within the mountains and along the river of the town is well established in ancient times, but then again isn't that very normal to pick out all over the world?! I find all of this is more important on a national level rather than having any kind of a worldly impact.

Fenghuang has an airport and is also well connected by buses. I arrived in Tongren and switched to a bus to the town. It's highly recommended you spend at least one evening here (I flew out in the evening so that still counts) with hotels along the riverside all offering views towards the lit up river, and with such a huge amount of supply it comes very affordable. Spend the daylight walking around the old cobble streets and maybe visit a couple of the old residences. Highly recommended for a non-world heritage visit.

Jun Zhou

China - 15-Feb-16 -

We have visited Feng Huang, a little West-Hu Nan (province)town which is relatively close to another world natural heritage site, Wulingyuan.

Feng Huang town boasts of its unique culture and natural beauty which is very fit to each other.

It is a great experience even there are a lot of tourists. Even for a Chinese, it is quite unique place which could still find some traditional village life style.

Bruriadi Kusuma

Indonesia - 29-May-13 -

We had been in Fenghuang on November 10, 2011, we love Fenghuang as an ancient Town, we walk along the street and lanes up to Tuojiang River side and the City Wall, all parts in Fenghuang are well preserved. We support Fenghuang to be a World Heritage and listed in the Unesco World Heritage List

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Fenghuang Ancient City
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