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Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt

Claire Bradshaw - 22-Mar-20

This place is right up UNESCO's street, so if the inscription process takes place this year, I should imagine this will almost certainly be successfully inscribed.

It was also a lot more up my street than I expected.  Although this is a relatively small area, we enjoyed strolling amongst the exhibition halls, gardens etc, even though it only lasted around 20 minutes!!  Sadly the main exhibition hall attached to the wedding tower is currently undergoing major restoration work, so is covered in scaffolding.  I liked the Swan Temple particularly.

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Fortifications of Vauban

Claire Bradshaw - 22-Mar-20

We have visited a few of these fortifications, but recently saw two more, meaning that I felt I could 'tick off' this site now.

Previously we had visited the fortifications at Villefranche-de-Conflent on a holiday to South-West France.  Although we stayed in the village and endured a ride on the Petit Tren Jaune, I cannot in all honesty remember much out the Vauban elements.  I can recall walking on the ramparts and thinking how pretty the village and its setting were, and have photos to prove it, however I certainly did not pay sufficient attention to listed elements.

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Claire Bradshaw - 29-Feb-20

We visited Strasbourg today and whilst I enjoyed what we saw very much, I left feeling a little disappointed.

As we travel by motorhome, we parked over the Rhine and the border in Germany and entered the city via tram.  The Trio ticket was good value for up to 3 people for 24 hours, for EUR 6.90.

We first explored the Grande Ile, which is undeniably pretty, especially around the Petite-France area.  I liked the Vauban Barrage a lot and enjoyed the views of the Ponts Couverts from the terrace on top

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Les citadelles mosanes (T)

Claire Bradshaw - 27-Feb-20

We visited the Citadelles at Namur and Dinant over the last couple of days.  Whilst both do warrant a visit, they offer quite different experiences.

The citadelle in Namur is undoubtedly impressive and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring it over a couple of hours.  We were unsure beforehand how much of the citadelle we would be able to see without paying the entrance fee, so we started our walk from the street level in town, walking up the steps past the fabulous artwork called 'Searching for Utopia' (the turtle).  As it happens, we just kept going up and up, admiring the views from the edges down over the town, rivers and the river confluence.  Eventually we reached the visitor centre, but we still had access to the citadelle without paying anything, so kept going until we exited at the top

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Van Nellefabriek

Claire Bradshaw - 21-Feb-20

I visited this WHS as part of a trip to Rotterdam today.  Like others, I had explored the option of taking a guided tour of the building, but unfortunately this didn't work out.  At this time of year (February), and maybe at other times too, the guided tours only take place at the weekend, by which point I would have already left the city.

However for those interested, there is an alternative to booking an expensive tour with Urban Guides.  Obviously, having not experienced either option myself, I cannot vouch for how good it is, but the Chabot Museum offers tours too

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