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Although travelling since 35 years I'm limited to 6 weeks vacation per year and public holidays. Having harvested most of the low hanging fruit the pace of WH visits may slow down now. In addition there are plenty of nice places to see which are not on the list.

Aug 26 - Sep 11, 2010: visited Northhumbria (Hadrian's wall), Scotland (New Lanark, Orkney) and Northern Ireland (Giant's Causeway).
Aug 3, 2010: Inherited Albi and Amsterdam from the new WH inscriptions.
July-Aug, 2010: We explored the middle of England starting and ending in Liverpool. Included the Edwardian Castles, Pontcysyllan, Derwent Mills, Saltair, Stuley Royal and Durham.
June 18-22, 2010: A roundtrip to Cracow brought us to the Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and to the impressive salt mine in Wieliczka.
June 3-7, 2010: We made a 5 day roundtrip throgh Southern Albania and visited Butrint, Berat and Gjirokaster. Besides being a very valuable cultural experience we learned that Albania is a pleasant, lively and friendly country with a much more modern and up-to-date appearance than expected. I can only encourage people to go there for a visit.
April 1, 2010: Visited La Chaux de Fonds and Le Locle, founding locations of the Swiss watch industry.
October09: Had a nice round trip through Central Anatolia and could visit Göreme, Nemrut, Divrigi,
Hatusha and Safranbolu.
October09: A pleasant week i Cyprus allowed us to visit all 3 heritage sites.
August09: Had a ride on the Rhaetian Railway from Thusis to Terano and back.
August09: Spent 4 nice days in Tallinn

July09: On a round-trip through Romania we visited 6 of the 7 WH sites there, the Danube delta has to wait for another opportunity

June09: By the decisions taken by the 33rd session of the WH-comittee I lost a site and I gained 3 others visited previously.

June09: We visited the old Town of Torun and the Castle of the Teutonic Order of Malbork.

May 09: Classical Weimar and the Wartburg were our target locations of our long weekend trip.

April/May 09: Visited a number of the Wooden Churches in Slovakia, Zamolcz in Poland and L'viv in the Ukraine.

April 09: A sidestep from a business trip to Shanghai allowed the visit of the old gardens of Suzhou.

April 09: A spring tour including the 'Semana Santa' brought us to several heritage sites in central Spain, to El Escoreal, Segovia, Avila, Salamance, Toledo, Ubeda, Baeza, Aranjuez and Alcalŕ de Henares. Storks, medieval cities and Easter processions dominated the trip.

Feb 09: Visited the iSimangaliso wetland park including some spectacular animal sightings

Feb 09: Visited the South African heritage site of Fossil Hominid Sites of Sterkfontein, Swartkrans, Kromdraai, and Environs.

Oct 2008: Visited the Modernism Housing Estates in Berlin.

Sep 2008: We toured through western parts of France and visited Bordeaux, St. Emilion, St. Savin and Bourges.

Aug 2008: A round trip through northern Italy brought e to Sabbioneta (visited Mantua already some years back) and also to Genoa.

July 2008: Lyon, Arc-et-Senans in France and Lavaux in Switzerland. I also 'inherited' San Marino when it was insribed in 2008.

July 2008: A turn through mid Portugal and through the Estremadura region in western Spain brought us to the monasteries of Alcobaca, Batalha, Guadalupe, to the historic towns of Carceres, Merida and Evora, to the convent of Tomar and to Sintra.

March 2008: We visited the baroque towns of the Val di Noto, both a cultural and also a culinary highlight. Unfortunately there was quite stormy wheather during our visit so we couldn't get to the Aeolian Islands as all ferry connections have been suspended due to high waves.

Feb 2008: We just returned from a 4 weeks trip to Chile with Easter Island as the top hilite. I could also celebrate my 300th world heritage on the terrace of a pittoresque hotel in Valparaiso

April / May 2008:
Our planned trip to the Aeolean Islands was literally blown away due to strong winds and generally bad weather. The weather was however sufficient for a nice visit to the late baroque towns in Sicily. During a 4 day trip to Belgium I could also visit the mines of Spiennes and the Plantin-Moretus House.

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Tomb of Askia

Werner Huber Austria - 16-Feb-11

We visited Gao as part of our Mali-trip in Jan 2011. For security reasons triggered by the issues between governments in the Sahel area and Sahara terrorist groups we were advised not to stay overnight in Gao, so we came early in the morning from Hombori and returned the same afternoon.

On this very day we were obviously the only travellers in Gao. We had to ask for the warden of the Askia-tomb and got it opened for us. The tomb itself (dated from 1495) is of a pyramid shape, has a very similar structure than the mosque of Djenné and is surrounded by a mosque building. The guide showed us around, we could climb the tomb and also visit the mosque for a little tip, something rather unusual for non-muslims in Mali.

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Sewell Mining Town

Werner Huber Austria - 01-May-05

We visited Sewell in February 2008 encountering some difficulties. There is a homepage (www.sewell.cl) for sewell by CODELCO, the state owned company, which runs several mines, amongs them El Teniente, to which the mining town of Sewell belongs.

This page is of limited use as rather than telling you how to get there, what it costs, etc, it refers to a company called VLT which has the monopoply of taking people there. This is done either by bus on Fro, Sat and Sun for approx 45 USD pP or on all other days as private tour for 144 USD pP.

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Potala Palace

Werner Huber Austria - 01-May-05

It was a long awaited wish of mine to see the Potala palace in person and after several years of trying it came true in May 2007. It really is a breathtaking view and despite all the attempts of the Chinese government to profane it the Potala spreads out an overwhelming aura of spirituality. The neverending stream of pilgrims circulating round it underlines this spirituality.

Late in the evening when the sky is dark and the Potala is lit by spotlights, they have a set of color-lit fountains on the huge square opposite the Potala to which they play classic evergreens such as the "Blue Danube Waltz" or the "Hungarian Rhapsody" loud but in poor quality

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Coa Valley and Siega Verde

Werner Huber Austria - 01-May-05

Coa Valley and Siega Verde

We visited the WHS of the rock drawings as part of our trip through northern Portugal. The drive up the Douro Valley is beatiful anyway but I wouldn't have gone that far if there was no WHS.

We had prearranged a tour with the park rangers and the Coa Valley turned out to be a beautiful and tranquil place. There were no tourists there whatsoever, good on one hand but whether the park will ever be able to economically justify itself, is doubtful.

I have to admit that a good bottle of vinho verde attracts me slightly more than most of the rockdrawings we finally saw

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Werner Huber Austria - 01-May-05


We reached Anjar from Damascus coming from a round trip thru Syria in early April 2006. Anjar was our first WH site in Lebanon just a few miles from the Syrian border. It was particularely breathtaking seeing the snowtapped Lebanon heights forming the pitoresque background to the remains of the palace of Calif Walid.

Only 3 month later all TV news were showing the bombs on the very road we had just used. Similar barbarian acts jeopardized or even damaged the other lebanise WH sites. What a shame!

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