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I love travelling, I've already been to 60 countries, and my goal is visiting as many WHS as possible.

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Vézère Valley 19-Sep-17

Vézère Valley by Monica Tasciotti

When I heard that France would have opened the new Lascaux International Center known as Lascaux IV, I immediately wanted to visit this new museum which seemed to be a great place to see. The tickets are easy to secure by online booking from the Lascaux’s website (which could be improved a lot) even if not all guided tours are on display, but since my visit happened last week (September), there were plenty of free slot of tour to choose. They cost 16€, a remarkable price I should say. The village of Montignac is easy to reach only by car though.

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Lyon 08-Apr-10

Lyon by Monica Tasciotti

I’ve been to Lyon a couple of times but only on my last visit I had the time to go to the Fourvière hill. The view of the city from the back of the Basilica is magnificent (and the Basilica itself worth a visit even if it is only from the end of XIX century) but what I liked most was the Musèe de la Civilitation Gallo-Romaine in the complex of the Parc Archéologique de Lyon Fourvière where you can also visit for free the beautiful and well preserved Roman Theatres (Grand Théatre and Odéon). I had no idea that this museum had so many, big and wonderful mosaics! They reminded me of those in the Tunis museum, also there I was struck by these outstanding works dating from the Roman empire. You can reach the museum with a funicular railway to be taken near St. Jean Cathedral down in the Vieux Lyon (here, don’t miss to look inside the buildings), then a short walk just on the right, facing the Fourvière Basilica. I’ve also taken a look to the interesting Musée de Beaux Arts that houses one of France's richest collection of art masterpieces and been to the splendid Hotel de Ville where I had the chance to be invited to a gala dinner! Once I’ve also been to the famous Paul Bocuse’s “Abbaye of Collonges” at Collonges, 5km north outside the city of Lyon where there’s a incredible huge “carillon”. It’s a mechanical pipe organ dating 1900, whose sound is the equivalent of an orchestra of 110 musicians! You can eat there only for receptions, but you can experience his cuisine at the nearby Auberge. For cheaper and still good meals, head to Rue Mercière in Lyon, a pedestrian street where you can find several “bouchon” (authentically Lyonnais establishments). I also suggest Brasserie Georges near Perrache Station. Especially with children ask for the ‘Ile flottant’ dessert and wait for a special treatment! Hope to go again and visit the rest of the Fine Arts Museum and the Lumière Institute.

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Residences of the Royal House of Savoy 30-Mar-10

Residences of the Royal House of Savoy by Monica Tasciotti

On my last trip to Turin, I visited Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, Venaria Reale and Castello di Rivoli with its Museum of Contemporary Art. I don’t love particularly Contemporary Art but the Castello is very pleasant, also thanks to the sunny spring weather on that day. You can eat outside the cafeteria enjoying the panorama but there’s also a very famous, elegant and expensive restaurant there (Sunday closed) if you can afford the price.

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Name: Monica Tasciotti

Country: Italy

Visited WHS: 231

Most Impressive: Angkor, Cambodia

Proposal New WHS: Bagan, Myanmar

  1. Costiera Amalfitana : 5.0
  2. Churches and Convents of Goa : 3.5
  3. Jantar Mantar : 3.5
  4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus : 2.5
  5. Elephanta Caves : 2.5
  6. Botanical Garden, Padua : 2.0
  7. Acropolis
  8. Agra Fort
  9. Agrigento
  10. Albi
  11. Amsterdam Canal Ring
  12. Ancient Thebes
  13. Angkor
  14. Anuradhapura
  15. Arab-Norman Palermo
  16. Archaeological Site of Delphi
  17. Arequipa
  18. Arles
  19. Assisi
  20. Auschwitz Birkenau
  21. Australian Convict Sites
  22. Avignon
  23. Avila
  24. Bali Subak system
  25. Baptism Site "Bethany Beyond the Jordan"
  26. Belem
  27. Bellinzone
  28. Bordeaux
  29. Borobudur
  30. Bridgetown
  31. Bryggen
  32. Budapest
  33. Bukhara
  34. Canterbury
  35. Castel del Monte
  36. Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik
  37. Causses and Cévennes
  38. Central Highlands
  39. Chaco Culture
  40. Chan Chan
  41. Changdeokgung Palace Complex
  42. Chavin
  43. Chitwan National Park
  44. Churches of Moldavia
  45. Classical Gardens of Suzhou
  46. Cordoba
  47. Corfu
  48. Cracow
  49. Cuzco
  50. Danube Delta
  51. Dazu Rock Carvings
  52. Dolomites
  53. Dubrovnik
  54. Edinburgh
  55. El Escurial
  56. Ephesus
  57. Epidaurus
  58. Etruscan Necropolises
  59. Evora
  60. Fatehpur Sikri
  61. Ferrara
  62. Fertö/Neusiedlersee
  63. Florence
  64. Fortified City of Carcassonne
  65. Fraser Island
  66. Galapagos Islands
  67. Genoa
  68. Golden Temple of Dambulla
  69. Gondwana Rainforests
  70. Grand Canyon
  71. Grand Place, Brussels
  72. Great Barrier Reef
  73. Great Wall
  74. Greater Blue Mountains
  75. Gulf of Porto
  76. Göreme NP
  77. Ha Long Bay
  78. Hattusha
  79. Hawaii Volcanoes
  80. Hierapolis-Pamukkale
  81. Hill Forts of Rajasthan
  82. Historic Cairo
  83. Huascaran National Park
  84. Humayun's Tomb
  85. Ibiza
  86. Imperial Palace
  87. Imperial Tombs
  88. Independence Hall
  89. Island of Patmos
  90. Isole Eolie
  91. Istanbul
  92. Itchan Kala
  93. Kakadu National Park
  94. Kandy
  95. Kathmandu Valley
  96. Kew Gardens
  97. Khajuraho Group of Monuments
  98. Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou
  99. La Fortaleza
  100. Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces
  101. Lima
  102. Loire Valley
  103. Longmen Grottoes
  104. Longobards in Italy
  105. Lumbini
  106. Lyon
  107. Macao
  108. Machu Picchu
  109. Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley
  110. Malbork Castle
  111. Mantua and Sabbioneta
  112. Maritime Greenwich
  113. Matera
  114. Maulbronn Monastery
  115. Mazagan
  116. Medici Villas and Gardens
  117. Medina of Essaouira
  118. Medina of Fez
  119. Medina of Marrakesh
  120. Medina of Tunis
  121. Meknes
  122. Melaka and George Town
  123. Mesa Verde
  124. Meteora
  125. Modena
  126. Mont-Saint-Michel
  127. Mostar
  128. Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha
  129. Mount Etna
  130. Museumsinsel (Museum Island)
  131. Mycenae and Tiryns
  132. Mystras
  133. Naples
  134. Nasca Lines
  135. Nubian Monuments
  136. Old City of Berne
  137. Old Havana
  138. Old Town of Galle
  139. Old Town of Lijiang
  140. Olympia
  141. Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau
  142. Paris, Banks of the Seine
  143. Pergamon
  144. Petra
  145. Piazza del Duomo (Pisa)
  146. Pienza
  147. Polonnaruva
  148. Pompei
  149. Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands
  150. Potsdam
  151. Prague
  152. Prambanan
  153. Pyramids (Memphis)
  154. Qhapaq Ñan
  155. Quseir Amra
  156. Qutb Minar
  157. Ravenna
  158. Red Fort
  159. Residences of the Royal House of Savoy
  160. Rhaetian Railway
  161. Rhodes
  162. Rome
  163. Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France
  164. Royal Exhibition Building
  165. Royal Palace at Caserta
  166. Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy
  167. Saint Catherine Area
  168. Saint-Emilion
  169. Salzburg
  170. Samarkand
  171. San Gimignano
  172. San Marino and Mount Titano
  173. Santa Maria delle Grazie
  174. Santiago de Compostela
  175. Schönbrunn
  176. Shakhrisyabz
  177. Siena
  178. Sigiriya
  179. Sintra
  180. Site of Carthage
  181. Split
  182. St. Petersburg
  183. Stari Grad Plain
  184. Statue of Liberty
  185. Stone Town of Zanzibar
  186. Stonehenge
  187. Su Nuraxi di Barumini
  188. Summer Palace
  189. Sydney Opera House
  190. Syracuse
  191. Taj Mahal
  192. Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae
  193. Temple of Heaven
  194. Thang Long
  195. The trulli of Alberobello
  196. Tiwanaku
  197. Toledo
  198. Torun
  199. Tower of London
  200. Town Hall and Roland, Bremen
  201. Trang An
  202. Trogir
  203. Troy
  204. Uluru
  205. Um er-Rasas
  206. Val d'Orcia
  207. Val di Noto
  208. Valletta
  209. Vatican City
  210. Venetian Works of Defence
  211. Venice and its Lagoon
  212. Verona
  213. Versailles
  214. Vicenza
  215. Vienna
  216. Villa Adriana (Tivoli)
  217. Villa Romana del Casale
  218. Villa d'Este
  219. Villages with Fortified Churches
  220. Visby
  221. Volubilis
  222. Vézère Valley
  223. Wadi Rum
  224. Warsaw
  225. West Lake
  226. West Norwegian Fjords
  227. Westminster
  228. Wet Tropics of Queensland
  229. Works of Antoni Gaudí
  230. Yosemite National Park
  231. Yungang Grottoes
  1. Aires volcaniques et forestières de la Martinique (T)
  2. Ancient Buddhist Site, Sarnath, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (T)
  3. Ancient cities of Upper Myanmar : Innwa, Amarapura, Sagaing, Mingun, Mandalay (T)
  4. Ancient Greek Theatres (T)
  5. Ancient Towers of the Aegean Sea (T)
  6. Archaeological site of Ancient Messene (T)
  7. Archipelago of la Maddalena and Islands of Bocche di Bonifacio (T)
  8. Ayeyawady River Corridor (T)
  9. Azraq (T)
  10. Bagan Archaeological Area and Monuments (T)
  11. Bahá'í House of Worship at New Delhi (T)
  12. Bouches de Bonifacio (T)
  13. Brooklyn Bridge (T)
  14. California Current Conservation Complex (T)
  15. Çanakkale (Dardanelles) and Gelibolu (Gallipoli) Battles Zones in the First World War (T)
  16. Casablanca, Ville du XXème siécle, carrefour d'influences (T)
  17. Cascata delle Marmore and valnerina: Monastic sites and ancient hydrogeological reclamation works (T)
  18. Cathédrale de Saint-Denis (T)
  19. Cattolica Monastery in Stilo and Basilian-Byzantine complexes (T)
  20. Central Park (T)
  21. Centro Storico di Lucca (T)
  22. Centro storico di Parma (T)
  23. Centro Storico di Pavia e Certosa (T)
  24. Cité de Carcassonne et ses châteaux sentinelles de montagne (T)
  25. Cultural Landscape of Innsbruck-Nordkette/Karwendel (T)
  26. Dali Chanshan Mountain and Erhai Lake Scenic Spot (T)
  27. Dana Biosphere Reserve (T)
  28. Delhi - A Heritage City (T)
  29. Desert Castles of Ancient Khorezm (T)
  30. Diocletian's Palace and the Historical Nucleus of Split (extension) (T)
  31. Ellis Island (T)
  32. Gadara (Modern Um Qeis or Qays) (T)
  33. Gdansk - Town of Memory and Freedom (T)
  34. Great Spas of Europe (T)
  35. Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago (T)
  36. Historic Center of the City of Trujillo (T)
  37. Historical City Centre of Yogyakarta (T)
  38. Historical Lisbon, Global City (T)
  39. Inle Lake (T)
  40. Jaipur city, Rajasthan India (T)
  41. Jerash Archaeological City (Ancient Meeting Place of East and West) (T)
  42. Karstic caves in prehistoric Apulia (T)
  43. Konya-A capital of Seljuk Civilization (T)
  44. Kornati National Park and Telašćica Nature Park (T)
  45. Lake Maggiore and Lake D'Orta lakelands (T)
  46. Lake Titicaca (T)
  47. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (T)
  48. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (T)
  49. Les Plages du Débarquement, Normandie, 1944 (T)
  50. Les villes antiques de la Narbonnaise et leur territoire: Nimes, Arles, Glanum, aqueducs, via Domitia (T)
  51. Massif du Mont Blanc (T)
  52. Mdina (Citta Vecchia) (T)
  53. Medieval Settlement of Kirtipur (T)
  54. Mon cities : Bago, Hanthawaddy (T)
  55. National Park (Taman Negara) of Peninsular Malaysia (T)
  56. Nice, la ville neuve née du tourisme, ou l’invention de la Riviera (T)
  57. Orvieto (T)
  58. Padova Urbs Picta. Giotto, the Scrovegni Chapel and the 14th century painting cycles (T)
  59. Parc national de la Vanoise (T)
  60. Parc national de Port-Cros (T)
  61. Parco Nazionale della Sila - Sila, gran bosco d'Italia (T)
  62. Ras Mohammed (T)
  63. Romanesque Cathedrals in Puglia (T)
  64. Rouen : ensemble urbain à pans de bois, cathédrale, église Saint-Ouen, église Saint Maclou (T)
  65. Sacred Titicaca Lake (T)
  66. Salento and the "Barocco Leccese" (T)
  67. Seruwila to Sri Pada (Sacred Foot Print Shrine), Ancient pilgrim route along the Mahaweli river in Sri Lanka (T)
  68. Shaubak Castle (Montreal) (T)
  69. Site of the Retiro and the Prado in Madrid (T)
  70. Taormina and Isola Bella (T)
  71. The Aniene valley and Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli (T)
  72. The city of Bergamo (T)
  73. The Cultural Landscape of Civita di Bagnoregio (T)
  74. The cultural landscape of the Benedictine settlements in medieval Italy (T)
  75. The early medieval architectural complex of Panauti (T)
  76. The historic town of Korcula (T)
  77. The historic urban site of Počitelj (T)
  78. The Industrial Heritage of Barbados: The Story of Sugar and Rum (T)
  79. The Lijiang River Scenic Zone at Guilin (T)
  80. The Porticoes of Bologna (T)
  81. The Transhumance: The Royal Shepherd's Track (T)
  82. Via Appia "Regina Viarum" (T)
  83. Villas of the Papal Nobility (T)
  84. Volterra: Historical City and Cultural Landscape (T)
  85. Wooden Monasteries of Konbaung Period : Ohn Don, Sala, Pakhangyi, Pakhannge, Legaing, Sagu, Shwe-Kyaung (Mandalay) (T)
  86. Yangtze Gorges Scenic Spot (T)
  87. Zagorochoria - North Pindos National Park (T)
  1. Bagan
  2. Cenotes of the Yucatan
  3. Cultural Landscape of Santorini
  4. Ephesus
  5. Great Gobi Desert
  6. Historic University Towns of Oxford and Cambridge
  7. Neuschwanstein Castle
  8. Okavango Delta
  9. Panama Canal
  10. Scrovegni's Chapel
  11. Shwedagon Pagoda
  12. Suez Canal
  13. Ur