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Azraq is part of the Tentative list of Jordan in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Community Reviews

Walter Switzerland 07-Nov-11

Azraq (T) by Walter

Azraq Wetland Reserve is easy to visit. It lies about an hour east of Amman. It is well sign-posted in Azraq town, near where the highway divides into two branches (one to Iraq, the other to Saudi Arabia).

It is a national park trying to protect wetlands in the middle of the desert, which used to be important on the migratory birdsí route.

However, the wetlands are fed by aquifers that have now dried up (due to water pomping toward Amman), and most of the wetlands have disappeared. The RSCN is trying to preserve what is now left.

Only remains now a few ponds that can be visited on wooden boardwalks from a small and welcoming visitorsí center. There is a bird hide on the way, but I did not get to see many birds.

It is a quiet and relaxing place, strange in the middle of the desert.

If accepted one day, i twill need to be put on the Endangered list immidiately.

I am however skeptical about the OUV of that area.

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