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I started counting WHS visit since 2014 after relocating to China. Ticking off a site is just half the fun. Like most of us here in this community, the excitement is more on seeing places and understanding what makes it have an OUV. I particularly cherish going to off-the-beaten tracks - sites not on the tourist trails and if not for WHS listing might seem not worth a visit but many ended up getting surprised by what it offers.

Currently still based in Beijing I make it a goal to see all China WHS and as many as possibly on its T-list. Occasionally, in particular during China peak tourist season, I ventured to other countries and see what it offers.

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Dengfeng 28-May-18

Dengfeng by Zos M

[Visited April 2017]

I spent 3 days exploring all inscribed components during a 4-day Qingming holiday weekend. My visit was possibly a few days before Juha’s and I concur to his impressions on the review below. As he had excellently written about the components he visited, I will focus mine on the others in a lengthy review.

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Chengjiang Fossil Site 17-Apr-18

Chengjiang Fossil Site by Zos M

[Visited Chengjiang Fossil Site on Apr. 5, 2018]


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Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art 16-Jan-18

Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art by Zos M

[Visited Ningming Cluster on Jan. 13, 2018]

English information on Hanoi-Nanning train route is limited. But coming from Hanoi, the MR1 train actually stops at Ningming Country. Hotels in Hanoi can book train tickets – mine costs $35 USD to Pingxiang Border and I bought Pingxiang-Ningming at the station for 11 RMB. The train leaves Hanoi at 9:15 PM and arrives Ningming at 7:00 AM.

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Name: Zos M

Country: Philippines/China

Visited WHS: 82

Most Impressive: Rome

Proposal New WHS: Drum and Bell Towers of China
Gabaldon Heritage School Buildings of the Philippines

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