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I started counting WHS visit since 2014 after relocating to China. Ticking off a site is just half the fun. Like most of us here in this community, the excitement is more on seeing places and understanding what makes it have an OUV. I particularly cherish going to off-the-beaten tracks - sites not on the tourist trails and if not for WHS listing might seem not worth a visit but many ended up getting surprised by what it offers.

Currently still based in Beijing I make it a goal to see all China WHS and as many as possibly on its T-list. Occasionally, in particular during China peak tourist season, I ventured to other countries and see what it offers.

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Chengjiang Fossil Site Zos M

Chengjiang Fossil Site by Zos M

[Visited Chengjiang Fossil Site on Apr. 5, 2018]


Chengjiang Fossil Site was somewhat an easy day trip from Kunming. The metro connectivity from the airport took an hour to Kunming South Passenger Coach Station. There were hourly buses for 18 RMB to Chengjiang County taking another hour via an expressway. And the ease of visiting this WHS stopped upon arriving at bus station. After almost three years from the last review, the situation of going to and of the site itself had not change - still no public transport except hiring a car, taxi or Didi (Chinese Uber for those with no Mandarin knowledge).

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Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Zos M

Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art by Zos M

[Visited Ningming Cluster on Jan. 13, 2018]

English information on Hanoi-Nanning train route is limited. But coming from Hanoi, the MR1 train actually stops at Ningming Country. Hotels in Hanoi can book train tickets – mine costs $35 USD to Pingxiang Border and I bought Pingxiang-Ningming at the station for 11 RMB. The train leaves Hanoi at 9:15 PM and arrives Ningming at 7:00 AM.

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Name: Zos M

Country: Philippines/China

Visited WHS: 78

Most Impressive: Rome

Proposal New WHS: Drum and Bell Towers of China
Gabaldon Heritage School Buildings of the Philippines

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