Mayon Volcano Natural Park


Mayon Volcano Natural Park is part of the Tentative list of Philippines in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Mt. Mayon stratovolcano is the most active in the Philippines with frequent pyroclastic flows oozing from its narrow caldera. The successive eruption and erosion cycle formed the world's most perfectly contoured symmetrical steep cone, built from many layers of lava flows. The cycle of destruction and regeneration also shaped the endemic flora and fauna with several flowers, amphibians, birds, and mammals found within the natural park area.

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Philippines - 04-Sep-19 -

Mayon Volcano Natural Park (T) by GabLabCebu

As a Filipino, I must say I'm proud to have the Mayon Volcano in my country. It's just the most perfectly cone-shaped mountain in the world, I believe. In a land filled to the brim with active volcanoes, this is the standout, just by the sheer beauty of it, not to mention it's one of the tallest (2400+ meters) stand-alone mountains in the archipelago. It has been quite active in the past few years, but when I visited back in 2012, the only things covering the perfect cone were the constant clouds.

The main viewpoints are from the Cagsawa Ruins and the Daraga Church, both of which are worth a visit for the sites themselves, by the way. Even in Cagsawa, the vast deposits of volcanic rock already tell the geological story of the volcano. However, as the listing follows the Natural Park itself, I claim a visit to the site through a visit to the Mayon Planetarium, 800 meters above sea level up the slopes of Mayon. I cannot however provide a picture of this, as it was stormy, and the peak was still surrounded by the clouds, so we did not take any pictures of the mountain itself. The planetarium visit personally didn't add much of relevance to the volcano, but on a clear day, would give an amazing view of the peak, which looks perfect from any direction and angle. If this alone doesn't justify inscription, surely its geological value as an important aspect of the Pacific Ring of Fire and biological impact to the adjacent environment's rich flora and fauna will do.

One day, I hope to climb or at least trek in the park to give a more comprehensive in-depth review of the site.


Philippines - 03-Apr-15 -

Mayon Volcano Natural Park (T) by Boj

An honest-to-goodness icon of the Philippines, a volcano of unquestionable beauty.

Mayon Volcano has erupted several times, providing very fertile soil within the area. The impact of her many eruptions has created a biologically diverse and resilient ecosystem.

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Mayon Volcano Natural Park
Natural landscape - Volcanic and thermal
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Mayon Volcano Natural Park (T)
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