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I am a Berlin-based feverish traveller who visits every unesco site a country can offer if.....time allows...........if money allows.....if feasible...if...public transport..if....if....if.

I speak german,english and spanish. I have a decent command of italian,and have a basic knowledge of russian,czech,portuguese,and french. 

I love to drink a beer with friends,watch boxing,meet people from all over the world,pick up words in foreign languages,watch tv series in foreign languages,go to the movies,ride a bike in the  countryside,and plan my next travel.



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Al Ain

CugelVance Germany - 19-Feb-23

I visited the al ain oasis on the 20th of january 2023. I took the bus from Abu Dhabi's central bus station to Al Ain where I arrived around 2 hours later. I just walked from the bus station to the al ain national museum which was -unfortunetely-closed due to renovation works. I then walked to the nearby entrance of the oasis where a group of argentine soccer fans from Puerto Rico asked me to take a picture of them. Truly a funny situation.There are hardly any tourists in Al Ain,and I met a bunch of argentine soccer fans. Since I speak spanish I joined them and we walked together through the oasis. I learnt a little bit about life in puerto rico and their beloved club racing buenos aires.Two days later I learnt that their team racing had won 2-1 vs Boca Juniours in al ain.

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Villages with Fortified Churches

CugelVance Germany - 04-Apr-23

Visit 28-03-2023

On that day I visited Biertan( in german :Birthaelm) and Saschiz (in german: Kreisd).

I couldn't enter the fortified church in Saschiz as it was closed. And to be honest I wasn't impressed at all of what I could see from the outside. According to the locals the church is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The one in Biertan turned out to be far more interesting. The percentage of ethnic Germans, the so-called siebenbuerger sachsen/saxons is less than 10 % nowadays.

The entire church and its surrounding village can be visited within 45 minutes. A more impatient visitor may only need 30 minutes.

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Boyana Church

CugelVance Germany - 19-Feb-23

I visited the boyana church twice,on the 16th and 17th of january.

Why?? Because I like that church that much?  No,not all. Personally,I was not very impressed with the boyana church. Sure, the frescoes are impressive......and they are the only reason to visit this church. The church itself is nothing special at all. Due to wrong information on the website of the tour agency(according to them the boyana church was closed the 17th of jan)  which offers trips from Sofia to the rila monastery I thought that I wouldnt be able to visit the church on my trip to the monastery

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Rila Monastery

CugelVance Germany - 19-Feb-23

I visited the rila monastery on jan the 17th  with a minibus of one of the few agencies which offer trips to the most famous and important bulgarian monastery. We first visited the boyana church(another unesco site) ,stayed there for around 20 min,and then headed for the rila monastery where we had around 2,5 hours at our disposal. First I discovered every corner of the impressive monastery,bought some candles,had some sweets from the monastery's bakery,also bought some bread there. Then I decided to try my luck and walk to the Ivan Rilski cave....when I reached the Sveti Teodisi church I realized that I wouldnt make it back in time to catch my bus to Sofia

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Thracian tomb of Kazanlak

CugelVance Germany - 19-Feb-23

I visited the thracian tomb of kazanlak on the 16th of jan,early in the morning of that day. The day before I had arrived in Kazanlak around 18.00 in the afternoon  by train from Burgas via Sliven. The first thing I had encoutered after leaving the railway station in Kazanlak was a place where a huge group of people was dancing to traditional bulgarian music. Fascinating. I asked them if I could join them.Well,my moves were stiff,but the locals were extremely friendly. They explained me that every sunday in most bulgarian cities there is public dancing to traditional music which can be joined by  whoever wants to.A wonderful idea to promote native and traditional music and dances in our globalized world.

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