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I sold my home in 2007 to travel around the world for a year. That year has turned into a decade as I never really stopped. Early in my travels, I discovered world heritage sites and I started going out of my way to visit them. The first few didn't require any extra effort, but when I made a special trip to the island of Rennell in the Solomon Islands, I knew I was hooked. 

During my travels, I taught myself photography and have been named Travel Photographer of the Year three times in North America. 

I have been to over 380 UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world. I photograph and document each site I visit and post about it on my website. 

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Gary Arndt USA - 06-Dec-18


I visited the Carolingian Westwork and Civitas Corvey in the summer of 2018 when I drove from Belgium to Berlin.

I visited the site on my own without a guided tour. There wasn't a whole lot available in English and I couldn't tell if there were any English language tours or guidebooks available. 

The interpretative tools available for non-German speakers was rather slim. It was one of the least accessible sites I had visited in all of Germany (and I have visited most of the German sites). 

I spent about 2 hours exploring the grounds and taking photos. At least the entrance fee was affordable. 

This site is probably only going to be of interest to local school groups and world heritage site completists. 

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Hawaii Volcanoes

Gary Arndt USA - 10-Nov-18

Hawaii Volcanoes

On my list of world heritage sites, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is listed as my very first site. When I began traveling full time in 2007, my first stop was in Hawaii, and my first stop in Hawaii was the Big Island. 

I had previously visited here in 2006 on a geology field trip, so I guess that would actually be my first visit to the park. 

This is probably the best place on Earth to see lava and volcanism, however, your ability to see really good lava flows is going to be dependent on luck and when you happen to be there. Unfortunately, I never saw flowing lava during any of my trips. 

This is one site where to have the best experience, you should pay attention to the news and show up when there is activity going on. 

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Gary Arndt USA - 17-Mar-18


The village of Battir is not far from Jerusalem and is right on the Israel/Palestine border. In fact, there are Israeli train tracks which go right past the terraces at the bottom of the hill.

I could not find any organized tours to Battir, which was a shame. Nearby Bethlehem gets most of the attention in the region. That being said, it wasn’t that hard to get to Battir from Bethlehem. I had my tour guide in Bethlehem call a taxi for me which took me to there. It took about 15 minutes and cost about $10.

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Gary Arndt USA - 16-Mar-18


Traveling to Bethlehem from Jerusalem is not difficult if you are not an Israeli. There are some restrictions when going into the Palestinian Territories, and your van might get searched crossing the border, but dozens of buses and tour groups do this every day and it is quite normal. There are currently no safety issues going to Bethlehem.

Most groups visit the Church of the Nativity and leave. There is more to see in the area including the Milk Grotto and Star Street.

The church is very old. The current building was built in 565 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Over the centuries there have been many restorations and repairs to the building, including a recent restoration which took place in 2017.

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Incense Route of the Negev

Gary Arndt USA - 12-Mar-18

Incense Route of the Negev

The ruins which compromise the Incense Route of the Negev mostly date back to the crusader era, even though the cities themselves are much older. That is why you will see Christian iconography and other symbols. The towns were part of a network of trading sites which extended from Oman, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel. The Nabatean city of Petra was also part of the same trading network.

I visited Avdat and Shivta National Parks, which are pretty easy to reach by car. You could visit all of the sites by car on a day trip from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv. 

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