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I'm Leontine Helleman, a traveller since 1987, a mother of twin girls since 2006. Travelling with children is a whole new experience and I might add a pleasant one. Your pace is very different and the amount off places you can visit is more limited. The result is more thought in choosing a place and a more intense visit. The most important difference is the contact with the local people. Last April (2008) was the girls first big trip, Japan for 4 weeks. Really great!

I'm not really into 'tikking off' the list off World Heritage sites. When you travel these are places you will end up seeing and enjoying when you like beautiful and interesting things. But it is or was never about them, it was always about feeling being on the move, slowing down, smelling the country, tasting their dishes, trying their drinks and get surprised by what you see in the street, seeing the beautiful places the country has to offer nature and culture(off course)and meeting the people.

I think this is how it should be; the list protects a site on earth which means something. How can you possibly feel and understand this place if you are there a few hours so you can tic it of the list. You might as well become an airplanes watcher.

Greeting Leontine

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