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Currently living in Germany, I travel as much as I can visiting as many world heritage sites as possible. Please visit my website at

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Orheiul Vechi Archaeological Landscape (T)

Corinne Vail USA - 08-Dec-11

I just got back from a weekend jaunt to Moldova. As previously mentioned, this small country sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine gets few visitors, although, I think the country is actively trying to change this. To get there, we just rented a car for the day which was relatively inexpensive. The area surrounding Orhei is famous for its codrii or old growth forest. The site is located just off the Raut river and it was a very pretty area, even though it was winter and the trees and fields were bare. The limestone and shell cliffs where the monastery is located is pretty spectacular. Entering the 600 year old Pestere Monastaire, the air immediately became hot and humid, the stairs were dark, and it gave the cave a relative feeling of mystery

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Corinne Vail USA - 07-Nov-11

Divrigi is about 600 kilometers from Ankara, so it takes a little while to get there by car. I'm sure you can get there by bus, but it would be quite a long haul. The town of Divrigi is a small village perched on a hillside and the fall was the perfect time to go. I will say the signage to teh Mosque and hospital complex was a little lacking, but it is a small town, so we did find it. Using the word "complex", I expected a larger area then the one building that housed both of the facilities. The outside of the building is pretty non-descript until you get up close to the doors. There were so many carvings and it was so intricately done. They were gorgeous! The first part is the mental hospital, and going inside there are carved columns and a few tombs

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Thracian tomb of Kazanlak

Corinne Vail USA - 24-Oct-11

The Thracian Tomb in Kazanluk, can be one of the most frustrating WHS sites to visit due to the Bulgarian government really trying to preserve the tomb. We arrived first thing in the morning on a rainy, misty day which is perfect when visiting cemetaries or tombs, and we immediately paid our fee. We looked around the museum, and then walked into the tomb's replica which is a very small area, so it did not take long. I was very dissappointed, and had heard that sometimes the officials will let you in the real tomb. I asked, they made me pay another fee (20 leva) and then they made us cover our clothes with a lab coat, and our feet with booties to go into the real thing. Not surprisingly, the "fake" was indeed an exact replica and it did look exactly like the original

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Alahan Monastery (T)

Corinne Vail USA - 17-Oct-11

I have visited Alahan a number of times. I drive on the road pretty much right past it when I go from Ankara to the Meditteranean coast, which is as often as I can. Alahan sits majestically on the side of a mountain, and even the parking lot is perched somewhat precariously on it. I love walking around the ruins and taking note of all the carvings and details that Alahan holds. I have never run into other tourists there, and the guard doesn't even stay there since there are so few visitors. I do believe it should be inscribed. It's gorgeous. You can read more about Alahan at my website:

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