Historic Town of Beypazarı


Historic Town of Beypazarı is part of the Tentative list of Turkey in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Beypazarı is a small town that has had many rulers since ancient times. It shows 19th century Ottoman urbanism in its 200 year old bazaar and traditional houses. It has similar qualities to Mudurnu, Odunpazarı and Birgi, and a serial nomination is recommended.

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28-Sep-21 -

Today I visited Mudurnu and Beypazari. The description says a little town (Beyparazi), but i would rather describe it as a city. The hill with the houses looks nice, you can walk there and do a nice walk, however the better walk is in Mudurnu. If I interpreted right, it is the plastre that should make it world heritage. Both have quite some similarities with Safranbolu by the way.

What I really enjoyed on the way from Mudurnu to Beyparazi is the scenery around Nallihan: beautifull coloured hills, really a joy for the eyes. This was the real highlight of my day. 

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Historic Town of Beypazarı
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