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I am a big fan of UNESCO sites, but until now I was only in 100 objectives...

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Great Spas of Europe (Italy) (T)

Lisu Marian Romania - 06-Jul-19

Great Spas of Europe (Italy) (T)

Montecatini - The most beautiful label assigned is "The Temple of European Thermal Energy". Loved area for mineral waters, thermal treatments of any kind, exceptional nature, traces of celebrities at every step, all leave the traveler memories Imperious beaches have beaten the area later, to the nineteenth centuries - the beginning of the twentieth century, here are the megalomanic-constructions, the newest in a pleasant Art-Nouveau style. If the Medici of Tuscany  loved the spa town, the real financiers were the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. The interiors of many of the spas can now be admired, as well as the palace where the city hall now works - in fact, a true art museum.

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The ancient town of Nicopolis ad Istrum (T)

Lisu Marian Romania - 01-Jul-19

The ancient town of Nicopolis ad Istrum (T)

The ancient town of Nicopolis ad Istrum - part of the tentative list of Bulgaria

For true history enthusiasts it is necessary to see directly the grandiose achievement of the one known as one of the parents of the Romanian nation.For Trajan himself, the conqueror of Dacia, founded the city after the epoch-victory, for the Dacians had given him more dictatorship than other peoples with tendencies to indwell.Thus, Nicopolis ad Istrum ("Victoria from the Danube"), the white city of hard stone, at that time - almost two millennia ago, was one of the most advanced

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