Natural Reserves of Tatras Mountain

Photo by Els Slots.

Natural Reserves of Tatras Mountain is part of the Tentative list of Slovakia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Natural Reserves of Tatras Mountain comprises the High Tatras and West Tatras in both Slovakia and Poland. They are part of the Western Carpathians. They are known for their alpine glacial lakes.

Map of Natural Reserves of Tatras Mountain

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The coordinates shown for all tentative sites were produced as a community effort. They are not official and may change on inscription.

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Czechia - 28-Jan-20 -

Natural Reserves of Tatras Mountain (T) by Matejicek

I always enjoy the landscape of Slovakia. It is diverse and relatively unspoiled, and it is not too expansive, inaccessible or aggressively spectacular. Even the highest mountains of Slovakia and at the same time of the entire Carpathians, High Tatra Mountains are called as the smallest high mountains in the world. Tatra Mountains consist of three parts: (i) relatively large Western Tatras, the most visited part is called as Roháče, with the attitude around 2000m. (ii) High Tatras, which are some 500 meters higher than other Tatras and with a restricted access to the highest parts; highest peak is Gerlachovsky Stit 2654m; and (ii) Belianske Tatry that is one relatively small strictly protected range made by limestone.

Even though the central parts are strictly protected and the mountainous landscape with numerous lakes (called as Pleso – PHOTO – Batizovske Pleso very close to the highest peak of the Carpathians) is wonderful, it cannot compete with Alps and other similar mountains all over the world. There is no OUV.

From Tatra Mountains, I visited Roháče region at least 4 times, and also several lakes of both Slovak (Popradske, Strbske, Batizovske) and Polish parts (Morskie Oko, and Dolina Pieciu Stawow Polskich) in the central area.

Furthermore, the tragic forest management of the National Park, too expansive development, and annoying tourist industry are other problematic issues of Tatra Mountains. However, the tourist industry is much worser and almost unbearable on the Polish side of Tatra mountains with crowds in Zakopane or Morskie Oko. So, God bless the homely character of Slovakia.


Germany - 30-Oct-11 -

The Tatra Mountains are probably Slovakia's best known attraction. They are part of the Carpathian range which is currently divided between Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania as well as little chunks in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Among these countries Slovakia features the highest peaks. This said, I have been to the Carpathians in both Slovakia and the Ukraine and I find them much less impressive than the Alpine landscapes I viewed in Switzerland (which probably similar to Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Italy). I read the natural component is very similar in the Carpathians and the Alps (although the latter are higher). The main difference, however, lies in the human component. I found the Slovak development of the Tatra area rather tasteless. Apart from many ugly buildings there were barely any unspoiled forests we drove by. Of course I am not fully aware of the exact boundaries of the suggested nomination. The core zone may lie higher or in more isolated areas. However, I think nearby Austria keeps its forests better.

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