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Boj completed his Masters in Geography, Urban and Regional Planning at the Peking University in China. His specialization is National Park Management and World Heritage Studies.

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Melka Kunture and Balchit (T)

Boj Philippines - 14-Jan-23

Melka Kunture and Balchit  (T)

Visited Melka Kunture archaeological site in January 2023 - a quick day trip from Addis Ababa.

The site has an interesting museum exhibiting Ethiopia's rich archaeological heritage. Melka Kunture boasts for recording 1.7 million years of continuous prehistoric human occupation, apart from its rich lithic, flora and fauna fossil records (Photo is from the dig site with in-situ artefacts).

Travelers can arrange a visit to Melka Kunture with a trip to Tiya (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Adadi Mariam Rock Church, the only known rock-hewn church outside of Lalibela. 

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Lower Valley of the Omo

Boj Philippines - 10-Jan-23

Lower Valley of the Omo

Visited first week of January 2023. 

Before arranging this visit, I consulted a number of tour operators, checked blogs, travel tips to figure out how to arrive at the "supposed" core/heritage zone of the property. I managed to reach Omorate, the southernmost point (of my trip) in the area, where I visited Dassanech village and attempted to walk further west, hoping to at least get a glimpse of those mysterious land formations. 

Did I manage to visit the property? 50/50 - perhaps in the future, a more definitive map defining core & buffer zones will decide whether I (and many other travelers) did manage to tick off the site. Did I have fun visiting the area? Very much so. The visit to the villages (Karo, Morsi, Hamer and Konso) is the highlight of travel to Ethiopia's southern region

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Le complexe hydraulique romain de Zaghouan-Carthage (T)

Boj Philippines - 07-Jan-23

Le complexe hydraulique romain de Zaghouan-Carthage (T)

In December 2022, my brother and I went south of Tunis to visit Zaghouan, along with Uthina and Zriba Olya, an abandoned Berber mountain village. On the way to Zaghouan town, one could stop by and visit portions of the aqueduct.

The property has OUV potential, given its claim to be one of the longest aqueducts ever built in the Roman empire - 132km from the Zaghouan sacred spring and temple (pictured here) to Carthage, using the natural contours and topography of the landscape. The properties however need significant restoration.

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Bird Migration Routes (T)

Boj Philippines - 09-Oct-22

Bird Migration Routes (T)

Visited Saluga and Ghazal or First Cataract Islands Protected Area during travel to Aswan's Nubian Monuments in early October 2022. Also "visited" another Bird Migration Route, Lake Nasser, during the visit to the Kalabsha Temple, but can't write enough about that brief passage.

Saluga and Ghazal are not actually two Nile islands, but a cluster of twenty or more islands. The park superintendent said that in winter, or when the water level is at its lowest, more rock formations appear, revealing fish nests, sandy beaches and other geologic features. 

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Saint Catherine Area

Boj Philippines - 25-Jul-22

Saint Catherine Area

I had the opportunity to arrange a 3-day visit to the holy site, which included a hike to Mt. St. Catherine - the highest point in Egypt, through the guidance of Ahmed, a Jebeliya Bedouin. He said his tribe has lived for centuries in the mountains of South Sinai. 

Perhaps for most travelers, St. Catherine Area means St. Catherine Monastery, and its impressive museum, church and the Burning Bush. But by venturing out in the valleys and canyon (property is 60,000+ hectares), one discovers other interesting chapels, ruins and archaeological sites most likely related to stories in the Book of Exodus. 

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