Bird Migration Routes

Photo by Roman Bruehwiler.

Bird Migration Routes is part of the Tentative list of Egypt in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Bird Migration Routes comprise 5 sites that are important wintering and staging areas for birds. They are scattered across Egypt, from the Mediterranean coast (Lake Bardawil) to Lake Nasser in southern Egypt.

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The coordinates shown for all tentative sites were produced as a community effort. They are not official and may change on inscription.

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Philippines - 09-Oct-22 -

Bird Migration Routes (T) by Boj

Visited Saluga and Ghazal or First Cataract Islands Protected Area during travel to Aswan's Nubian Monuments in early October 2022. Also "visited" another Bird Migration Route, Lake Nasser, during the visit to the Kalabsha Temple, but can't write enough about that brief passage.

Saluga and Ghazal are not actually two Nile islands, but a cluster of twenty or more islands. The park superintendent said that in winter, or when the water level is at its lowest, more rock formations appear, revealing fish nests, sandy beaches and other geologic features. 

Despite its small size (only 0.5 and location next to a very urbanized Aswan City, this property manages to maintain its natural values. During my visit, the place is filled with sounds of birds and water hitting rocks. 

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Bird Migration Routes
Wildlife habitat - Fauna
2003 Added to Tentative List

Unesco Website: Bird Migration Routes

The site has 5 locations

Bird Migration Routes: North Sinaï (T)
Bird Migration Routes: Zaranik Scrubland (T)
Bird Migration Routes: Gebel Shayeb El-Banat (T)
Bird Migration Routes: Saluga and Ghazal Nile Islands (T)
Bird Migration Routes: Lake Nasser (T)
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