Nzulezu Stilt Settlement


Nzulezu Stilt Settlement is part of the Tentative list of Ghana in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Nzulezu settlement is an isolated village located in the coastal area of the Western Region of Ghana. The settlement in the Lake Tadane entirely made up of stilts and platforms. All traditions and everyday activities take place on the lake, such as school, worship, baptism or funeral.

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Netherlands - 20-Aug-18 -

I really enjoyed wandering around the Nzulezo Stilt Village of Beyin as it’s so unique. I have visited the floating village on the Tonle Lap lake in Cambodia and the stilt villages of Brunei but in Ghana it’s so different.

It's hectic to get there. A 2 hour drive from Takoradi. Make sure to leave around 7AM not as me at 9AM. At hte visitors center it's hectic and the canoe's go to the village full; but also MUST return full. They won't go back empty and pick you up and there are just that many canoe to take. Just 3 motorized, and like 5 without motor. Locals must use it too! I finally had to wait 3 hours before i could jump on one. Paying more would not help as the canoe was simply not there.

The village is lovely. About 500 meters long; maybe 100 meters wide. Church, school and the community hall are the major places to visit. You can also see the holy shrine only possible to visit by the chief. You can ask to enter a local house too. Do that! Keep some change to give the person who lives there. I was there when the kids didn't have school. They were playing everywhere. I had a great time here to see how these people have lived there for over 500 years.

If I had to choose, they deserve a full UNESCO World Heritage Status. I hope more will go and explore the Nzulezo Stilt Village at lake Tadane. It’s unique, not frequent visited and a must-visit on any Ghana itinerary. You will love it.

PS> if it gets UNESCO the electiricy wires must be removed/hidden. It's ugly. They can have electricity of course no problem. But hide those cables.

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Nzulezu Stilt Settlement
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