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Apo Reef Natural Park is part of the Tentative list of Philippines in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Philippines - 17-Mar-15 -

Apo Reef Natural Park (T) by Boj

Management success of Apo Reef Natural Park goes hand in hand with strengthing conservation partnership with all the coastal barangays of Sablayan municipality. In 2007, when the whole (or majority) of Apo Reef was categorized under Strict Protection Zone, i.e., a "no take zone," the fishing communities resisted, put pressure on management to relent and re-open former Sustainable Use Areas close to the reefs.

Now I believe the Sablayan locals are realizing the truth to "Healthy Reefs = Healthy Seas." This is the same lesson learned from Tubbataha: a well-conserved reef can provide increased fish catch.

Alvin D. Royeras

Philippines - 28-Apr-09 -

We visited Apo Reef last April 7, 2009. The place is fantastic! I didn't expect that there is such a great, beautiful and serene place in Occidental Mindoro because most of the attention were given to Oriental Mindoro. The lagoon is wonderful and the mangroves are awesome. The corals are indeed gigantic while the dolphins and giant sea turtles are common sights to behold. We would definetely go back there next year to once again experience that same thrill. Eventhough the travel is painstakingly long, it is still worth it...

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Apo Reef Natural Park
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