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Cilento and Vallo di Diano

Allison Vies Switzerland/Peru - 04-Jan-15

Paestum is the most underrated place I visited so far on my various trips to WHS. The three temples, especially the Apollo temple, are outstanding. No other Greek or Roman temple I saw so far can match them. Paestum together with Velia would deserve a separate WHS instead of being tucked together with the rather unspectacular villages and places that are included in the same world heritage site.

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Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region

Allison Vies Switzerland/Peru - 22-Oct-13

4 of the churches are located close to the Slovak WHS Bardejov, so visiting them can easily be combined with the visit of the town and even 2 other wooden church WHS: the Malopolska churches and the churches of the Slovak Carpathians. The churches are located in rather remote villages and at least in October you have to be lucky to find a church to be open outside the mess. A very nice man in Kwiaton saw that I was taking pictures of the outside of the church from every angle and let me in. The inside was richly painted. My highlight was the fake marvel walls.

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Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Allison Vies Switzerland/Peru - 17-Sep-13

I left the Hypogeum with mixed feelings. It is a really interesting place that shouldn’t be missed when in Malta and there is no doubt about its outstanding value. Parts of the underground temple gave me a fantastic picture on how the over ground megalithic temples must have looked like. The restriction to 10 people per group is reasonable. The audio guide is very helpful. As I usually travel on short notice, a reservation online was not an option (tour booked out until 27 October when I arrived 14 August). So I much appreciated they sell 20 tickets a day for the following day in Valletta’s Museum of Fine Arts. The museum opens at 9am. Better be quick if you want a ticket as the tours sell out soon

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Allison Vies Switzerland/Peru - 04-Sep-13

Rhodes would probably easy make it into the top 25 visited list on a community site for package tour travellers. The city is stuffed with visitors from cruise ships and the nearby party destinations, like Faliraki. No need to mention that almost every building within the walls is either a restaurant, a shop or a pension. Nevertheless Rhodes is one of the most beautiful medieval cities I've seen so far. The 4km town wall is stunning. The city is set at the sea and was occupied by the Ottomans for a few centuries, creating a really special flair. Further, Rhodes island is one of the sunniest places in Europe. Chances that clouds are ruining your pictures between April and October are pretty low. Definitely worth a trip.

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Biblical Tells

Allison Vies Switzerland/Peru - 08-Jan-13

I visited Megiddo and Beer Sheba. For Megiddo I needed to go twice, as unlike written in the lonely planet the site closed at 3pm! And the cold hearted lady would not let me in at 3.30pm. The site itself is rather unspectacular compared to Masada or Mamshit, but one can imagine how the city must have looked like. The highlight is the accessible irrigation system. Megiddo is about 30min drive from Haifa and easy accessible. Due to its proximity to the Haifa hotspot (Haifa, Acre, Carmel caves) I suggest Megiddo for all visitors with limited time resources.

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