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Hi, I am a semi retired avocado farmer. Travel with my wife and sometimes solo, mostly Europe and USA and mostly by motorcycle.

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Hawaii Volcanoes

Dan Pettigrew USA - 20-Nov-21

Hawaii Volcanoes

We went to Hawaii in November 2021 and had to of course visit the Volcanoes National Park. There is plenty of competition for time on the Big Island, but this is well worth the visit. There had been eruptions ongoing for the past month inside the Kilauea Crater, so many people are at the viewing area but it was not too bad for crowds when we were there. We also went to the top of Mauna Kea with it's fourteen telescopes, a dormant volcano that at 13,800 feet is the highest point of the Hawaii Islands and second highest island peak in the World. 

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El Pinacate

Dan Pettigrew USA - 19-May-21

El Pinacate

I visited in April 2021 to El Pinacate. The Shuck Toak Visitors Center has a lot of good information about the area and it's history. I was the only one there that morning and they started a documentary in English in the theater for me. They informed me the reason the entrance to the loop road to El Pinacate was closed was that a property owner in the area was creating problems. They didn't explain what the problems were but that I wouldn't have been allowed anyway because I was traveling by motorcycle. With that development I chose to hike out to the dunes, the largest in North America. They have you sign a form when you go out and then again when you leave to make sure you made it out. I saw one other person out at the dunes and she was really impressed by them

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Monte San Giorgio

Dan Pettigrew USA - 15-May-19

The Museum in Meride was busy with School children on the day I was there. It is updated and very informational. I came by motorcycle from the Balcone d'Italia from where the picture of Monte San Giorgio was taken. There is a 4 1/2 hour loop trail from Meride called Sentiero geo-paleontologico, and another that goes to the peak with 3 hours up and back. With a lack of time I took the 1 1/2 hour trail from Serpiano to Alpe Di Brusino. 

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