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Nan Madol

Ana - 26-Mar-24

Like others here, I arranged a trip with Pohnpei Surf Club for a vehicle from Kolonia to take us to Nan Madol. After getting near the site, we paid about 3 USD to the family who lives there, before walking about 15 minutes on a stone path (very slippery when it's pouring rain, like it was the day we went). As we get closer, huge walls made of columnar basalt seem to emerge out of the jungle

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Rocky Mosques of Mangyshlak Peninsula (T)

Ana - 18-Mar-24

Visited Shakpak-Ata as a day tour from Aktau - about two-and-a-half hours each way of riding on roads that start decent and fizzle out into mere suggestions. Really foggy day, but the fog cleared just long enough for us to visit the mosque. Personally, seems auspicious to me.

The site itself consists of the mausoleum of Khazret Yerzhan, a 20th-century mausoleum dedicated to a local religious figure, where we parked before walking approximately 500 metres to the cave entrance and necropolis. Would have loved to visit the necropolis, but there was a fierce-looking dog hanging out there, so thought it was best to steer clear. The actual mosque entrance is fenced off, so we could visit without worrying the dog would follow us.

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