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  • A world heritage list family - my long suffering partner and children have  had family holidays planned around world heritage sites, regardless of their own level of interest but are secretly WHS converts. In fact my children visit sites wherever they travel to (but these don't count on my list unless I am also on the trip). We visit sites as part of our family holidays often combined with camping and trying to include interests of the family -after all they are encouraged, though they may say forced, to visit sites for me

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Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

ClaireWhiteley UK - 05-Jan-20

One of our favourite sites, not just because of the name  which is wonderful and is "as it says on the tin" and the story behind the name - without giving too much away beware your curiousity and where you watch one- off events from. The museum is excellent and gives you in-depth information on the site and helps understand why this place is unique and a site of wonder. It tells the story of the buffalo jump and all the factors which had to be in place to make a"jump" work, the weather, the wind, the herd - are there young, are they relaxed, the roles of the hunters and the young men, one in particular who becomes the calf and the story of the run and jump. It was a surprise to learn how complex the jump was and how rare

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Khami Ruins

ClaireWhiteley UK - 18-Sep-19

We visited Khami in 1990, on  a day trip from Bulawyo (hitching). It was great to be alone at the site - there weren't even staff there to take payment and to walk around with no guides(people ,signs or maps). but it did mean we didn't have much information on what we were seeing.

We also hitched to a  round church in a local village with lots of murals - biblical stories but where all the key figures were African - it was this which was the highlight of the day ( I wonder if the church is still there? )

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Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi

ClaireWhiteley UK - 18-Sep-19

The location of the site is beautiful but the site itself can be tricky as the light can make the pictographs invisible, but when you do see them you feel vindicated for having checked out the museum and for waiting for the light to change. The boards which have been placed around the site are very helpful but the light on the rocks really does impact on what you can and can't see. The valley scenery is very evocative and, as we were alone on our walk around the site you can imagine the lives of the people living in the valley and the creators of the site.  

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