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Sítio Roberto Burle Marx

Lauren USA - 05-Nov-21

Isn't it lovely when you visit a tentative site, and it ends up inscribed years later?  I visited Sitio Roberto Burle Marx back in 2017 while I was in Rio.  It is well worth a half-day trip from the city and a good example of why WHS-based travel can be so rewarding -- it's a place I'd have never discovered had I not been looking at the lists (well, tentative lists at the time).

Burle Marx was a Brazilian landscape architect.  The site consists of his house and gardens.

Logistics: I emailed the site to schedule a visit in advance and took an Uber from Barra da Tijuca, where I was staying (about a half hour); I had no issues calling an Uber for the return trip.  I was able to get on an English-language tour, which I believe they had several of each week.  Overall, this is a quick and easy site if you're already in Rio

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Wadi Feiran (T)

Lauren USA - 02-Jan-21

Like the other Egyptian tentative sites from this period, the description is not very clear.  This makes it difficult to visit, because you aren’t exactly sure what would be the component parts if it were actually listed.

Wadi Feran is a large valley that stretches along a portion of the main road between St. Catherine and the western edge of the Sinai Peninsula. When traveling back from St. Catherine to Sharm, I asked the driver to take the long way to stop at Wadi Feran and to see some of the sites along the way. Several monastic ruins can be viewed from the road, and I visited the Greek Orthodox Convent, Deir el Banat, and saw the ruins behind the working convent.

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Rutho Monastery (T)

Lauren USA - 02-Jan-21

Rutho, more commonly spelled Raitho, Monastery is a 4th century monastic site in the town of El Tur on the Sinai Peninsula.

Like the other tentative list sites on the Sinai Peninsula, there is very little information about the monastery (which is now a dependency of St. Catherine’s Monastery).  Like other monasteries in Egypt, there is generally a modern working church/monastery and nearby ruins of the historic monastery.

When traveling from St. Catherine’s back to Sharm, I asked the driver to stop by El Tur. You can see the old monastic site from the road, and I took a few pictures. However, the guards said that the site was closed and were not happy that I was taking pictures

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Kilimanjaro National Park

Lauren USA - 06-Dec-20

Kilimanjaro National Park is centered around Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Tanzania and in Africa at 19,341 ft / 5895 m.  A dormant volcano (and the world's largest free-standing volcano), Kilimanjaro towers over an otherwise relatively flat area.  The mountain is big enough to create its own weather patterns.  When the mountain isn't covered in clouds, you get a stunning view of it from the nearest town, Moshi; though I've heard you can spend days in Moshi without ever seeing it.

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Chankillo Archaeoastronomical Complex

Lauren USA - 19-Nov-19

I made it a goal to visit all of the UNESCO sites in Peru and as many of the tentative sites as I could during a five-week trip in 2014.  Of all of the sites, Chankillo was by far the most challenging to visit because of the lack of infrastructure and information online.  When I saw that it's being put forward for a nomination in the near future, I figured it was time for a review.

Chankillo is an astronomical complex in western Peru, about half way between Trujillo and Lima

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