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Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
  1. Abydos, city of pilgrimage of the Pharaohs (T)
  2. Ancient cities of Upper Myanmar : Innwa, Amarapura, Sagaing, Mingun, Mandalay (T)
  3. Breiðafjörður Nature Reserve (T)
  4. Ceský ráj (Czech Paradise) Rock Cities (T)
  5. Churches of the Altiplano (T)
  6. Cittadella (Victoria - Gozo) (T)
  7. Coastal Cliffs (T)
  8. Cultural Landscape of Alamout (T)
  9. Dali Chanshan Mountain and Erhai Lake Scenic Spot (T)
  10. El Fayoum (T)
  11. Etosha Pan (T)
  12. Extension of the World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Prague" with the important Monuments in its Vicinity (T)
  13. Fishriver Canyon (T)
  14. Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago (T)
  15. Historic ensemble of Qasr-e Shirin (T)
  16. Inle Lake (T)
  17. Kerman Historical-Cultural Structure (T)
  18. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
  19. La Haute Ville d’Antananarivo (T)
  20. Lake Bogoria National Reserve (T)
  21. Lake Naivasha (T)
  22. Lake Nakuru National Park (T)
  23. Lake Titicaca (T)
  24. Mdina (Citta Vecchia) (T)
  25. Mediterranean Wind Mills (T)
  26. Minia (T)
  27. Moler landscapes of the Liim Fiord (T)
  28. Monuments, Sites and Cultural Landscape of Chiang Mai, Capital of Lanna (T)
  29. Mrauk-U (T)
  30. Mývatn and Laxá (T)
  31. Nasqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab (T)
  32. Oasis of Fayoum, hydraulic remains and ancient cultural landscapes (T)
  33. Persepolis and other relevant buildings (T)
  34. Persian Caravanserai (T)
  35. Petrified Forest National Park (T)
  36. Sacred Titicaca Lake (T)
  37. San Francisco Church and Convent (T)
  38. San Pedro de Atacama (T)
  39. Silk Route (Also as Silk Road) (T)
  40. Sud-Ouest Malgache, Pays Mahafaly (T)
  41. Tape Sialk (T)
  42. Taq-e Bostan (T)
  43. Temple of Hator built by Ramses III (T)
  44. The African Great Rift Valley - The Maasai Mara (T)
  45. The Area of Old Carved Stone in Sapa (T)
  46. The Betlém Rock Sculptures near Kuks (T)
  47. The Collection of Historical Bridges (T)
  48. The Historical City of Masouleh (T)
  49. The Historical City of Maybod (T)
  50. The Historical Village of Abyaneh (T)
  51. The Royal Sites of Ireland: Cashel, Dún Ailinne, Hill of Uisneach, Rathcroghan Complex, and Tara Complex (T)
  52. The Turf House Tradition (T)
  53. Thingvellir National Park (T)
  54. Via Appia 'Regina Viarum' (T)
  55. VIKING MONUMENTS AND SITES / Thingvellir National Park (T)
  56. Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat (T)
  57. Welwitschia Plains (T)
  58. White Sands National Monument (T)
  59. Wooden Monasteries of Konbaung Period : Ohn Don, Sala, Pakhangyi, Pakhannge, Legaing, Sagu, Shwe-Kyaung (Mandalay) (T)

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