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I have always loved traveling--exploring what's out there and meeting people of other cultures. As a young kid I would spend my afternoon peering into my atlas, wondering when I could start traveling on my own. This only materialized in 2012 though, several years after I started working. But that was also the time that I have started noticing and learning about UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and since then, I never looked back and made visiting UNESCO WHS a part of my travel philosophy/goals.

More than traveling, I love geography, cartography, photography and diving. I am excited to come across this website and meet other UNESCO WHS enthusiast who would share their thoughts and updates about the things we like the most.

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Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution

Carlo Sarion Philippines - 10-Jul-19

Sites of Japan

The previous reviews have already covered the sites I have visited, so I am not going to repeat what was already mentioned. But I'd like to share my recent visit of the Glover House and Office and the Kosuge Slip Dock, to kind of "update" the previous reviews of this site.

Date of Visit:

July 2019


On a sunny Monday morning my friend and I decided to do a day-trip to Nagasaki from Fukuoka, aiming to just visit the Glover House and the area around the Peace Park. We sort of started the day out late, leaving Hakata Bus Station at 8am and arriving in Nagasaki around 2.5 hours after.

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Yagul and Mitla

Carlo Sarion Philippines - 04-May-19

Yagul and Mitla

Have you ever had that feeling when you didn't expect much from a "minor" site but for some reason, your experience visiting it was fun and satisfying? I would count visiting Zona Arqueologica de Yagul--which is part of the core zone of this WHS--as such. 

Date of Visit: April 2019


As indicated in its Executive Summary, the site contains pre-historic caves and rock shelters and a couple of pre-Hispanic archeological complexes, one of which is the archeological site of Yagul, commonly associated with the Zapotec civilization

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Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque

Carlo Sarion Philippines - 01-May-19

Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque

It's a little bit odd that my first ever review on this website is on Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque Hydraulic System--a site that was not even in my original itinerary. With a little bit of encouragement from this community (thank you guys!), I decided to visit the site as part of a day trip from Mexico City.

Date of Visit:

April 2019


As indicated in the UNESCO website, this site encompasses a water catchment area, springs, canals, distribution tanks, reservoirs and the [...]

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Carlo Sarion
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There are several from those I've visited, but the most impressive would be the Namib Sand Sea, Cappadocia, Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, Ancient Thebes and the Pyramids of Giza
Our government must nominate the following sites for inscription soon and at all cost: Mayon Volcano National Park, Paleolithic Archeological Sites in Cagayan Valley, Chocolate Hills Natural Monument and Kabayan Mummy Caves

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