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Hello elite travelers & community members,

Glad I found this site, didn't know it existed :) I'm an avid UNESCO heritage list follower and get educated on them, take effort to visit them, and post the journey relish the experiences ! 

I like moving around, going places, soak in Cultures, see objects of unspeakable beauty crafted by nature, some unbelievable structures that triumph human ingenuity of the times, unique animals & bird life, or maybe just meeting new minds! towards personal fulfilment and enrichment.

All World Heritage Sites (WHS) have been formally determined to possess “outstanding universal value” to humanity. They rarely disappoint.

WHS are different, objective. They make you travel off the beaten path. Since I started on this journey late (about 18 years ago) I'm focusing on quantity. And while this may seem stressful, it did give me glimpses of human evolution around globe - maybe the 12,000 year old Thamudic petroglyphs in Wadi-Rum desert, or the exquisite craftmanship of medieval times in Hampi or Konark, or maybe the spectacular urban creation on top of a 8000 ft. mountain in middle of tropical forest, without aid of modern building techniques -  Machu Pichhu!

Of late (ever since reaching a humble count of 100+) I collect differently....adding touristy to-dos, local cultural & culinary immersion, and some hike for the ground feel. Wish I had longer vacation days.

Feel like I have lived a 100 lives, walked on distant worlds and hope some day to see the end of time !

A big shout out to all fellow travelers !


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Ekamra Kshetra - The Temple City, Bhubaneswar (T)

Priyaranjan Mohapatra INDIA/USA - 25-Jan-22

This wonderful temple city complex. esp. after the recent cleanup by the provincial Government of Odisha ; unfolds in an array of majestic structures that one can go back 1200 years to visualize how life was back then ! 

Very Ornate group of temples, ponds , cultural stages, etc

Its an inexcusable miss either by UNESCO to not have it listed , or  a case not well presented by the government to the World body! 

It's older (800 AD)  than the nearby Shri Jagannath temple in Puri, (about 1000 AD) which itself older than UNESCO listed Konark Sun temple (1200 AD).

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