City of Tigre and its rowing clubs

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City of Tigre and its rowing clubs is part of the Tentative list of Argentina in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The City of Tigre is surrounded by three rivers which turned it into an attractive leisure area for visitors from Buenos Aires. From the late 19th, early 20th century they established vacation houses and founded rowing clubs. The latter represented different immigrant communities, which resulted in an eclectical architectural ensemble.

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Germany - 06-Jul-20 -

Tigre was established as a wealthy suburb of Buenos Aires. It is popular among tourists, but mostly as a hub for trips to the Paraná delta. Tigre had its heyday at the turn of the 19th century when many European immigrant communities chose it for their weekend/holiday rowing activities. It offered a suitable spot next to the Paraná delta with its multitude of navigable channels and at some distance from the urban hustle and bustle of downtown Buenos Aires.

Tigre still features many historic mansions from the 19th century in colonial style. There is a long waterside promenade along the Luján river, which offers views of many of the historic rowing clubs that are well preserved and some of them still fulfil their original purpose. A notable exception is the beautiful building of the Tigre Art Museum at the end of the promenade, which used to serve as a rowing club as well. The multitude of rowing clubs resulted from each immigrant community (Germans, Italians, Swiss, English, Scandinavians, French, Jewish) establishing its own club:á

Tigre offers a nice day trip from Buenos Aires. It is easy to reach with two different railway lines running there from Buenos Aires. They follow different routes and reach different stations in Tigre quite close to one another. Tigre itself is small and easily explored on foot. The Paraná delta is now filled with rural huts. I found it very disappointing as there was no shred of pristine nature to be enjoyed. Later I found out that there is a nature reserve in the delta which can be better reached from nearby San Fernando. If you do want to explore the nature reserve from Tigre this can be done but takes a long trip.

Tigre is special, being a historic centre of sports clubs. Its different rowing clubs represent different European nationalities and are hence representative of modern European transatlantic migration. Nonetheless, I would have hard time finding OUV that goes beyond its regional significance.

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