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Hi! I'm a physician who loves to travel and visit UNESCO world heritage sites.

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Petroglyphs and Petrographs of the Philippines (T)

Vicente B. Avanzado Jr. Philippines - 04-May-18

Petroglyphs and Petrographs of the Philippines (T)

This is where one can see the oldest work of art in the Philippines done 3000 years ago using stone tools. 

I visited this site on May 1, 2018 and what normally is a 2 to 3 hour ride from Manila to Angono-Binangonan in Rizal Province took me less than an hour, being a Labor Day holiday.  The Waze app I used was very accurate and I suggest using this because only 5% of the locals have knowledge of this place.  Ninety five percent of the visitors are out-of-townees. 

The site is on an elevated area, hilly, and located inside a subdivision which is privately owned.  There are no public transportation inside so one has to walk a few minutes from the entrance to the site.  If you have a private car, there is a parking area beside the tunnel entrance to the petroglyph

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